youth quiz of world's most important events -JARGON in the future there will be far more livelihoods than jobs- english language including teachers, bankers, professions and leaders havent caught up with this yet- hence we too use word jobs interchangably except in
specific livelihood references like these 1 2? why shouldnt every youth have a youth ali or efounder in china 1 2 ?
.Sample of world record jobs profiles and 13 most energetic world trade maps

#BR6 USA, Ca

Elon Musk

Jerry Yang

Bejos & Leonis

Quadirs & BRAC

Berners Lee & MIT


#BR5 W Euro

Prince Charles

Pope Francis


Danny Alexander

BBC nature

#BR4 E Euro



Schwab IR4

#BR3 Russia


#BR2 S Asia

Sir Fazle Abed


CK Prahalad decesased

#BE1 Far East

CEO soiftbank


Moon Jae-In

#BR12 UN+..........................................

Guterres ; Jack Ma ,

Melinda Gates; heads of UNCTAD, UNHABITAT and UNGA; Jim Kim WB

#BR11 Arctic Circle........................


Latin America,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Paulo Freire

#BR9 Africa.........................

#BR8 Med Sea

#BR7 Mid East & Stans................................

Sheikha Moza

Queen Rania

Founding family Dubai Supercity

#BR0 China Xi Jinping , Jin Liquin, Leaders of baidu ten cent (Ma see BR12)

download this map to choose 13 vantage points to play BeltRoadImagineering from and to swap notes on which regions world records jos creators you can linkin.
welcome to world record jobs and the most valuable curricula in the mobile world- for example do you know how to BeltRoadImagineer -start by choosing a continent or an ocean that entrepreneurs depend on to trade worldwide q1 where are the biggest ports and do your smallest and most enterprising peoples have access to them? -raesons for this question over 90% of worldwide gtrade is shipped and thats the greenest and most economical mode - question 2 now that you have a map of ports are railRoads designed for access - example only a few years ago 26 nations on one continent found that their railways did not connect because they used different gauges- the "dryport" was invented- this is designed to maximise efficient unpacking and repacking of containers between 2 different trains. when you think of Roads as overland grips you can ask are cable water and energy pipes also optimally co-loctaed across a contiments Roads 3) wherever neigboring nations join in BRI the most exciting opportunities are "bridging" ones wehgere 2 places havent previously be connected- its smart to invite youth to celebrate every bridging opportunity - to share languages, cultures, foods, often youth will find winj-win trades where one side of the bridge has plenty of one resource but not enough of another- q4 back in sept 2015 the united nations announced 17 most exciting goals ever -ones youth will need to collaborate around if our spceius is to survive let alone thrive- ask whether a neigbouring natiion has some solutions your communities havent tried out- there are so many livelihood education opportunitie and mobile apps - in march 2019 the head of the Un has asked the greatest sustainability education experts he can find to make a report of digital cooperation opportunities- some neighbors are in for special treats for example if you bodre bangladesh girls there have found the most exciting digital banking model to end poverty, they have built the cheapest village health service, and the lowest cost but happiest schooling systems for those up to age 11.. as you swap belt rioad mapping exercise with worldwide e-friends get ready to tell them what commy=unity solutions your place is great at and what solutins you are searching for..
.rsvp .2022-2015 .2015-2008. 2008-2001.. 2001-1994..1994-1987..1987-1980.1980-1973 1973-19661966-19591959-19521952-1945
worldwide.. .sustainability goals unite nations USA and developed nations subprime world devaluing youth opportunities in west 9/11 in wast china enters wto.; worldwide smart mobile to be universal. first access to solar in mobile phones among villagers in third of world with no electricity grids.appearance of www in vision of computers = personal networking.fifth of humans in china start trading worldwide for first time in 110 years after refusing to trade opium with brits 1860 joy to fear: moon landing oil future shocks1966-19591959-19521952-1945
.girl empowering bangladesh, & global partners of edu for youth 1 .first meet between girl's 2 most hopefule networks brac's bkash and Ma's ant finance .tech wizard partners of brac develop girl's and the world's largest cashless bank bkash Yunus Nobeled ...Sir Fazle Knighted.. 2001-1994..1994-1987..1987-1980.... 1973-19661966-19591959-19521952-1945
.china and oriental world trade routes. .100+ national leaders see china as more real host of sustainability goal race than any other single nation .tech wizards prevent china's economic growth being stalled by wall streets attempt to collapse global markets and youth's sustainability livelihoods- digital culture is navigated by xi jinping so that by 2017 china is creating 5 million startups mapped across supercioties- a digital belt road inside china matching his launch of physical Belt Roads wherever nations want long-term win-win trading partnerships and youth sustainability china suddenly decides to let youth linkin 3 internet ecosystems BAT with ecommerce and mobile cash celebrated as greatest millennials innovations .. 2001-1994..1994-1987..1987-1980.... 1973-19661966-19591959-19521952-1945

UN Guterres changing refugees world 1 2 3 4 5

2 views of what happened between 1500 and 1946:

It was good that some people (about a fifth of the human race) found ways to be up to 200 times more productive than ever before

It is tragic that the fifth did this in ways (slavery, colonization, seizing others natural resources) that excluded the four fifths

Common sense as well as natures evolutionary laws Both ways unite round one urgent vision- we must celebrate every way of changing value chains that includes the four fifths

World Record Jobs Researchers feature known way of changing value chains to maximise youth livelihoods and sustainability generation

1 Bangladesh shows us the elast controversial celebration of all – it changes disaster relief, development, ais and charity so the poorest village mothers built their own community services- they did this between 1972 and 1996 with no electricity and solely with trust in girl power; from 1996 tech partners including mobile and solar have helped them design the most extraordinary leapfrog models

celebrate technologists applying big-data-small wizardry to celebrate enterprise sustaining those with the least (or facing the most severe climate or other sustainability crises) – eg alumni circles of jack ma

.help map future of china as world largest friendly nation since 1977 :: join our linkedin survey 100 world record jobs - post-colonial model in which nation's people grow exponentially through win-win trades with other peoples? (special feature muhammad yunus
If you are interested in youth livelihood co-creation help us blog guides to inter-regional world records jobs creators BR0 china BR1 rest far east and asean and pacific south including OZ and NZ BR2 S Asia including Bangladesh BR3 russia BR4 east euro BR5 west euro BR6 north america BR7 stans and middle east and suez or gulf facing BR8 med sea facing BR9 africa BR10 latin america BRUN Uniting Nations BRIC InterCity- InterCommunity (see goal 11 maps especially by UNHabitat's new leader former female mayor of Penang)
Be prepared each couplet is a very different journey - for example BR0-BR2 -almost half the world's people need sustainability from this region which is perhaps 10% of the planet's land and already mixes the most and least advances tech societies on earth. In the middle of mediating this are the world's poorest women as well as hopefully the most heroic technologists - Nilekani? Ma? Abed-Quadir-Gates?
GLOBAL JACK MA: Which of 10 regions beyond China Can Jack Ma learn with most given his urgent worldwide collaborations such as ... MA fall018 survey ma blockchain -china poverty thinktanks and who else rsvp

MA0 Fintech for billion poorest? Fintech for SMEecommerce markets; ecommerce training with chinas major belt road partners – understand regional clusters eg SCO, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Belt Road summit may 2019

MA1 Road to olympics- celebrating community participation markets that commerce alone cant reach BR1 Japan2020; BRO Beijing2022; BR5 Paris2024; BR1 Korea2018
MA2 By March 2019 UN report for Guterres with Melinda Gates on digital collaboration
MA3 Forming Alibaba global business school includes training big data small coders from developing nations- main scout head of UNCTAD- but how do we help ma scout in countrues head of unctad doesnt know (eg round south asia)
MA4 15 billion dollar investment in worldwide DAMO academy of IR4 technologies including AI- ones most impacting world to 2025 -keeping open rather than us race to patent-scouts include jerry yang- the world economic forum is a key partner in IR4 and its also related to how chinese government analyses lead tech sectors to 2025- ie china maps to be world tech leader by 2025
M4a nb mostofa attend varney summit where elearning was discussed for refugees- china is ahead on edutech in so many ways -eg instead of amazon alexis it is getting teacher assistants into classrooms- as jack says these know facts more than teachers- this is why examining children on facts is retarding them from future
M4b Jack is also on the un eminent committee and on grordon browns’ education commission – while the commission’s 30 national leaders nit officially connected with UN- brown is un envoy for education
MA5 Ying Lowrey also connects many partnerships within Tsinghua main public servant training university- gateway to beoijing startup hib linked with all supercities
MA6 Jack also chairs busininss men club of billionaires who want their market to sustain china- it is posible to go tjrough with yig rfeview every market futures purspoe maximise to poverty aleviation
MA7 Jack has said from olympics on he will focus on taking education as the main challenge- unless we take education outside classroom more than half of youith both unemployable and not aliogned to being the sustainability generation

Jack has many framgmeetd education charities- including those working in Taobao village education – also one of his obscure foundations a sponsor of wise at Beijing
>Most summers jack organizes a summit in Hangzhou where people like jim kim tirn up regulary – 2017 womens empowerment – 2016 philanthopy or social business- in october world bank issue its main 2018 report - chosen theme livelihoods
In 2017 China had 5 million startup- many were associated with the 3 main ecosystems Alibaba , tencent, baidu- all ecosystems expected to brief jinping -usually there is annual meeting at tsinghua where public servants meet tech and other business leaders
Jinping asked jack to host the china G20 hangzhou- jack spent lot of time with relevant citizen group – women youth sme green finance- these get reactivated when g20 host interested – germany wasnt- we assume franciscan argentina this november is; we assume japan is and part of road to Olympics and anyhow japan remains Alibaba founding investor
Canada has been one of the movers of g20 and trudeau has partnered jack a lot – one reason why jack and trudeau demonstrate 3000 person one day training masterclass MAY 2019 deadline update 100 nations collaboration Belt Road 2 -China wished to understand which clusters of nations want to partner on which sustainability goals- jack is a leading scout of this- his big advantage is big data anayusis applied to small enterprise and redesigning value chains- it would seem that ma, gates and brac are all watching for national partners in big data small -one of the lose ends is Nilekani billion person identity- we need help from tech experts to understand what Alibaba owns that can be key – eg in south asia it still owns the most common type of browser uses cheaper mobiles- in china jack’s fintech and ecommerce keeps ahead on g5 or most advance digital infrastructure- bkash is an interesting blend being targeted at mpt3 and 2?- please note we need to understand how the world’s greatest fintech experts at ant finance and bkash interface with all of jack ma’s and brac partners other interests

World Record Book of Jobs Creation - chapter 1 version 7.18

Thank you to the world's greatest job creators Sir Fazle and Jma- and the greatest conflict resolution mapmakers Xi Jinping, Antonio Guterres and Pope Francis
For the quarter of the world's population living in s asia, job creating independence has been a long time coming.

In 1860 , James Wilson's intervention laster less than a year - the founder of the economist dying from lack of oralk reydratiion; gandhi's 40 year attempt 1906-1946 ended with his assassination

Bangladesh' 46 year progress now depends mainly on friends and alumni of Sir Fazle Abed- the greatest livelihood creator for the world's poorest women; fortunately brac's story is an exponential rising game of two halves- to 1996 having no electricity or anything other than person to person community building to 1996; selectively choosing the best digital partners from 1996 as brac became understood as the world's most collaborative ngo provided you really wanted to innovate solutions that integrated the ultra poorest or indeed those at ultra risk from personal or nature's safety

Over the same period China has also seen corresponding exponential development. But with the huge difference- as early as 1972 the chinese diaspora were the 3rd strongest financial network in the world; they were delighted to inward invest by replicating the win-win trading ways they had already proven across superport islands like HK
singapore, taiwan

1966 Bangladesh sort of became a leapfrog pilot test for China which quickly offered order of magnitude m,ore funding to mobile telecoms and mirosolar. But still it wasnt until 2008 that China fully trusted 3 mega internet ecosystems the BAT (story 2008 - story 2018 china and bangla marry their greatest human tech innovators of girl end poverty)

Up to moon landing, opportunities to innovate were unvenly distributed geographically- eg up to half of the world's peoples had no access to electricity grids
Practical Innovators : value train trasnsformation empowering small eneterprises and community Jobs Creation
In 2018 Jack Ma first took 20% share of Sir Fazle's Bkash part of the world's largest NGO BRAC
Sir Fazle Abed had been job creating for the poorest villagers in Bangladesh (without electricity or other grids : roads, water, telecoms) since 1972 redesigning such markets as finance, agricultural produce, health, education, crafts ; from 1996 he had slowly started to attract some of the greatest tech partners bringing digital connectivity through combination of mobile telecoms and micro solarpower. 1999 brought a university and the start of strategic partners in selected nations worldwide rsvp wanted co-editors of the world record book of jobs creators- you should love travel guides

and be curious why jobs creation not in compass of Guiness Book of records -more it helps to have youth's love other peoples nations/cultures/arts = Olympics spirit

these are the most exciting times to be alive.............................

homethe world's most valuable lessonwhy bat isn't fag world record jobs creatorswrjc sir fazle abedaudrey cheng and girls who codewrjc jack mawrjc xi jinpingwrjc pope francisdoes your nation understand belt road mapping



links: WRJC E4 Moza: WISE@ (related E2 Sir Fazle E7 Mahbubani W6 Macron W2 Guterres E10 Pres Ghana)
WRJC E3 MA OPEN: Gateway17; DamoCity HanG20 MaOlymics 1 2 .

worldtrademap17.jpg edu7555.jpg

China has 20 neighbors and near neighbors so we map world record jobs creators along its win-win trading happily help educators (or congress) in any place translate maps their communities can explore- hwats a map worth 1

(cities inside) China- : NEWS :NorthEastWestSouth

North 3aPolar Belt & Russia NE; 3b Polar Belt (Mongolia) Russia 3c Polar Belt Nordica 3d Landlocked NW neighbors including SCO members

East 1a-greater bay HK*Cross-straits Taiwan 1b Korea*Japan; China 6a bering st alaska-canada-w.coast usa; 10a Mexico & Central am 10b panama , 6b texas, florida, caribbean 6c other us states 10c other latin america inclding Brazil BRICS

W 7a ws China-pakistan-Gulf suez-9a djibouti-ethiopia=egypt 9b kenya .. 9c more africa-eg s africa brics
8 to med sea 7b landlocked w asia4/5 Europe E/W eg China Express

South 1c AseanLandbridge*Asean Pacific 2a China-India-Brics S2b China-India-east-Bangladesh-Asean S2C China India-West (eg pakistan towards gulf)

vote for favorite interviews of world's top job creator -: 1
g20 student union ; curricula of 17 goals ; rough links 2 list

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von neumann #BR6 #BR4 1 to 3 tiimes moore

Von Neumann  (1903- 1957 -)

 moore tech: e-scale doubles every 7 years

Johnny was probably the most creative person of his lifetime- definitely the most creative mathematician. He was catapulted into the 3 most urgently accelerating sciences of the time
computers for analysis
computers as bridge to media and human intelligence purpose

war forced him to be in the middle of all three of these - and nuclear was the cause of his short life
in fathering the ;programmable computer- post-war free of state secrets, he took extra joy in open sourcing all his discoveries much to the displeasure of some of his academic brethren at princeton who wanted to keep it to themselves- ibm was one of those gain most from Johnny's shared economy of his life's great works 

probably aware of the fact that analysis power would double way almost every year beyond his life span, he moved from design of programmable computer put of coding and into his last works at yale modeling the human mind as a neural network- in other words how much more programmable are human minds than we like to believe and is this overlap good or bad news for where artificial intelligence will also take us

von neumann cautioned - dont let your world be ruled by zero-sum economists- that was how the past empire and industrial age constrained the human lot- he would have loved digital currencies replacing politicians paper ones but only if they were designed to open source sustainability most urgently massive improvements for all people s not as some new hidden ponzi scheme ruler

one of the other most fascinating questions- is how did eastern europe train such a great cluster of mathematicians as von neumann, einstein etc- and how is it that american education has never begun to replicate such maths education- in 2018 its also noticeable that eastern europe is the one place in the wporld demanding its brightest lawyers focus on blockchain law- this will be the antidote to how much harm the EU has done eastern europe- see also works of today's Hungarian exile George Soros

for those who prefer to question rather than examine everyone they meet reading my father's biography of von neumann may yet help you help us all cooperatively prevent some of the great  threats to human sustainability- for the rest of us well the age of 4000 times moore wouldnt have been launched without von neumann

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Gandhi M #Br2

World Record book of Jobs Creators

Gandhi, tags: sustainable world trade corridor #BR2
Languages Hindi , English
exp-era 0 assassinated 1946

few centuries have started up with a more exciting vision than Gandhi's : end colonisation which became his life's work from 1906 - what could the future of sustainable world trade look like noting that half of the world's people live in south asia or China? more on Gandhi as WRJC - tags languages Hindi, English trade #BR2 #theEconomist- see

more Gandhi was one of the most global people born in the 19th century - age 18 he went from his area of upbringing - states surrounding Mumbai (then called Bombay) to read law at the Bar of London- most of his professional work as a Barrister was done in South Africa- the Gandhi world travel triangle became bombay-durban-london related WRJC Mandela

in 1906 about half way through his life he had his aha moment he called satyagraha (search for while gtruth) - his profession the law of the English Empire was what was holding back native Africans as well as his peoples in India- the aha moment came when he was thrown off a train for having the wrong colored skin-

Gandhi continued professional work as a Barrister in South Africa but decided from 1906 that he would need to design a whole new education system in India before aiming to take on the British in demanding independence
maria montessori helped gandhi with the most famous educational innovation - village montessori

gandhi also revitalised ashrams - rural cooperatives for people of all ages to build community
Gandhi valued l.ivelihood education everywhere this different from classroom theory- as well as agricultural apprenticeships which village children gain from approaching adolesecence

- gandhi aimed to maximise yo0uth's appreciation of cultural diversity before adolescence - moreover, he had himself served as a first aid networker on several occasions including London during the first 6 months of world war 1- so maximising understanding of personal health would have been a curriculum Gandhi would have cheered

Gandhi's Talisman for peer to peer networking
"I will give you a talisman. Whenever you are in doubt, or when the self becomes too much with you, apply the following test. Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man [woman] whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him [her]. Will he [she] gain anything by it? Will it restore him [her] to a control over his [her] own life and destiny? In other words, will it lead to swaraj [freedom] for the hungry and spiritually starving millions?
Then you will find your doubts and your self melt away."
- One of the last notes left behind by Gandhi in 1948, expressing his deepest social thought.

India upodates of most scale : Nilekani

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Fazle Abed

Nobody in the 20th century has contributed more to "the curriculum" of ending poverty of the poorest than Sir Fazle Abed. What is amazing is the failure lof western universities to come close to teaching this curriculum

Professors go wrong by totally misdescribing what brac does
Go back to 1972 and you will seeSir Fazle Abed went to live in one of the poorest regions lon earyh with no access to electricity and which was suffering at least 3 crises
cyclone that had lkilled more people locally than any preiously seen
a war of independence that had caused much distruction as well as dis;location of people
a famine that killed a million people

what sir fazle did was search and test solutions the community needed
by 1978 he had about 30 - which could be calssified into 2 types

type 1 could be microfrancied- ie a market could be designed for vilagers who learnt the solution so that the vilagers business would be positive income generating
type 2 had huge value eg teaching every mother how oral hydration could save her infsants life but needed some organisation to fund this

it shouldnt be a suprise that the first type 1 microfranchses were agricultural- fortunatle the green revolutoion linked by crop scientists lile bor;laug was happening- brac coukd work out a way fro vailage mothers to ;produce several times more rice than before
- ruice is a great staple but kit has no votamins - co children needed veggies to be grown as well as rise- fazle abed discovered that less than 10% of the seeds beingh distribiuted to vilagers were working - so brac wlorked out how to correct that and make vegetable farming incvome generating for village housewives

the error academics make is committed every time they describe bracs main purpose as microlending - it wasnt- it was simple that savings and loans were what the vollage mothers needed to implement any of the type 1 solutions

overall brac reinvented the whole developing economics model as well as how international aid is done

we have colected papers by sir fgazle or the main entrepreneur describing how solutions were innovated over 46 years including 25 pre-digital   9* Sir Fazle Abed

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I learn a lot form this podcast with Jerry Yang
Jan 18, 2018 - GGV Capital's Hans Tung and Zara Zhang interview Jerry Yang, founder and former CEO of Yahoo!, who orchestrated arguably the best deal in ...
Jan 17, 2018 - GGV Capital's Hans Tung and Zara Zhang interview Jerry Yang, the founder and former CEO of Yahoo, who famously invested in the fledgling ...

As someone who tries to help the sustainability generation understand what alumni of Jack Ma know about sustaining this world it interests me that two of jack ma's founding invetstors were the ceo of japan's softbank and the taiwanese-chinese -American Jerry Yang. 

I was also privileged this summer to listen to jerry yang hosting a committee100  fireside chat in santa clara with one of AI's youngest genii at Stanfiord  Fei-Fei Li  . Whats interesting is how much AI (Atificial Intelligence) can be open sourced as basically being essential to everyone. Some family friends at cambridge UK once helped researchers ithe race to open source the human genome- i shudder to think what would have happened if their closed source rivals in USA had won. Of course it maybe that John von Neumann is right - its a fools game to try and patent basic research in the networking age for more than 90 days. You should be glad of the first 90 days advantage to choose your next networking partners- that is assuming you all are trying to improve the human lot with the basic searching you are doing. This also brings us to probably the most exciting research due for study in the class of 2018-19 - march 2019 - the digital cooperation report of Jack ma Melinda Gates, Gutterres and many others.

more at part of out attempt to be one of the 10 small nations that supports jack ma most usefully as far as curricula of sustainability generation go- if adam smith had been alive today we believe the would have voted jack ma the greatest free marketer the human race has been privileged for their children to celebrate learning with

bejos and leonsis

Back around 1995 there was still the possibility that americans would co-create with the internet the truest media and most sustainable joyful world of trade bezos founder of amazon and leonsis then his elder (with a senior post at aol) are of the generation that briefly stimulated a million young americans to start up before things were messed with (what caused the mess)

Intriguingly 2017 was the year of 5 million startups in china (cool given the idea of a privately owned startup wasnt legal as recently as 1975 in china) (whilst some of these startups wil doubtless lose their way - china's elders are betting on most of them succeeding)

we recommend looking at what you can learn from leonsis and bezos and steering clear from young pretenders like zuckenberg - he's tried very hard to reduce the internet to being just an appendix of the advertising age- we canlot see how mr z will  have much positive influence on all the urgent needs of the sustanability generation

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Jack Ma Sets Up Entrepreneur Training Institute in Indonesia

2 min read 
During the 2018 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group on Oct. 13, Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, stated that he plans to establish a “Jack Ma Entrepreneur Institute” to train thousands of tech entrepreneurs. He currently serves as an adviser to the Indonesian government steering committee for e-commerce.
According to Jack Ma, the institute is expected to cultivate 10,000 tech entrepreneurs from both public and private sectors in the upcoming decade. It will focus on educating developers and engineers in cloud computing, which is the area Indonesia struggles with the most.
Indonesia has always been a strategic market for Alibaba. Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing department of Alibaba, launched a data center in Indonesia in March. Alibaba will continue to invest in various areas of e-commerce, cloud computing, logistics and infrastructure in Indonesia, assisting local enterprises in tech development and in elevating their level of digitalization.
“I believe that investing in people is investing for the future. Cultivating talent is one of the most significant things the Alibaba ecosystem can do. My hope is that emerging markets will benefit from the individuals that are nurtured by this new 10×1000 Tech for Inclusion program and thus be able to embrace a brighter future through the digital economy,” said Ma. “Only when people improve, when people’s minds change, when people’s skills improve, only then can we enter the digital period”.
Ever since 2015, Alibaba has made huge investments in personnel training in developing countries and has set up multiple training programs at home and abroad. In August this year, Alibaba set up the Africa Netpreneur Prize to encourage young African entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. On Dec. 4 2017, Jack Ma proposed his B200 plan in Geneva, promising to help empower 1,000 entrepreneurs in developing countries over the next five years.
cheers chris macrae whatsapp hotline 240 316 8157
more at our co-blog 

elon musk #BR6 #BR0 #BR10

update 8.43 weeks good news world record job creators elon musk brilliant coworkers support by Ellison #BR6 youth markets energy, communications tech #theeconomist predict china to ask musk to start a new university 
 9 seconds ago
Is it invitable that africa's america's greatest green entrepreneurs end up in china? South African Elon Musk who came to california , pioneeered electric car tesla, futures of batteries, fast trains and space looks like american media and short-term financial-legal soothsayers have exhausted him enough to make china his main future hub

Tesla's China plan advances
"Electric auto brand Tesla Inc. says it has secured land in Shanghai for its first factory outside the United States, pushing ahead despite mounting U.S.-Chinese trade tensions," the Associated Press reports from Beijing on Wednesday.
Why it matters: The land procurement signals a concrete step toward moving ahead with plans for a major Chinese factory that Tesla announcedwith Shanghai officials in in July.
A little more, via AP: "Tesla said earlier that production in Shanghai would begin two to three years after construction of the factory begins and eventually increase to 500,000 vehicles annually."
The Silicon Valley electric automaker ultimately plans to spend around $2 billion to build the Chinese plant, according to press reports.
fall 2017 -
breaking news musk to explore whether his knowledge can help puerto rico
How did the future of USA as a hi-tech ecological civilisation become dependent on a young south african canadian dream?
This chinese video interview of rocket man explains.
As a South African boy Musk liked playing computer games before he realsied he would make money by coding. His exploratory mind kept asking where and what will be the big innovation spaces of my lifetime. By 17 it was obvious to lton that silicon valey was a dream space. His divorced parnets weren't able to relocate but fortunatley his mother was Canadian so Eton emigrated as a student to Canada. He reached Stanford as a postgrauate just in time for internet browsers like Netscape to be the big new thing. He applied to intern at netscape but was turned down. So Elon said to his professor if i try to start an internet comany and fail xcan I come back to Stanford. His professor said yes.
That's how Elon began 2 start ups- an internet company that merged into being paypal and an emerging interest in battery innovation and transportation that became Tesla, and spacex, and Hyperloop (which Musk explains as open sourcing what roclet trains will come next). 
 Its no wonder that the Chinese call Elon rocket man. Without extremee innovation in batteries both solar and electric cars would be stalling at these most climactic times. Fortunately Musk's progress has convinced the Chinese that they will aim to be the first big nation to ban sale of new cars driven by petrochemicals probably as early as 2025. The big deal about Spacex may not be the bsiness of transporting adventuires in space: it open doors to exciting networks of adventurers and gives another reason why every west coat internet compoany now wants Elon on their board. The Oneloop may yet be the salvation of US's East Coast if it can connect DC and New York in under an hour- valleys wont be the only place that the future of industry linksin. And what about america's middle.
further references - energy positive charging stations 
Intriguingly the big news of Trump's election was middle americans want chnage in infrastructure desperately. Swing votes were won by over 20000 very local ads on facebook asking what infrastrictire/tracsit improvements do your towns enterprises need to trade. In other words America's Belt and Roads are the huge non=partisan demand of the people even if politicians are not yet organised to get this 

And Elon also offers us a glimpse of why the big 3 internet company applications - search , commerce and messaging have a future which the west coast doesnt fully discuss publicly
the future of search isnt so much mass public but how deep research alumni networks are formed - look at how alphabet implies that public search is perhaps just an ad for google as hubs of all sorts of research as to where digital and real societies merge
the future of ecommerce can link with the future of instrastructire so that youth can linkin to be as enterprising as musk wherever they are located' ecommerce done the chinese way can take the massive date of markets and empower the most enterprising or those most trusted by communities needing life saving apps, not just the biggest
the future of messaging isnt vested interest persuasion but discovering peoples next big need if 3 generations are to unite around worldwide youth as emerging globally and locallys as the sustainability generation 

getting into space; its interetsing that australia has recently launched a space effort not because it want to compete in costly race to send people there but there are so many adcvance technologies that space applies first- being expert in such technolgies can bring huge innovations to apps on mother earth

serach more videos : musk & 

  1. Elon Musk talks about technological developments in China

    • 1 year ago
    Elon Musk speaks about Tesla, sustainable energy and Mars at the Venture Forum in Hong Kong.
  2. Tesla创始人 Musk密码 (An interview with Elon Musk in China)

    • 3 years ago
    Downloaded from 搬运自优酷.
  3. Elon Musk charms Chinese audience 2014

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    Elon Musk charms Chinese audience 2014 During a visit to Chinato introduce the Model S to the world's biggest market, Elon ...
  4. Elon Musk: Model 3 'will eventually be made in China...

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    CEO Elon Musk says producing its electric vehicles locally in Chinais a challenge and estimates it will take 'close to three years' ...
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What Everybody Needs to Know First About Economics
Economics designs peoples futures but this depends on what logics are analysed- here are the logics The Economist used in the early 19080s when it discussed how the net gneration could be the most productive time for youth
A nation/place cannot sustain growth unless its capital is structured so that family's savings are invested in their next generation's productivity.Norman Macrae's 1954 book on The London Capital Market provides chapter and verse. Historically it was timely as London's industrial revolution had planted most of the developed world's laws and financial instruments. Futurewise this book became a source for Norman's forty years of leadership challenges including 3000 editorials. THese became branded in the 2 genres of entrepreneurial revolution and future history of the net generation genre which he focused on from 1972. They script in practical details most of the changes that economists would need to make to historic rules if globalisation is not to collapse the worldwide financial system of 2010s
Norman framed his writings on future purposes huan most wanted around the idea that The Net Generation to 2024 would face change on a scale never previously experienced by our human race. To prevent risks and celebrate job creating opportunities Norman proposed in his 1984 book (The 2024 Report) that the world should unite around youth's most exciting millennium goal. He explained why economics would design the most popular futures if the goal was chosen as racing to end poverty everywhere. Reasons included: its possible, its exciting, it creates jobs post-industrial generation will need to design around collaborative technology, it can empower youth to joyfully unite cultures as we become borderless (more connected than separated), it aligns economics principles with nature's exponentially (compounding) rules of evolutionary selection which are community-up and open.
 download more profiles of 100 collaboration leaders of 2010s = youths most productuive decade 

We are shocked how few people know of the main findings of the renowned economist Maynard Keynes- increasingly only economics riles the world and the greatest risk to the future working lives of our children comes from elderly macroeconomists who hire themselves out to the biggest who want to get bigger.

Historically when faulty systems of macroeconomists ruined civilisations they fell one by one. But Einstein took Keynes logic further and hypothesised that the first generation to become more connected than separated by technology would be subject to a final exam. Now if we let erroneous macroeconomists rule whole continents of nations will collapse.

By 1976 my father (Norman macrae) -probably the last student of economics mentored by Keynes-  was writing at The Economist why the next half century would see the net generation tested - he called upon the genre of Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER) networkers to sort out the greatest  innovation challenge economics - and so the human race - will ever face .

logo320.jpg.The opportunity of 10 times more productivity for the net generation (with million times more collaboration technology than man's 1960's race to moon)
.The THREAT is preventing the threat of collapsing continent-wide system of value exchange. By 2020 the (exponential track impacting future) sustainanbilyty of every village around the globe will likely be lost or won

..logo3responsibility.jpg...How could we be experiencing record youth unemployent when we are living in a time of a million times more collaboration tech than a generation ago? According to research by Entrepreneur networks started at The Economist in 1976, we are 36 years off track in compounding 2 unustainable systems whose follies multiply each other
  • that caused by non-economic media which also distracts us with glossy images and soiundbites instead of future realities and integrated cross-cultural and inter-generational understanding - full briefing here
  • World's biggest