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breaking the last empire : americans need to vote now are they separate and superior speciesn OR are they like the rest of the 8 billion of us? new summer 2019 : drucker ::::60 years ago dad, norman macrae, started the first of 100 conversations on AI (Artificial Intelligence), He had just surveyed how Japan was rising (lifting potentially Asians everywhere out of colonial era poverty) round brilliant engineers (bullet trains, container superports , microelectronics, the most reliable engines in the world) - from tokyo he brought back a pocket calculator- what would schools and the world be like if everyone had one of these?

Within a few years the world was debating if tech helps man reach the moon is there any mission impossible on earth.
5G 2020s (4 3 2) 1 G 1970s
And Gordon Moore of Intel had just written a paper promising that microelectronic engineers would improve tech 100 fold every G decade to 2020s -that's a trillion fold more powerful microchips in 2030 than man raced to the moon with. So who's knowledge should teachers and everyone linkin to now if millennials are to be the first sustainability generations and THE UN 17 sdgs are to be celebrated as possible wherever the next girl is born. We welcome your nominations: here are a few examples back from the future of 2030 followed by an approximate chronological order. If in doubt as to whether we know your favorite WRJC please search this blog and mail us if we have left someone out

Monday, October 8, 2018

Photo of Macrae Christopher
Macrae Christopher
norman macrae foundation
Norman Macrae Family Foundation is seeking partners to publish The World Record Book of Jobs Creators in Chinese and English. Father, Norman Macrae, was The Economist’s end poverty sub-editor for most of the second half of the 20th century through which he joyfully focused on 2 main storylines. How to help citizens and villagers celebrate each other’s countries develop win-win trade reversing over four centuries of colonisation. How to celebrate sustainability of every community in an era in which Norman hypothesised a Moores Laws of doubling of communications technology impacts on all societies every 7 years 1946 to 2030. As our 1984 book The 2025 Report mapped, human development’s last 14 years of changing education and financial systems around sustainability goals 1000+ to 4000+ times more tech than 1946 - are the most exciting times to be alive. Will there an orbit out of the negative exponential scenarios of Orwell and Einstein? How China rejoins the world with a fifth of human brains is core (1977). Among 15 plus near neighbors, three deeply detailed networking compasses can set examples that 13 major Belt Road trading routes from East to West, South to North, and Arctic circular may mix and match trust-flows from.
- Across China South Asia, half the world’s people’s sustainability and poverty-ending solutions are urgently needed. Look for example at solutions around Sir Fazle Abed Womens Community Empowerment with fintech and Nilekani’s Billion person digital ID for India.
- North and West of China people live on half of Euraasia’s land- often landlocked and isolated. How will overland grids be shared and will the Arctic Circle belt nations ultimately determine climate solution or destruction.
- East of China’s coastal belt linkin the huge success stories of win-win world trade but will Japan, China and Korea integrate new technologies of peace as well as youth “cultures for all” celebrations.
Big data small cooperation will be critical not just for sustainability trade but interfacing more machines than humans connecting G5+ mobilisation. HiAi must not separate Human and Artificial Intelligences. Charles Schwabs WEF triad of Industrial Revolution hubs in Tokyo, Beijing, San Francisco needs invented here to linkin yes tested for open source invention everywhere. Teenagers need to be cheered on as out of the class room community builders, and a golden age of friendships needs now to be a millennials sisterhood of womankind- Ma’s Loveq not just IQ and EQ, Counting down Class years to sustainability 2030, we have are at one o'clock rock -last 12 annual cycles, The Guterres requested report on digital cooperation from Jack Ma and Melinda Gates et al in March 2019 will be critical as will 100+ national leaders Belt Road commitments to youth livelihoods in April 2019 and new development banking summits such as AIIB in Luxembourg June 2019 will need to challenge June 2018’s finding at the UNGA that 300 trillion dollars of most liquid western assets do not yet see sdg economics zones as investment grade. linkedin Unwomens Whats App Washington DC 1 240 316 8157 
United Nations - World Investment Forum 2018.

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