. 2022-3 welcomes you to 15th annual players cards of world record jobs - how to play games version of WRJ
Health we continue to value alumni of Brilliant, Nightingale (doubly so given Ukraine situation) , the women who built a nation round last mile health care with Fazle Abed.,Abed's 21st C comrade spirit Jim Kim without whom the signature transformation of UN leader Guterres : UN2 that proacts engineering/entrepreneur/education/Servant leader smarts into any silo of old gov probably would not be with us
WorldClassDaos recommends we leap into better 2020s best place to start: HONG KONG as WorldClassEngineer laureate of 2022. While dad, norman macrae, coined term Entrepreneurial Revolution in The Economist 1969. Friends think there would be few problems in the world if every 1/1000 of humans were as energetic multi-win traders as Hong Kong, Hong Kong is leading 21st coming of age with unprecedented co-creativity geared to making sure web3 serves communities in ways no previous web 2, 1 or tele media (arguably only attenborough beat off vested interests to sustain 50 years of consistent tv storytelling access -moreover web3 has emerged out of a radical fintech foundation with concept of Satoshi 2008 intended to be a decentralised solution to serial abuse of communities by subprime banking
JOTTINGS: Nightingales deliver motion for UNGA77 .why love Stanford. (rules options) ::
top 2 alumni networks to cooperate with remain Fazle Abed & Von Neumann-; with urgent appearance of web3 as make or break sustainability generation we've spent time zooming up bop-eg Singapore Players, ..... more WRJ
Upd Fall 2023 - Worlds AI see change everyone's futures; Musk headline on need for 3rd party referee is transnational ai summit's deepest intelligent momentupd valentines 2023 ...Join us at twitterversal.com and TAO: Twitter Autonomy Opsworldclassdaosgreenbigbang invites you to have a sneak at our new picks for 2023 if you are comfy with messy searchesSDGs rising by valuing women's productivity emulating mens
Coming soon Tao.dance- dance then wherever you may be for I am the oak tree of nature's dance said (s)he
If you are going to help save 2020s world from extinction (let alone putin!) the top 50 people you'll need to learn and action with will be a deeply personal combo- GAMES OF WRJ #1 edit 50 playing cards from WRJ -ask a friend to do likewise- see how many common choices you made -then choose one to keep your friend had not chosen and voce versa - by all means add in your own selections- keep updating your 50 cards aide memoire.. bon courage - who need to be at WRJ? rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk..*
9/8/18 paul oyer: fei-fei li : lei zhang - WE WELCOME q&a THE MORE MATHEMATUCAL OR HUMAN THE BETTER chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk MA stats cambridge 1973

2016 bangladesh schools go edigital nationwide :: brookings video :: Bangla video :: brac how's that
1/1/21 we have entered the most exciting decade to be alive- by 2030 we will likely know whether humans & tech wizards can save futureoflife- tech surveys indicate odds of accomplishing this greatest human mission would be lot less without spirit of a chinese american lady at stanford-...
bonus challenge for those on road to glasgow cop2 nov2021: future 8 billion peoples want to value from 2021 rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

GAMES of world record jobs involve
*pack of cards: world record jobs creators eg fei-fe li ; fazle abed ...
*six future histories before 2021 starts the decade of empowering youth to be the first sustainable generation.

problem 99% of what people value connecting or doing to each other
has changed (and accelerated in last three quarters of a century- while laws, culture and nature's diversity and health are rooted in real-world foundations that took mother earth 1945 years to build with -and that's only using the christian calendar

1995 started our most recent quater of a century with 2 people in Seattle determined to change distribution of consumers' markets - the ideas of how of bezos and jack ma on what this would involve were completely different except that they changed the purpose of being online from education knowledge to buying & selling things -
nb consuming up things is typically a zero-sum game or less if done unsustainable- whereas life-shaping knowhow multiplies value in use
from 1970 to 1995 knowhow needed to end subsistence poverty of over a billion asian villagers was networked person to person by women with no access to electricity grids- their number 1 wrjc involved partnerships linked by fazle abed - borlaug's crop science was one of the big 5 action learnings -its person to person application saved a billion people from starvation; the first 185 years of the machie age started up bl glasgow university's smith an watt in 1760 had brought humans to the 2 world wars; when people from nearly 200 nations founded the united nations at san francisco opera house 1945 chances of species survival looked poor- miraculous;y one mathematician changed that before he died 12 years later- john von neumann's legacy was both the moon race and twin artificial intel labs - one facing pacific ocean out of stanford; the other facing the atlantic out of mit boston .. who are top job creating economists by practice - health -refugee sports green hong kong..where are top tour guides around billionaire 1 2 around poverty,,, we the peoples ...

Sunday, August 20, 1972

.1billiongirls.com & Fazle Abed: 30+ of sustainability's most exciting cooperations from web00 (no electricity) to web 3
.SDG5 women more productive than men at human dev

5.1 Meta-village platform- partners empowering women to build 100K person villages ..5.2 One billion Asian female villagers cooperation exchanges..W..5.3 bracnet.5.4 brac copperation asian university grads of adgs..5.5 brac worldwide adaptation solutions exchange climate..5.6 brac zoom & meta up scotty - towards UN2.0 ed3 metaverse and nfts for ssdgs...
.SDG4 education for all livelihoods & lives.4.1 adult livelihoods education...4.2 microdesign primary schools4.3 secondary scholarship; library apprentice girls teen clubs..W.4.4 brac university4.5 brac worldwide pre-schools :50 million livelihoods...4.6.abed & yidan multidicipliary luminaries of edu transfolrmation 
.SDG3 Last mile health services for all.3,1 microfranchise: doordash to 300 vilage homes pre para-health servant.3.2 wins unicef year of child main prize- grant to train nations mothers in oral rehydration - saving lives of up to third of infants dying from dehydration.3.3 with unicef nationwide vaccination.3.4  village TB solutions..W3.5 brac various cross disciplinary frugal processes - eg wash program, maternal services program.3.6 james grant school of public health as lead R&D research within bran university and paradigh with icddr.b training future of public research........
.'SDG2 last mile food/liquid security for all2.1.rice microfranchsie to end starvation of 100K peopel.2.2 microfranchise veggies - vitamins first 1000 days.2.3 village exchanges with cities
crafts fairs, cash crops, silk, soicial forestry
...W..2.4 brac21 enterprise 1/14nationwide leadership poultry2.5 brac21 enterprise 2/12 dairy.2.6 brac enterprises lead about 16 national value chains (wholesale or R&D - strategic chosen agriculture ; basic health products) .......
.SDG1 finance to end poverty and advance human lot1.1 .changed aid : microfranchise business; where take grant - design world class solution; 
turns bangladesh into development lab and foundation brand reality
.1.2 microfinace plus (microfrancjeis; design value chains)..1.3 start ultra poor graduation .W.1.4 brac city bank (for smes nationwide0.1.5 bkash world largest cashless bank partnerships (population served1.6 .brac hq2 integrated with brac international netherlands ; serves remittances; brac international coutries partnerships; shameran abed connects worldwide leagcy franchise cooperation solutions of father fazle abed.......

Tuesday, August 15, 1972

2022-3 welcomes you to 15th annual players cards of world record jobs (rules):
top 2 aliumni networks to cooperate with remain Fazle Abed & Von Neumann- 
americans impact on world in mid 20th C took us back from extinction - out 10 to follow our top 10 mid 20th C americans are: roosevelt einstein von neumann george marshal borlaug deming thurgood marshall JFK paulo freire (Gordon Moore);
Giant leap forward to 2020s: we see :as web3 may make or brake sustainability generation we've beefed up Players UN2.0 around  UN Guterres eg Zhao Diamandis, Brown, JimKim, Melinda Gates Satoshi Mr Metaverse MS Metaverse1 Ms Metaverse2) we cant exclude Elon Musk and we cannot exclude Reeta Roy and Sheikha Moza, or Charles Yidan
Its nor WRJ's purpose to bend to political whims - if you study greatest leap of one billion people in one generation you muist read up all abouit what deng, jack ma, huawei's boss and morris chang did wityh tech transformation/cooperation was way past the moon brillaint for billions of people, 

As far as I know most of the world loves Stanford tech as giant leap ahead  of missions impossible but to choose 3 on open records we go for Jerry Yang, Fei-Fei Li and Andrew NG; we love worldide university scholars from the original Rhodes to modernists such as those created by Li Ka Shing, Schwarzman and NYU's undercover boss John Sexton..we retain huge respect for Kai-Fu Lee and Ms & Mr Jin and Henry Wang of CCG
ever since hitlers propaganda, fake media has been my faniky's deepst mathematical concern; our hopes have been dashed when even english speaking public media disappoints being for and by the peoples-  with exception of core around david attenborough; its a shame bbc did not track berner lee from his getgow with www - one new zealander did gordon dryden did best job on what web1 education age could have celebrated; of cousre in amazing ways linux torvaulds and jpohn perry barlow kept open everything alive
 bettween 1960 and 2010 singapore le muan yew acted like the world's light house; unknown but important to we the peoples wjo open space is harrison owen

 british abnd du=tch royal families kept 20th C more grounded than most large western nations; look east and miracles for half of world people start with steady hand of  japan royal family since 1945  ;we we bow to Romano Prodi's overall clues on how Euro 2020s tragically returned to 1920s.. 

robert kuhn is arguably the last american broadcaster we trut on phiospohy's mpost urent cultural messes

 one of us tech for good's most unde3rated families is the Bnagldeshi Americans the Quadirs; possibly america's most underated pro-youth american academics are ezra vogel, gifford pinchot; peter drucker remains 20th ce american my family (and so half a century of Economist journaliosm) swapped most geonomioc motes with;.showing our scottish bias we value smith, watt, wislon, bell and honorary English economist keynes; we love health care servants such as florence nightinglale, durant barton, and basic researchers such as fleming and marie curie -21st c katalina kariko, everlasting larry brillaint, arguably america GOAT of aid James Grant; we love the world pf Gnadhi's educational project leader maria Mlontessori; we bow to the continuing worl of gandhi family lucknow montessopri; 
Obviously web2 greats : steve jobs not spo obvious Abdul Latif middle East Toyota, 

we cant understand worldwide histiry (especially of how 80% of world trade is still ocean bound) without some anchors from half a milennium or mopre away - probabkly tjis co=hoice ge=ts perosnl but oif you want to reconcile the mess that british empoire did mopst of to asian two throd od people we find it useful to read about aventires of st frnacis and marco polo, read bard william shapkespeare , study what projects issac newton took on

well that's abou 65 -old hands of our game know we learn form how tooy exchange your plays and 52 isnt a magic number for a card game

as always how would uyou edit wrj- if every child and teacher could be linkedin to alumni sustaining humanity who would you choose- whatever else the 2020s is the most excitin time to be alive -while the possibility of innovating sustainabilityw oth the younger half of the wporld is still open

Monday, August 14, 1972


 in our 15th year we have rules on voting who's in pack of world record jobs players and rules of games people can play. WE also cata;logue likeminded sdgs.games such as the UN and friends of XPrize designed year round youth competition www.sdgmetaverseprize.org. Its our aim to connect coaches, students, leaders of under 35s being the first sustainability generation. For example, we're mapping who's who at the emerging 10000 community of education3.0 and we happliy intro people who can help each other. 

The one thing we know is there is more work than ever before to be done if humans are to continue on earth. The problem is elders inveetemnt eg pensions (300 trillion of paper printed dollars) are not currently valuing their own childrens and grandchildrens future. If you are concerned about this lets share ino any time chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

THE GAME:  idea started out 15 years ago around the simple question if we could recommend teens or their teachers of 52 people whose alumni network they gain from knowing exists - who should that be in if millennials are to be the first sustainability generation not the first extinction generation? 

Our playing cards try not to include 2 people whose alumni mainly overlap -of course if you already learn from one of the overlapping players good for you; yiuyr sustainability intel is already well tuned in that direction.. Uniting Peoples: We are not trying to judge nations nor which of 2 people who may be helping youth do similar stuff matters most- whomever you can access in your own language matters most to you; equally if we can help translate similarly motivated solutions movements around the world that's all the better for Uniting Sustainability's peoples

===== in more detail - we offer about 20 co-blogs eg Economisthealth.com economistgreen.com economistlearning.com economistafrica.com -if you want to make the game far more deeper for particular places in the world - or any particular goal's leap fotrwards - tell us we can make you a co-blogger or join in your co-blog ; we believe there are lots of missing curricula - ways students and teachers time could be spent on solutions - co-blobs are one way to rehearse and adopt these curricula - we love to her of other ways....

We are also happy to offer the fusion of 2 searches- a hi-tech search since 1961 when von neumann told my father journalists greatest scoop - what good will people do wity 100 times more tech every decade 1930 sto 2020s> in particular can we focus on good meaning what von neumann called above zero-sum games. For example when people share applications of life saving knowhow that multipliues value the more people do that ; when people focus only on consuming things that may have the opposite consequence; it may cause scarcities; the world has got itself in a mess olf old minmdests. For example the sun provides more than enough energy for 10 billion peopes tpo thrive but carbon does not. It is true that carbon was scientifically easier to access back in 1760s wjhen people first started engineering- but it makes no sense that intead of energy2.0 those who make the world's biggest decisions appear not to have the will to collaborate. Back in Glasgow November the world's biggest organisations appeared to say dsoory wile we previously promised never to go abpove 1.5 degree warming, we may have to chnage this to 2.5 degrees. This may sound like a small change. But there are definitely some countries where half of all peoples lives will no longer be workable at 2.5 degrees, and the maths is not simple. There are so many things multiplying together that it may be when you get to 2.5 degrees you find 3.5 degrees is unstoppable. At at some stage so much ice melts in the north pole that some places will need more than noahs ark to save them from sudden meltdowns.. If my daughter asked me to swaer on the bible do i think we can avoid climate destruction, I would say I think we have a good chnace but each year this chnace has lessened. When you were born I assumed leaders would not keep compounding risks. In fact as early as 1984 I co--authored 2025report on how simple chnages would be if we valued neumanns 4 decades of 100 times more tech sustainably. So far we haven't systematically changed. I urge anyone reading this to link what ever they can to making the 20202s the most exciting decade ever because we make the innovations so that all future youth are renewable.

 had required worlds greatest mathematicains to work on the bad ie nuclear bomb

much of the timelines my father had written abouyt sinece 1951 had become so cleary off path by 9/11 that I have tried to learn from those helping teh very poorest - what the un calls the alumni of sustainability decelopment goals

so  the time of launching first wrj pace we were also were sampling 2000 books to students on how a =billion poorest women of 1970 ended starvation and have increased life excpectancy by 20 years; those in bangladesh remain quite poor but the most cooperative community builders round their children- ths history of bangaldesh is in 1981 it genan as 8y=th most poplous new nation having been twice colinsed by britian and then west pakistan; until britain withdrew from India bangladesh had a t least shared the greatest port on soiuth asia's continent - calcutta as it iused to be known; but then in an almsot random return of nation hood the british gave way to tjose who siad the continent needed to ne partictioens into a main hindhi middle with 2 muslim regions to west and east; the way the britich colonised asia they did not bring electricty except tonports or where they lived; in the partitioning the peopels of the bay of bengal got the region without electricty and were boderred off fropm the port calcuallta; after another 25 yeras of rule by west pakitann (1200 miles away) and both wars of idnependence and probably the world's most violent cyclone in 1970 no country has ever started with less to trade or less per person in terms of moemntary or other assets

in what we call web00 era of no electricty , how poorest vilage of mothers grasrrots networked; what microfranchsies theyoperated matching most urgent sustainbility goals is thye deepest lesson in human development apart from one optional sidebar; not far toi the east is tripical conteintal china; in 1970 it was equally poor; it turned out that there were many solutiosn top open sorce from each other- how the places got finance was different but the needs to save eg a thoiurd of vilage children dying of dehgration or starvation were boderkless as were the ebst solutions; in that way studying the evolution of bangladesh's today 150 million offere direct parallels to the greatest development story of all time - how a billion plus chiens epo[pel ended povery; in china a sceond dynamic coastal trade sonn menat that rural chiense had far more access to accelerated development but the basic chanenlges of vaccinayte a nations childfren in regions thayt did not see electricvitrt until solar partnership came in the last 1990s can best be understood by studying both nations development round women who wnet from alomst zero productivity to at least half of all community production

there are many games you can play with wrj-it rather depends on how many of the pack you know- but one way to play the game is to slect 3 players that you want to substitute; you could play this game blind with say 23 peers and see if you choose 9 diferent substiuttes or all agree- we'f love to hear your results chris .anacrae@yahoo.co.uk