vote for world record jobs creators alumni twitter accounts such as Musk-Bezos-Royals nilekani Jack Ma Masa-Son guterres jimyongkim fazle abed moorecoming soon top 50 - help us at twitter and list AIstars
Twelve: FA MA (1) NI AG GM IQ JB EM LKS JYK TBL YO (1) .. REST50: AC Dubai HK HO IH JI Jin & Jin JY Kag KMa MS MY & MY OD Oli XL&TW PCharles PF PM RA-BBCN RF RLRP RZ SB SMoza Zm
.youth quiz of
world's most important events -JARGON in the future there will be far more livelihoods than jobs- english language including teachers, bankers, professions and leaders havent caught up with this yet- hence we too use word jobs interchangably except in
specific livelihood references like these 1 2? why shouldnt every youth have a youth ali or efounder in china 1 2 ?
welcome to WorldRecordJobs- here are #TheEconomist NormanMacrae end poverty cooperation blog's mapping tags
WomensJack Ma livelihoods.
.Sample of world record jobs profiles and 13 most energetic world trade maps

#BR6 USA, Ca

Elon Musk

Jerry Yang

Bejos & Leonis

Quadirs & BRAC

Berners Lee & MIT


#BR5 W Euro

Prince Charles

Pope Francis


Danny Alexander

BBC nature

#BR4 E Euro



Schwab IR4

#BR3 Russia


#BR2 S Asia

Sir Fazle Abed


CK Prahalad decesased

#BE1 Far East

CEO soiftbank


Moon Jae-In

#BR12 UN+..........................................

Guterres ; Jack Ma ,

Melinda Gates; heads of UNCTAD, UNHABITAT and UNGA; Jim Kim WB

#BR11 Arctic Circle........................


Latin America,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Paulo Freire

#BR9 Africa.........................

#BR8 Med Sea

#BR7 Mid East & Stans................................

Sheikha Moza

Queen Rania

Founding family Dubai Supercity

#BR0 China Xi Jinping , Jin Liquin, Leaders of baidu ten cent (Ma see BR12)

download this map to choose 13 vantage points to play BeltRoadImagineering from and to swap notes on which regions world records jos creators you can linkin.

.rsvp .2022-2015 .2015-2008. 2008-2001.. 2001-1994..1994-1987..1987-1980.1980-1973 1973-19661966-19591959-19521952-1945
worldwide.. .sustainability goals unite nations USA and developed nations subprime world devaluing youth opportunities in west 9/11 in wast china enters wto.; worldwide smart mobile to be universal. first access to solar in mobile phones among villagers in third of world with no electricity grids.appearance of www in vision of computers = personal networking.fifth of humans in china start trading worldwide for first time in 110 years after refusing to trade opium with brits 1860 joy to fear: moon landing oil future shocks1966-19591959-19521952-1945
.girl empowering bangladesh, & global partners of edu for youth 1 .first meet between girl's 2 most hopefule networks brac's bkash and Ma's ant finance .tech wizard partners of brac develop girl's and the world's largest cashless bank bkash Yunus Nobeled ...Sir Fazle Knighted.. 2001-1994..1994-1987..1987-1980.... 1973-19661966-19591959-19521952-1945
.china and oriental world trade routes. .100+ national leaders see china as more real host of sustainability goal race than any other single nation .tech wizards prevent china's economic growth being stalled by wall streets attempt to collapse global markets and youth's sustainability livelihoods- digital culture is navigated by xi jinping so that by 2017 china is creating 5 million startups mapped across supercioties- a digital belt road inside china matching his launch of physical Belt Roads wherever nations want long-term win-win trading partnerships and youth sustainability china suddenly decides to let youth linkin 3 internet ecosystems BAT with ecommerce and mobile cash celebrated as greatest millennials innovations .. 2001-1994..1994-1987..1987-1980.... 1973-19661966-19591959-19521952-1945

UN Guterres changing refugees world 1 2 3 4 5

2 views of what happened between 1500 and 1946:

It was good that some people (about a fifth of the human race) found ways to be up to 200 times more productive than ever before

It is tragic that the fifth did this in ways (slavery, colonization, seizing others natural resources) that excluded the four fifths

Common sense as well as natures evolutionary laws Both ways unite round one urgent vision- we must celebrate every way of changing value chains that includes the four fifths

World Record Jobs Researchers feature known way of changing value chains to maximise youth livelihoods and sustainability generation

1 Bangladesh shows us the elast controversial celebration of all – it changes disaster relief, development, ais and charity so the poorest village mothers built their own community services- they did this between 1972 and 1996 with no electricity and solely with trust in girl power; from 1996 tech partners including mobile and solar have helped them design the most extraordinary leapfrog models

celebrate technologists applying big-data-small wizardry to celebrate enterprise sustaining those with the least (or facing the most severe climate or other sustainability crises) – eg alumni circles of jack ma

.help map future of china as world largest friendly nation since 1977 :: join our linkedin survey 100 world record jobs - post-colonial model in which nation's people grow exponentially through win-win trades with other peoples? (special feature muhammad yunus
If you are interested in youth livelihood co-creation help us blog guides to inter-regional world records jobs creators BR0 china BR1 rest far east and asean and pacific south including OZ and NZ BR2 S Asia including Bangladesh BR3 russia BR4 east euro BR5 west euro BR6 north america BR7 stans and middle east and suez or gulf facing BR8 med sea facing BR9 africa BR10 latin america BRUN Uniting Nations BRIC InterCity- InterCommunity (see goal 11 maps especially by UNHabitat's new leader former female mayor of Penang)
Be prepared each couplet is a very different journey - for example BR0-BR2 -almost half the world's people need sustainability from this region which is perhaps 10% of the planet's land and already mixes the most and least advances tech societies on earth. In the middle of mediating this are the world's poorest women as well as hopefully the most heroic technologists - Nilekani? Ma? Abed-Quadir-Gates?
GLOBAL JACK MA: Which of 10 regions beyond China Can Jack Ma learn with most given his urgent worldwide collaborations such as ... MA fall018 survey ma blockchain -china poverty thinktanks and who else rsvp

MA0 Fintech for billion poorest? Fintech for SMEecommerce markets; ecommerce training with chinas major belt road partners – understand regional clusters eg SCO, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Belt Road summit may 2019

MA1 Road to olympics- celebrating community participation markets that commerce alone cant reach BR1 Japan2020; BRO Beijing2022; BR5 Paris2024; BR1 Korea2018
MA2 By March 2019 UN report for Guterres with Melinda Gates on digital collaboration
MA3 Forming Alibaba global business school includes training big data small coders from developing nations- main scout head of UNCTAD- but how do we help ma scout in countrues head of unctad doesnt know (eg round south asia)
MA4 15 billion dollar investment in worldwide DAMO academy of IR4 technologies including AI- ones most impacting world to 2025 -keeping open rather than us race to patent-scouts include jerry yang- the world economic forum is a key partner in IR4 and its also related to how chinese government analyses lead tech sectors to 2025- ie china maps to be world tech leader by 2025
M4a nb mostofa attend varney summit where elearning was discussed for refugees- china is ahead on edutech in so many ways -eg instead of amazon alexis it is getting teacher assistants into classrooms- as jack says these know facts more than teachers- this is why examining children on facts is retarding them from future
M4b Jack is also on the un eminent committee and on grordon browns’ education commission – while the commission’s 30 national leaders nit officially connected with UN- brown is un envoy for education
MA5 Ying Lowrey also connects many partnerships within Tsinghua main public servant training university- gateway to beoijing startup hib linked with all supercities
MA6 Jack also chairs busininss men club of billionaires who want their market to sustain china- it is posible to go tjrough with yig rfeview every market futures purspoe maximise to poverty aleviation
MA7 Jack has said from olympics on he will focus on taking education as the main challenge- unless we take education outside classroom more than half of youith both unemployable and not aliogned to being the sustainability generation

Jack has many framgmeetd education charities- including those working in Taobao village education – also one of his obscure foundations a sponsor of wise at Beijing
>Most summers jack organizes a summit in Hangzhou where people like jim kim tirn up regulary – 2017 womens empowerment – 2016 philanthopy or social business- in october world bank issue its main 2018 report - chosen theme livelihoods
In 2017 China had 5 million startup- many were associated with the 3 main ecosystems Alibaba , tencent, baidu- all ecosystems expected to brief jinping -usually there is annual meeting at tsinghua where public servants meet tech and other business leaders
Jinping asked jack to host the china G20 hangzhou- jack spent lot of time with relevant citizen group – women youth sme green finance- these get reactivated when g20 host interested – germany wasnt- we assume franciscan argentina this november is; we assume japan is and part of road to Olympics and anyhow japan remains Alibaba founding investor
Canada has been one of the movers of g20 and trudeau has partnered jack a lot – one reason why jack and trudeau demonstrate 3000 person one day training masterclass MAY 2019 deadline update 100 nations collaboration Belt Road 2 -China wished to understand which clusters of nations want to partner on which sustainability goals- jack is a leading scout of this- his big advantage is big data anayusis applied to small enterprise and redesigning value chains- it would seem that ma, gates and brac are all watching for national partners in big data small -one of the lose ends is Nilekani billion person identity- we need help from tech experts to understand what Alibaba owns that can be key – eg in south asia it still owns the most common type of browser uses cheaper mobiles- in china jack’s fintech and ecommerce keeps ahead on g5 or most advance digital infrastructure- bkash is an interesting blend being targeted at mpt3 and 2?- please note we need to understand how the world’s greatest fintech experts at ant finance and bkash interface with all of jack ma’s and brac partners other interests

World Record Book of Jobs Creation - chapter 1 version 7.18

Thank you to the world's greatest job creators Sir Fazle and Jma- and the greatest conflict resolution mapmakers Xi Jinping, Antonio Guterres and Pope Francis
For the quarter of the world's population living in s asia, job creating independence has been a long time coming.

In 1860 , James Wilson's intervention laster less than a year - the founder of the economist dying from lack of oralk reydratiion; gandhi's 40 year attempt 1906-1946 ended with his assassination

Bangladesh' 46 year progress now depends mainly on friends and alumni of Sir Fazle Abed- the greatest livelihood creator for the world's poorest women; fortunately brac's story is an exponential rising game of two halves- to 1996 having no electricity or anything other than person to person community building to 1996; selectively choosing the best digital partners from 1996 as brac became understood as the world's most collaborative ngo provided you really wanted to innovate solutions that integrated the ultra poorest or indeed those at ultra risk from personal or nature's safety

Over the same period China has also seen corresponding exponential development. But with the huge difference- as early as 1972 the chinese diaspora were the 3rd strongest financial network in the world; they were delighted to inward invest by replicating the win-win trading ways they had already proven across superport islands like HK
singapore, taiwan

1966 Bangladesh sort of became a leapfrog pilot test for China which quickly offered order of magnitude m,ore funding to mobile telecoms and mirosolar. But still it wasnt until 2008 that China fully trusted 3 mega internet ecosystems the BAT (story 2008 - story 2018 china and bangla marry their greatest human tech innovators of girl end poverty)

Up to moon landing, opportunities to innovate were unvenly distributed geographically- eg up to half of the world's peoples had no access to electricity grids
Practical Innovators : value train trasnsformation empowering small eneterprises and community Jobs Creation
In 2018 Jack Ma first took 20% share of Sir Fazle's Bkash part of the world's largest NGO BRAC
Sir Fazle Abed had been job creating for the poorest villagers in Bangladesh (without electricity or other grids : roads, water, telecoms) since 1972 redesigning such markets as finance, agricultural produce, health, education, crafts ; from 1996 he had slowly started to attract some of the greatest tech partners bringing digital connectivity through combination of mobile telecoms and micro solarpower. 1999 brought a university and the start of strategic partners in selected nations worldwide rsvp wanted co-editors of the world record book of jobs creators- you should love travel guides

and be curious why jobs creation not in compass of Guiness Book of records -more it helps to have youth's love other peoples nations/cultures/arts = Olympics spirit

these are the most exciting times to be alive.............................

homethe world's most valuable lessonwhy bat isn't fag world record jobs creatorswrjc sir fazle abedaudrey cheng and girls who codewrjc jack mawrjc xi jinpingwrjc pope francisdoes your nation understand belt road mapping



links: WRJC E4 Moza: WISE@ (related E2 Sir Fazle E7 Mahbubani W6 Macron W2 Guterres E10 Pres Ghana)
WRJC E3 MA OPEN: Gateway17; DamoCity HanG20 MaOlymics 1 2 .

worldtrademap17.jpg edu7555.jpg

China has 20 neighbors and near neighbors so we map world record jobs creators along its win-win trading happily help educators (or congress) in any place translate maps their communities can explore- hwats a map worth 1

(cities inside) China- : NEWS :NorthEastWestSouth

North 3aPolar Belt & Russia NE; 3b Polar Belt (Mongolia) Russia 3c Polar Belt Nordica 3d Landlocked NW neighbors including SCO members

East 1a-greater bay HK*Cross-straits Taiwan 1b Korea*Japan; China 6a bering st alaska-canada-w.coast usa; 10a Mexico & Central am 10b panama , 6b texas, florida, caribbean 6c other us states 10c other latin america inclding Brazil BRICS

W 7a ws China-pakistan-Gulf suez-9a djibouti-ethiopia=egypt 9b kenya .. 9c more africa-eg s africa brics
8 to med sea 7b landlocked w asia4/5 Europe E/W eg China Express

South 1c AseanLandbridge*Asean Pacific 2a China-India-Brics S2b China-India-east-Bangladesh-Asean S2C China India-West (eg pakistan towards gulf)

vote for favorite interviews of world's top job creator -: 1
g20 student union ; curricula of 17 goals ; rough links 2 list

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reid hoffman #BR6

Great discussion with Allen Blue and @LinkedIn staff on the future of work and the potential of technology and data to create more opportunity for people everywhere.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


latest newss of bezos footnoted from unwomnens week spet 2018 and jim kim

first news of bezos back in the day there was the eprsonal computyer of 1984
the workdwiude web of early 1989 - intially in uk where i was you could onlhy affiord to play of you were in aacademia (cis of cost of local telphomes) so ecommerce seemed weiurd and wonderful viewing amazon's birth out of uk and then there were the great debates - at the time was bezos fair in trying to patent oneclick- since then bezos has imoacted everyine including whether jack ma and jerry yang caan save the webs livelihh=ood generation from silli valleys fake media and attempts to freduce the web to an appendix of ad age

so what the flip is maxkey and bezos up to and qill the 2000 cities who failed tio get hq2 do a mooc of what they elarned that stopped them from being an amazon linkedin city

it seems that maybe amzon is takikng over wholefoods to make real food in usa ever more expensive so that john mackey can give vack to some of his food projects overseas- all fine except as always its americas inner cities who get left out of all tghe big global development experts

Jim Kim 

President at The World Bank


Famine ffected over 20 million people in 2017 alone. With support from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services, we’re partnering with the United Nations and the International Committee of the

do i dig it
latest news of bezos above unwomens week sept 2018

to patent onFamine is an ongoing international crisis that affected over 20 million people in 2017 alone. With support from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services, we’re partnering with the United Nations and the International Committee of the

e click

gee bezos has influeneced everyine since then from jack ma and jerry yang may yet save tech from the silly valleys fakest to what the blip are he and john mackey upo to

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From Macs - to Under 30s Girls, Boys, Parents, Teachers, Public Servant Leaders, Tech Wizards...

As diaspora scots, i was one of 3 Macraes who had been lucky enough to do projects as journalists, innovation consultants, missionaries,  in over half the world's nations as of 2008- we had just been debriefed by Dr Yunus

diaspora scots believe if you get finance and education relevant to next generation then nothing is impossible provided you aim to love good peoples everywhere-
 we explore how 1000 times more mobile connectivity can be used by fintech and edutech wizards as the way to map sustainabilitybgoals communities linkedin around the world- and create the next 3 billion jobs under 30s need

billion jobs so that girls can thrive whichever community she is born into next
billion jobs as we go green- making all lour childrens family rrees renewable
billion jobs now that we have 1000 times more mobile connections with each other than in 1946- see un report on every kind of tech applied to digital cooperation

we learnt this from start of 1700s- half of scots savings disappeared in a banking scam- england colonied scotland as a cionsequence; soon
londons' quarterly accountants valued sheep (the king liked riast lamb) more than people- so half of us emigrated by 1843- thius was when scot james wilson satrted The Economist to try to sack mps who voted for the rich instead of the poor masses.. its wasnt just an ideolgy, a potato famine in ireland killed many people while englands trich cirn laws destroyed excess product rather than sell it too low- did you see burberry and other hi-fashion houses still destroy product rather than ...

Wasteful Or Eco-Friendly? Burberry Burns Its Own Clothes & Bags ... › Trending › WTF

HELP US REVALUE Small Medium Enterprsie Value Trading Routes

old and new world's Belt Road<//td>what girls-good fintech can dowhat girls edutech can dowhat tech4SME can do in other markets and sdg economic zones

3 days ago - Burberry Burns Its Own Clothes & Bags Worth millions

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why isnt action learning the great win-win currency of all time

Summer debate at -why isn't this the happiest time for word trade ever - mobilising action learning could have been the greatest win-win currency of all time - better than spices, silks, minaturisation of electronics with leap in civil engineering the 3 happiest markets evident in history's multi-win trading maps advancing the human lot - so why do we have 7 no trumps instead 

MOST EXCITING TIMES TO B E ALIVE -the future we sought in 1984

Changing education
There has been a sea-change in the traditional ages on man. Compared with 1974 our children in 2024 generally go out to paid work (especially computer programming work) much earlier, maybe starting at nine, maybe at twelve, and we do not exploit them. But young adults of twenty-three to forty-five stay at home to play much more than in 1974; it is quite usual today for one parent (probably now generally the father, although sometimes the mother) to stay at home during the period when young children are growing up. And today adults of forty-three to ninety-three go back to school - via computerised learning - much more than they did in 1974.
In most of the rich countries in 2024 children are not allowed to leave school until they pass their Preliminary Exam. About 5 per cent of American children passed their exam last year before their eight birthday, but the median age for passing it in 2024 is ten-and-a-half, and remedial education is generally needed if a child has not passed it by the age of fifteen.
A child who passes his Prelim can decide whether to tale a job at once, and take up the remainder of his twelve years of free schooling later; or he can pass on to secondary schooling forthwith, and start to study for his Higher Diploma.
The mode of learning for the under-twelves is nowadays generally computer-generated. The child sits at home or with a group of friends or (more rarely) in an actual, traditional school building. She or he will be in touch with a computer program that has discovered , during a preliminary assessment, her or his individual learning pattern. The computer will decide what next questions to ask or task to set after each response from each child.
A school teacher assessor, who may live half a world away, will generally have been hired, via the voucher system by the family for each individual child. A good assessor will probably have vouchers to monitor the progress of twenty-five individual children, although some parents prefer to employ groups of assessors - one following the child's progress in emotional balance, one in mathematics, one in civilized living, and so on - and these groups band together in telecommuting schools.
Many communities and districts also have on-the-spot 'uncles' and 'aunts'. They monitor childrens' educational performance by browsing through the TC and also run play groups where they meet and get to know the children personally...
Some of the parents who have temporarily opted out of employment to be a family educator also put up material on the TC s for other parents to consult. Sometimes the advice is given for free, sometimes as a business. It is a business for Joshua Ginsberg. He puts a parents advice newsletter on the TC , usually monthly. Over 300 million people subscribe to it, nowadays at a 5-cent fee per person, or less. Here's an entry from the current newsletter:
"Now that TCs are universal and can access libraries of books, 3-d video, computer programs, you name it, it is clear that the tasks of both the Educator and the Communicator are far more stimulating that ten years ago.
One of my recent lessons with my ten-year-old daughter Julie was in art appreciation. In the standard art appreciation course the TC shows replicas of famous artists' pictures, and a computer asks the pupil to match the artist to the picture. Julie said to the computer that it would be fun to see Constable's Haywain as Picasso might have drawn it. The computer obliged with its interpretation , and then ten more stylised haywains appeared together with the question 'who might have drawn these?'. I believe we are the first to have prompted the TC along this road, but it may now become a standard question when the computer recognises a child with similar learning patterns to Julie's.
history as we see it-  of course  an over-simplification
uop to 1500 national economies were correlated by size; also largely chose productive spaces to be

the overland silk road was a happy relay overland from west asia lebanon to china east coast belt; to the west of lebano every med sea facing nation joined in happy win-win trades; it seems to us that eg sliks and spices were light enough to be currenceis and ones that steadinly appreciated - there was always incraesing demand but in steady ways- largely speaking all overland heighbors had to joyfully get on with each other- the whole trading relay would have broken down if any 2 neighbors had turned hostile on each other

then something hapened - it was doscovered by north sea europeans that they cpuld sail round africa- it was a perilous journy - often crew were pressganged in - the last thing a boat could affird was not to get the goods it wanted- so boars were armed- the mercantile area became one of the biggest not only chose what to trade but then colonised- largely speaking the island nation of britain colonised much of the south ejurasia cosastal belt- over time it decimate economies on the india subcontuent and later when it offered china opium for silks and spices - the uk caused the withdrwal of the largest nation from world tgrade for over a centiry; meanwhile in what turned lout to be about the alst centiry of colonisaion up to wprld war 2 , the island ation of japan developed the bad habot of colinising from the east

what hapened after world war 2 is pretty extraodinary if you follow the logics- the uk gave back colonies but in deeply im[poversihed states a[part from a couple of island singaporae and later hong kong; the defeated japan rose agian with some new win-win curencies sespecially coneumetr ellectronics and great engineering notably supor-rails and contanierised ;ports

japsns enemies korea and the dispora chiense soon maximised these win-win trades- in other wprds fopr the first time in over 4 centturies win-win world grade had been innovated

at the same time america tjurned the electirnkics into the moon race - and thus the moores law of cdoubling connectivity technolgy was set to dounble for 7- years frpm 1946 to 2016 - thas a 1000 fold - but what was this rising currency to be used for

we had hoped from moon landing taht www would be designed as the smartest action elarning age- mobilising life crotocal solution apps not an extension of dumb (fake ews) adverstising- outr hopes have been dashed wherever the world of 7 no tru;ps reigns but isnt it just possible the whole wrld still wants tp celebrate youth as the action elarnking sustainability generation - in which case lets all make friends with thoise ;partts of etthe east that are dong - that china, and bangladesh being the 2 mlost imspiring cases of tech for sustainability em;powered by grls

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u1 ted leonsis


 to understand why ted leonsis (ref bold predictions) could just be the most valuable jobs creator our generation of americans will ever see you need to allow me a brief note on 20 years of studying nation branding- in 1989 pricewaterhouse coopers employed me as a brand  (intangibles valuation) consultant and their first question was what markets are under-branded- since i am a Cambridge MA in statistics who has collected large amounts of data on when is too much advertising used, preventing brands and markets to charter their purposeful realty,-ie their potential to serve humanity - i found the question tricky except that obviously nations  (as of 1989) are underbranded -

so i wrote some articles which were among the first to value nation branding- easiest best practice cases were superports like singapore or dubai- every service experience of singapore is world class as its location as was its pioneering of making airports super to pass through-every culture has room to breathe in singapore making it feel safe (though i am more than willing to believe its was one of the first city to video up so that nothing bad happens on the streets even if the very meaning of public privacy is changed)

 but a nation as a superport island by definition only needs to secure the future livelihoods of about 10 million people in a very compact area- how on earth does one apply lessons from singapore to a nation which is a continetal ,mass with 300 million people or even 1.5 billion people?

worldrecord jobs creators singapore - passed lee kuan yew; current mahbubani

(well we now know that you need to design for teachers of 5th grade otherwise you never map what future infarstructire your community most needs to thrive let alone to be connected with worldwide youth as the sustainability generation)

america's constitution could not be worse for mapping ipnfsrayriuctire with every state soloiesed from other states and no branding of w3hich cities lead what connections and how the whole maps-

well there is ted leonsis answer and there is xi jinpings answer and of course they are both correct because they both apply singapore's logic of the futiue is about service /knowledge networks -so make every human experience a thriving one both for customers and co-workers- and make sure all of your nations superplaces win-win with each other inside the nation as well as sin-win with thioe wio they exponentially want to grow trade with

q1 what does ted leonsis mean by a 25 million person superckity region?> - and why does dc-baltimore need to be one of the first 3 us supercity regions- with new york and la-san diego other leonsis picks?
a supercity is a large region in ;population terms eg 25 million - a compact region in terms of travel- eg less than hour from door to door; its a region where every family thrives, and education loutsdie the classrooms (eg apprenticeships) us celebrated- and as a whole the region creates win-win trades both with its nation and across to sister super cities- it advances humanity's greatest needs whiih currently are represented by at least some if not all of the 17 sustainability goals

dc-baltimore needs to do a lot of work to itself- eg why cant all the international development experts tahat sit in dc prove their knowhow works in eg baltimore- ted's gift to the social mashup needed is he will ask his sporting superstars which ones can give back to something poorest communities need start power to come and reimagine;

the firsy time i heard ted speak was in the 1776 hub - one of the very few western hubs to be growing and growing (from arlington and dc to brooklyn and dubai ...) - it tuins out that part of 1776's success is its benefit from the relations permissions of digital americans hall of fame like steve case flounder of aol , and here comes a ted leonsis story - there was a time when jeff bezos was starting out and in looking for a partner in capital he went to ted who was at that time ceo of aol- quite what they did together I dont know other than staying friends and presumably opening up each other personal networks to each other

will the ocome full circle - well watch this space to see if amazon hq2 cone to the DMV (the acronym for DC Maryland Virginia)

Does this mater?
well in 1994 jack ma first visited america on a translation project which took him to seatlle- he had never seen the www before - and so he spent the next 14 years proving to the chinese powers that be that china needed digital webs as much as they needed suercities and global villages- there is nowhere in the world that will ever remap a place in under 30 years with as much future win-win trade logic as china- which is how it should be for the world's largest population- anyone who has read adam smith advantages of nations will know that in 1776 he begged uk to design free trade win-win with usa -not to try to continue top colonise a place with so much more resources- adam failed and the uk went into exponential decline- of course it all depends on your belief in people- for 50 years i have been part of an alumni group who believes the 1000 times more tech connected world can multiply at least 10 times more wealth and health bi=ut only if this is shared so others can develop

good bless thise who believe in people enough to design supercities where everyone thrvives- as adm smkith said

related us world record jobs creatirs
u2 elon musk - rockstar with chinese media, he is given tough time by us business analysts- the thing is while he does research america needs most on green cars and supertrains, and batteries , and peaceful futures of space science- why should I care a damn about the financial press and all other fake news- nor should you if you want superplaces and thriving commmunities to blossom all acriss usa
u3 jeff bejos- - ofen i boo what other people admire about bejos and vice versa- back in scotland around 1995 we were trying to inspire the future of british marketing teachers and students to taje the the worldwideweb seriously and amazon at that time had to be theklead case - it was about the only dotcom of that era to work- but jack ma puts his finger on what upsets me about bejos- even he used ecommerce to support big entereprises not the the sme revolution in value chains that sustainability needs - so whats important is never ever to say that amazon and alibaba compete head for head because alibaba is on a belt road to everything smes can do with fintech , olympics-the way forrest gump would mediate it and much mire when you celebrate the greatest partnership i have ever heard of alibaba's ant finance's alipay and brac's bkash  - meanwhile yes for certain any region that could elect bezon on its superplace council; would be uniquely priviieged

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steve case revolution cintunuies BR^

Join this Fireside Chat on Entrepreneurship Across America

REGISTER (Sept 12, 5-6:30 PM, Low Memorial Library) | Steve Case is one of America’s best-known and most accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders, having negotiated one of the largest mergers in business history that created AOL Time Warner Inc. He served as Chairman of the global media and entertainment conglomerate and moved on to create Revolution, which has led more than $1 billion in startup investments.