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Health we continue to value alumni of Brilliant, Nightingale (doubly so given Ukraine situation) , the women who built a nation round last mile health care with Fazle Abed.,Abed's 21st C comrade spirit Jim Kim without whom the signature transformation of UN leader Guterres : UN2 that proacts engineering/entrepreneur/education/Servant leader smarts into any silo of old gov probably would not be with us
WorldClassDaos recommends we leap into better 2020s best place to start: HONG KONG as WorldClassEngineer laureate of 2022. While dad, norman macrae, coined term Entrepreneurial Revolution in The Economist 1969. Friends think there would be few problems in the world if every 1/1000 of humans were as energetic multi-win traders as Hong Kong, Hong Kong is leading 21st coming of age with unprecedented co-creativity geared to making sure web3 serves communities in ways no previous web 2, 1 or tele media (arguably only attenborough beat off vested interests to sustain 50 years of consistent tv storytelling access -moreover web3 has emerged out of a radical fintech foundation with concept of Satoshi 2008 intended to be a decentralised solution to serial abuse of communities by subprime banking
JOTTINGS: Nightingales deliver motion for UNGA77 .why love Stanford. (rules options) ::
top 2 alumni networks to cooperate with remain Fazle Abed & Von Neumann-; with urgent appearance of web3 as make or break sustainability generation we've spent time zooming up bop-eg Singapore Players, ..... more WRJ
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1/1/21 we have entered the most exciting decade to be alive- by 2030 we will likely know whether humans & tech wizards can save futureoflife- tech surveys indicate odds of accomplishing this greatest human mission would be lot less without spirit of a chinese american lady at stanford-...
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*six future histories before 2021 starts the decade of empowering youth to be the first sustainable generation.

problem 99% of what people value connecting or doing to each other
has changed (and accelerated in last three quarters of a century- while laws, culture and nature's diversity and health are rooted in real-world foundations that took mother earth 1945 years to build with -and that's only using the christian calendar

1995 started our most recent quater of a century with 2 people in Seattle determined to change distribution of consumers' markets - the ideas of how of bezos and jack ma on what this would involve were completely different except that they changed the purpose of being online from education knowledge to buying & selling things -
nb consuming up things is typically a zero-sum game or less if done unsustainable- whereas life-shaping knowhow multiplies value in use
from 1970 to 1995 knowhow needed to end subsistence poverty of over a billion asian villagers was networked person to person by women with no access to electricity grids- their number 1 wrjc involved partnerships linked by fazle abed - borlaug's crop science was one of the big 5 action learnings -its person to person application saved a billion people from starvation; the first 185 years of the machie age started up bl glasgow university's smith an watt in 1760 had brought humans to the 2 world wars; when people from nearly 200 nations founded the united nations at san francisco opera house 1945 chances of species survival looked poor- miraculous;y one mathematician changed that before he died 12 years later- john von neumann's legacy was both the moon race and twin artificial intel labs - one facing pacific ocean out of stanford; the other facing the atlantic out of mit boston .. who are top job creating economists by practice - health -refugee sports green hong kong..where are top tour guides around billionaire 1 2 around poverty,,, we the peoples ...

Friday, September 30, 2022


Over 70 years my family tree's networks, mindful friends and i have bene privileged to study over 100 entrepreneurialrevolution spaces generated by around 8 million people as well as about 7 supercities where 20 million peoples lives impact each other chances to breathe, spend time and data as well as account for monetary or other progress- nowhere has inspired me more than hong kong - while I am not sure there's anything hongkongers need to learn from my networks, for 8 decades now here's pretraining Vin Neuman's deepest media friends have trued to Q&A in case clues rise up from human as well as maths vision

www.economistdiary.com AI Votes for Top50 AIGood plus human's 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -www.economistlearning.com slide 1 looks at progress in maintaining top 50 of ai for good pops; the other 7 slides map interdecade wonders Neumann-Einstein-Turing-Kennedy friends asked world class media to empower teachers and kids to pretrain and generate; www.economistgreen.com 0 mapping wegas; www.entrepreneurialrevolution.city clarifying language of how many revolutions in corporation and gov integral to 21st C being; www.2025report.com pretraining digitals world web3,2,1 purposes and deadlines; www.economistwomen.com designing web so life critical coop chat rsises to top of every mind; www.economishealth.com cheering humanity a decade ahead of 3g on 6 last mile markets purposes; redesigning mulitlaterals - www.economistbank.com media youth needed totally different works space than how do elders mediate peace


update 4/10/23 lot of innovation momentum gping on in hing kong - see eg https://cointelegraph.com/news/hong-kong-turns-to-japan-for-advice-after-mind-boggling-web3-influx is there anywhere in the world with as many positive trading reasons to innovate fintech as hong king- I am reminded of why 5 years ago Washington dc was benchmarking regulation in lichenstein as wanting to attract the right sort of blockchain entrepreneyrs

If millennials are to celebrate a future on earth, i believe collaborating with people in hong kong who want sustainability is one of the 10 most urgent place connections you can make

some reasons follow, in addition to just wondering what the world would be like if every one thousandth of people had traded win-win energy that hk has all through my life time

today hk is effectrively the last jewel in the crown of commonwealth that a 20 something queen victoria decided she wanted to innovate instead of presiding over the past slavemaking empire- in fact standard charter is the bank she birthed  with my compatriot scot james wilson 165 years ago 

is it still possible to start a money flow for good- while nowhere that I can find is mapping how to invest the peoples' metaverse and decentralised opportunities like hong kong - of course if you think somewhere else emulates hong kong - would love to knw- i am co-host of adam smiths 265 moral sentiments summit glasgow june 2023 and uniting places empowering millennials to be the sustainability generation is our prefetred stage chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 


upd jan 2023 hk people have been benchmark of hi-trust entrepreneurship thru my lifetime- not sure that this ambassadorial update from Washington DC adds much - always interested in how can youth anywhere connect positive futures with HK people  chris Daos

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk, HK, Fall 2022: By my count, my first post-covid journey was about 100th time dad  Norman or I have flown from New York or London to Asia. After more than 2 years of covid lockdown,  I couldnt have had a more renewing time back on mother earth than Hong Kong. If only every 1/1000 of human beings could enjoy Hong Kong's entrepreneurail spirit.

 When I first heard people talk of metaverse, I almost dismissed it as blah which would have beene the biggest mistake of my life - then a Hong Kong psychologist spent a day coaching me and some new york friends. Absolutely recommend searching Hong Kong and metaverse and Dao 

Oddly enough Hong Kong's latest leap for humanity seems to have been stimulated by some amazing reactions to the UN launch of SDGs 2015. Over 25 years ago, I decided that greenwashing was the scariest thing in my professional world of media and mediation and system-purposeful leadership- so I have been looking at the 2015 sdgs launch in every way I could. If they become a greenwashers game, then heavenly only knows how nature will respond 

 for example I traveled to Vatican University twice in 2015 to understand whether Franciscans saw ways to empower millennials with the sdgs. But HK peoples did something far more interesting than send delegates to SDG events - they sent a humanoid Sophia and she became her world's first AI mediator of SDGs. But tech has moved on - now metaverse avatars can be online anywhere 24/7 whereas sophia needs even more suitcases to do worldwide performances than my whole family. So check out eg www.beingai.com if you want to see AI and UN sdg emowerment racing to support each other 

 For  17 declared goals to happen 

the amount of transformation required of  systems and partnerships with governnents and with us 8 billion human beings needs to be unlike any innovations experience humans have ever encountered. This ultimately comes back to a story my fathers started covering in 1951 when he was briefed by Von Neumann at princeton on questioning what goods will peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade - more on this at htttp://neumann.ning.com or my latest Cv-23cvmac.docx

 - meanwhile enjoy hong kong influencers of co-creating with the metaverse 

welcome to world record jobs (WRJ) networks most influenced by connecting with hong kong techforgood and edforgood components of Guterres UN2 and gov2.0 roadmapping aka economisthongkong.com 

update 12/2 animoca still bullish

-.in WRJ eHK is located in sept 2022 as that was date of my trip to hong kong- 61st trip to Asia (since 2008 women empowerment journalists and have also been to Bangladesh  16 times, china 8 times, Korea south 1, Tokyo 1 - more at economistasia.net

How did weblife develop from 1990. For some people games straddled the tv world of eg atari with the interactive worlld of web1 from 1990; mobilised wi fi'd smart deviced etc from around 2005 to 2020s verson - what makes web3 or metaverse different is blockchain now permits we the peoples to clarify what any community of us originated and wherther we intended open source agency - much of which is needed if life sustaining solutions are to be app'd in time for communities nearest the edge of exctinction be that due to nature's climate or man made folies such as Putin's wish to dictate the world Hong Konger Yat Siu joined forces with california's sandbox gemsters to map virtla lands the world over - see our twitter listing of his alumnisat, and our Game Leaders moment in worldwide human development - contrast eg with KC3

 My 2022 sept hk trip was first since covid. Through my life I observe that if every 1/1000 of humans mapped relationships with humanity as openly as hong kong's peoples, then millennials would not only be the first sustainability gen but the kindest, happiest , emotionally most intelligent, quite capable of designing tech to augment human intel- the challenge that the goals of maths (Neumann, einstein et al) set Economist journalists from 1951 - please survey the most valuable challenge in the world- what goods will humans do with 100 times more tech per decade?..

Instead of Star Trek's Beam me Up Scottie, 2020s life is determined by AI being beamed up & down
Therefore,we find it useful to multiply new tech AIforGOOD that introduces what is becoming unlimited computational power and two way data from every gps spot on the planet with what GLOBAL CONNECTIBITY started around ITU switzerland 1865 as tele-tech - ie world wide communications between peoples minds and well as worldwide maps of trade and transportation;sadly the first 80 years of tele led to G8 assymetries and 2 world wars- the ITU was rebron as Geneva's digotal twin to UN General Assembly hq NY 1945

 worldwide is meaningless without mapping local integration let alone what Eisteain aluni call  expoenetial risks of chaos maths on nature's deepest data interactions (eg covid);

 in effect, the ups and downs of which places celebrates middle class growth began rising with anyone linked to switzerland 1865 (see book by Berkeley's Delong) with people moving from rural lives to citizenry if they were lucky enough to have trains, electricity and telecommunications (initially telegram then telpehone telex radio tv ... digital)

hong kong is also a world excellence centre on the UN2 two changesteacher compass - learning for younger half of the world , and learning for elder half - see latest yidan summit update 9 dec 2022 ; as a member 0f 6000 teachers looksing for co-creating new world of lifelong learning and teaching , i find huge synergies between hong kong edfutures and those ed3dao new yorker vriti logs up 

Vriti Saraf 🌐 3.0
What could a #web3 interoperable #educational experience look like (before we reinvent #school systems)? Part 1/3 👛You purchase a course with a #university coin that you earned by tutoring a peer 😊#AI personalizes your course based

update 8 dec 2022 will be end year futures review of how new york nd HK can value metaverse desisgn and un2 sustainability of youth --- typical ED invites Jeanne - do you have time to zoom with john, me and possibly a few others on 8 Dec. we will probably convene twice at 10 and at 11 am est (or even 4 half hours) -do you have a fav time - the lady https://www.linkedin.com/in/samiraakhan/ who first helped me circulate dr yunus books at georgetown in 2008 when she ran student union clubs female acid victims is now microsoft ethics director 

- she said she can beam in from san francisco before work ie 10am est; it will be op to map whos who in silicon valley something I've not had much chance to do; however the main purpose of dec 8 zooms in addition to continuing updates is to see who wants to write a 2 pager before xmas on what to get good about metaverse- womens kindness cultures, mapping exactly what blockchain ownership is being restored to which community, understanding good (or UN2) use of (avatar AI) 5 sense interplays intel augmentation of human spirit/arts seems now more important than ever to clarify as ftx (west's deepest ever financial collapse? https://www.google.com/search?q=ftx+worse+enron 

for the 3rd time in 20 years has hurt grads american cooperations in sdgs - following subprime 2009, and enron/dotcoms meltdown combined with ever increase arms expenditure starting 21st C; ---by creative people briefly summarising goods to design in to meta-2023 we in eg NY can then test out which argument wins over which un crisis networkers; hope is informal xmas circulation of a few topline vision can become shared contents- last version of 2025 report which dad & started 1984 and blended with 70 years research of von neumann's question (app of 100 time more tech per decade) as well as adam smith scholars hosting 265th moral sentiments summit glasgow hune 2023 and of course wherever diaries of you and john and others can map us. .little bit of good news the biggest ed nft out of new york www.ed3dao.com is well connected with american sandbox interests of yat siu (making some slow progress - never really did games before so I am not best able to link this) - also I have made connection with person who represents real estate purchasing NY to west of john and says he may be able to tell us where eg google is investing in arts hubs- this sounds like an interesting ny map for 2023? https://www.rationaloptimist.com/blog/death-of-a-great-optimist/ https://pioneer.app/changeteacher/progress-updates/bf26ce5f/2022-11-20

Update HK 10/30/22 this gov document debates future of virtual assets- we suggest parents everywhere need to join in clarifying digital assets  whether you prefer to address your own nation's future or benchmark hong kong as a test case for web3 designing  all our youth's sustainability futures

Hong Kong -WorldClassEngineer 2022 benchmark Sustainability Generation's Top 10 cities (cooperation platforms required for empowering  PWY (Poor Women Youth) to value the world's most popular goal "end poverty traps" .

1 Metaverse culture- twin sister movement real-virtual womenskindness community/human development  including Asian Billion womens transformation of western aid - 30 cooperation partners of Tropical Village womens development economics Fazle Abed since 1970

2 Metaverse - UN goal 4 education hopeless unless it  inspires cooperation of tech health and trade mapping wizards. IN 2016 at UNGA alumni of Fazle Abed started up Digital Cooperation to connect education with Geneva's technologists (tel since 1965 at ITU), health (WHO), transformative world trade mapmakers UNCTAD. (see how web 2 era since 2005 was different wherever leaders truly partered with Fazle Abed, Jim Kim or Jack Ma(including Stanford's Yang and Goldman Sachs as Japan Softbank)

3 Metaverse landless - no need for purpose of sustainability entrpreneur to be distracted by real estate games let alone currencies owned by physical property developers trapping global village inclusion rights public goods trust safety

Hong Kong exemplifies how top 10 cities of youth as first sustainabilty generation need to design web3 now to end all the poverty traps (preventing productive human develoment) from 

Womens Kindness (integratl to how billion asian women chnaged aid 1970-2020)

Abed Luminaries with Yidan Educataion n Prize HongKong

Womens kindness BeingAi.com Jeanne Lim previously humanoid curation of UN withy places offering world class benchmarks in egov or any sdg Digital Cooperation- see Footnote 1- humanoid curation of sdcgs helped Gneva technologists health and educatirs connect everything with UN NY policymakers in the movement first born as Digital Cooperation 2016 where review at UN GeneralAssembly showed education SDG 4 hopeless with out cooperative tranformation through digital platfomrs 

 at pivotal time when SDG4 education review in 2016 audited as hopeleess without Digitalk Coopertaion - educators first connected UN poilicy makers with Geneva's ITU (tele-word since 1865, UN Tech twin since birth 1945) and health (Jim Kim led DC connecting as soon did Melinda Gates and Trade (Unctad  appointed 2016 G20 host Jack Ma to share his unique web2 sustainability partnerships in training yout across Africa and wherever countries wanted web2-sustainability youth entrepreneurs) 

Tsao leads Alibaba learning webs to verse (ie web3 from cloud web2)

with guest stars Mr Metaverse Yat Siu and HK Mr Property Adrian Cheng (New World Dev)

0:00 Introduction 6:24 The meaning of Metaverse 12:43 The project of Sandbox 15:17 The idea of owing a digital land 19:27 What is the ultimate purpose for owing a digital land 22:17 Can Sandbox increase more supply for virtual land 27:53 How is the behavior of a New Generation and trend will influence the Metaverse 34:15 The idea of decentralization and why that is more secure than a centralized system 38:50 How do we make blockchain more efficient from an ESG stand point 42:40 What kind of NFT art does Adrian apperciate

Yat Siu leads landless entrepreneurial revolutionaries -

Siu (aka Mr Metaverse) may be exploring freedom's East Asia's greatest development economics leap

...since The Economist Consider Japan in first decade review 1951-1961 of Neumann's what good will united peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade
BeingAI Jeanne Lim's 100 TnDollar question to the Un from launch of SDGs in 2015 and to you if you wish to celebrate existence of younger half of world WHAT CULTURE DO YOU WANT 2020S DECADE OF 100 TIMES MORE TECH TO BE TRANSFORMED AROUND Lim:
web 3 curation of womens
congrats to Thailand and Translucia for worldclassengineer award 2021

More innovations gravitated around Jeanne Lim's ZbeeKindness orbits:
HK Whub2022 ScaleUp Metaverse
kindness from UN2 egov to all 9 transformation pieces which emerged when abed education revolutionaries leuncded digital cooperation BEINGAI AT TRANSLUCIA DEC 2021 AT Singapore Oct 2022 AT MIT & Forbes Summer 2022 AT WSIS/ITU with Canada SteveI Spring 2022 At AustiN's SW Via Flatiron's leading media (sound recording) studio since 1970 AT Places leading Ecoturism -eg Majorca, Miami -sophia was there to curate UNCTAD & ITU & EDworld's first goodtech partners; today sophia' anime twin offers curation anybplace that wants to be visited or meta-visited to speed/scale youths sdg solution
Abed Lumniaries at Hong Kong's Yidan Prize- Abed's last headhunting - 4 year leadership of Brac University by former ed leader of shenzen hk uni system vincent changHK's property philanthropists - see li ka shing university partnerships - hk univesities lead block chain rating; Ckgsb leads alumni who want to connect hK beijing NY London....
x If you decide UN goal 1 celebrating end of kids born into poverty is for you then you will probaly need to compare 4 maps from history of who designed world trade for whom (that's what Von Neumann asked economists to integrate in 1951 as foundation to mediting good will peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade

4 MAPS Since Tele and electricity world began Switzerland 1865 (fortunately this longest action learnin curve was interated into birth of Un in 1945 )

 caused by 4 previous media&money worlds web2 (mobilised) web1 (PC'd) ; web0 west before 1990 mass tele, web00 (no electricity and no tele- most oif asia before 1990) as well as how colonial era power games chose which few men owned land and who extract nature

 Welcome to EconomistHongKong.com and 30 sister Co-blog Economists eg Health Food Women Arts Youth University Asia Japan  America Europe Green and Teach 1 2 3 Spaces and one MOOC mapping the 6 decades by 5 Purpose- gravitated future cooperation platforms we (all our communities) need to make 2020s the most pursposeful celebration of human race (Sustainability Renewed). HG Wells: civilsation is a race between education & catastrophe


Weblog & Dao Wechat 10/2/2022

Hi In Hong Kong this week chatting to people future-nows they want to cooperatively accelerate in the metaverse or through community entrepreneur solutions eg www.worldclassdaos.com . This will be celebrated in last edition of 2025 report dad at the economist first futurised in 1984 as we also wrote von neumann's biography: celebrating his journalism scoop what good would peoples interact with 100 times more tech per decade?. His family would like to see AI Hall of Fame. Any suggestions of whom I could wechat with or meet. & Would you be interested in zoom debrief middle  October. Best Chris +1 240 316 8157 I will also invite people to co-edit economisthongkong.com one of 20 sister blogs of EconomistDiary.com on futures 8 billion brains (half under 30) and the ArtI eg BeingAi.com need to design now around eg Guterres UN2 Tech Envoy and www.sdgmetaverseprize.org first year round youth competition streaming 17 different cooperation movements and purposeful stories.

Peoples indomitable spirit

EconomistDiary.com Peoples Log 2 oct 2022

EconomistHongKong.com World Class Citizen Entrepreneurship. Wanted to chat to HK people on 40th year of research Asia. En route positive surprises; Air China's Kind Staff, Taiwan Transfer Efficiency second to none.

40 tears ago my luckiest break in my working life was to start 60 trips to Asia (from US and Euro) doing reserach for Unilever creating their first national brand in Indonesia. 

When I was asked to design survey on potential of Maya Sutra then new brand of Unilever in Asia, I didnt know that it would start my good furtune chatting to Asian peoples particularly about their development in a region whose world trade maps had in Colonial Days been designed to compound London Capitalism by extracting from peoples of every Asian coastline. Elsewhere eg Econo,istAsia.net go into herstory of how warboats and the engines controlled almost every Asian's working lives and families' human development. We should note that regarding Indonesia, having one of 2 pre-eminent Royal Dutch companies as a client opened up pamdora box of historical zigs and Zags. Could you imagine that the perceived value of nutmeg was so great to the colonia dutch that they swapped owning new york for Britannia keeping out of designing how to control Indonesia. Timing was of cousre everything in how maps of human develelopment ahppened. IF Americans had not thrown Britain out in 1776's Independence, doubling and redoubling of Colonising Asia and shutting down world trade of those on Chian mainland for over 100 yeras would not have happened. Of course all this is well known to those who study wht happened when founder of Economist Jmaes Wislo was too successfl in debating commonwealth as a happier mapping system with queen victoria. She said to him go start Charter bank by and for the quarter of humans 1860 of India subcontinemt; he did only to die month 9 of his attemptred entrepreneurial revolution of diarrhea in Calcutta. More on all that at EconomistDiary and TeachforSdgs including all may da'ds surveys of Asia Rising since 1962. A great personal joy to him as his first job as a teenager was navigator allied bomber command stationed out of Burma


At a people level citoze small entrepreneurship is alive and well on every street conrener of the metroplis of Hong Kong, and as far as I can see sets the benchmark for every other Chinese city where the people keep developing their children as if taht's life's main prpose and at that level government services support every day life like no other space. The Chinese Diapora mindset at least in the 40 years I have had the chnace to observe it is driven by materna conscience, kindness at local level no matter what. Back in 1982, Indonesia had been fascinating as Maya Sutra was about energising the hopes of the poorest muslim mothers even as what was becomingg the supercity of Jakarta depended on Chiense world trade drive

Anyway back to ocrober 2022. My first surprise routing from Dc via snafrancisco and taiwan to HK was the staff of air china were kinder thatn even Singapore airlines at its peak (see my 1995 case study retrospective on that co-produced with BBC - branding the market advantage). I had expected ttranist through Taiwan might had posed covid and other bureaucratic difficulties. Instead it was the smoothest transfer I havever experienced (and I have been through hundres0. Moreover there was an army of women mostly 50plus keeping every nook and cranny of the airport clean. So Tiaawan is acting as superhub for Air China, and when you land in the centre of hong kong city the hustle and busltle of smes working around every days trails to serve the people is specyacular. And so are the bck up egov services in hong kong for minimising the future of covid. What an endl;ess surprise Asia is ; and have any 1/000 of humans done more in progress win-win trading and family development than hong kong. Lets see what day 2 is to bring - so far the local launderette prefers butcoin, there is an aliba minimart which I rather suspect ios an Indian Hong Kong entrepreneurs knowpckoff as he liked the story of Ali baba - old and new. No bother to read this if stories of human spirit are not your cup of tean...

Thank you hong kong and tak you transporation peoples of Chian and Taiwab

 ED: related notes www.beeings.app  www.wanchaidaos.com

after The Economist's first 10 years of von neumann survey 1951-1961 - what goods will peoples (privileged to be first ) unite with 100 times more tech per decade; decade1961-1971 was strange one - teens grew up full of hope - if moon race was possible soon no mission impossible but with assdassinations of kennedies and black americans and cia turning southern border into drugs alley, americans fell victome to exponentially increasing hatred media ; on the asian coast a small spak was lit when a regional ceo of royal durch sheel decided to commit the rest of his 50 years on earth to supporting development of 1billiongirls.com - out of the newly born nation bangladesh thank you Abed Bhai for plating the 30 most exciting cooperations in next generation development as first sustainability generation

Asia Rising was one of 5 corridors (2 princeton north and south; one west coast stanfiord valley; one swiss corridor itu - since 1865 where goats of 20th C maths had grown up before fleeing to princeton late 1920s on); einstein whilst in switzerland started intel cooperation network; and league of nations campus was born with itu tech at its spiecentre; in 1945 itu was reborn as digital twin of UN - Geneva mapped tech health and world trade while UN HQ NY got on with mediating top down govs

Asia Rising corridor started in japan quickly linked in korea south and taiwan then the 2 cross seas to asia pacific Hing Kong and Sinagpore - from 1962 the .1% of peoples in hong kong have played huge role in whetrher ssutaimnability of our spevcies remains on teh cards - thanks!

Thursday, September 29, 2022

 Thank you Mitchell - i am interested in debating lessons from hong kong that any 8 million people (approx 1/1000 co-identified human network) can gain from now. 2 questions: is there anyone you suggest I should try to see while I am in hong kong. when back in washington dc could we arrange a zoom with some of our common connections. Being a diaspora scot I really dont understand 2 party politics anywhere and want to get back to uniting younger half around solutions to prevent them being the first extinction generation. Obviously this needs more polite mediation/framing depending on audience . If I am just a 71 year old stalking horse I hope others will pick up constructive ways forward (for 21 years now I have loved the idea of new universsities graviaiated by billion asian rural  womens goal1-6 human development that share their sdg alumni rather than branding them as separate elites) especially as web 3 takes over in the next few years (concluding the 40 year future dad at the economist and i first shared in 1984's 2025 report). That is why currently within my known world of human connections with designing DAOs I value www.beingai.com  and am tracking many crossroads NY's www.ed3dao.com is at as well as searching youtube for humanistic metaverse festivals- Beingai.com led by jeanne lim exoerience is 3 fold out of hong kong, out of berkeley, out of UN - and is woman kindness led. I would like it to be a benchmark NFT or Dao www.worldclassdaos.com but want to establish a premier league of daos so that people have a choice as to where dao helps them value un digital cooperation even if the Un is currently allowed to talk about celebrating www.sdgmetaverseprize.org and egov but not allowed to talk about crypto or Daos. Whats your most urgent action the world needs to cooperatively map- whether it aligns or varies from my brain's limited understanding of whats last chnaces are at stake for humanity?



update 12/9/22 from 

Follow our discussion online

Join our livestream and submit your questions for our panelists as it happens.

9:00–9:05am – Welcome 
  • Dr Charles CHEN Yidan, Founder, Yidan Prize
9:05–9:15am – Opening keynote: Rethinking the future of professional development for teachers in Asia-Pacific 
  • Jeffrey Jian Xu, Senior Education Specialist (Education Technology), Asian Development Bank
9:15–10:15am – Reshaping teacher preparation in light of the pandemic 
  • Moderator: Dr Maria Hyler, Director, Learning Policy Institute (Washington, DC Office); Director, EdPrepLab
  • Dr Linda Darling-Hammond, 2022 Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate; President and CEO, Learning Policy Institute; Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education Emeritus, Stanford University
  • Professor A. Lin Goodwin, Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education, Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Boston College
  • Professor LOW Ee Ling, Dean, Academic & Faculty Affairs, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
  • Professor Mistilina Sato, Head, School of Teacher Education, University of Canterbury
10:15–10:35am – Break
10:35–11:35am – Thinking like scientists: transforming STEM teaching and learning 
  • Moderator: Dr Christopher Thomas, Director of Partnerships, Yidan Prize Foundation
  • Professor Carl Wieman, 2020 Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate; Founder, PhET Interactive Simulations; Professor of Physics & Graduate School of Education, Stanford University
  • Setegn Ayalew Bogale, PhET Fellow; Lecturer, Ambo University
  • Zachariah Mbasu, Africa PhET Ambassador
  • Joseph Nsengimana, Director, Mastercard Foundation’s African Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Dr Kathy Perkins, Director, PhET Interactive Simulations; Professor, Department of Physics, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Lemi Lechisa Sirnessa, MSc Candidate in Statistical Physics, Ambo University
  • Dr Jee-Peng Tan, Senior Consultant, World Bank’s Education Global Practice
11:35am–12pm – Breakout session: Experiencing PhET Interactive Simulations
12:00–1:00pm – Lunch
1:00–2:00pm – What it means to be a teacher: identity, motivation, and skills 
  • Moderator: Professor Kai-ming Cheng, Convenor, Advisory Committee, Yidan Prize; Emeritus Professor, University of Hong Kong
  • Professor Yongxin Zhu, 2022 Yidan Prize for Education Development Laureate; Founder, New Education Initiative; Professor, School of Education, Soochow University
  • Dr Xiaodong Hao, Executive Director, NEI Online Teacher Learning Center
  • Professor John Chi-kin Lee, Chair Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Huifen Zhuang, General Principal, Xinghe Experimental Primary School Group, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province
2:00–2:15pm – Break
2:15–3:15pm – A collaborative future: partnerships driving change in the classroom 
  • Moderator: Dr Tong Choi Wai, Education Committee Member, Bei Shan Tang Foundation; Director, The D. H. Chen Foundation Institute of Education Excellence; Former Director, Quality School Improvement Project, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Lillian Kiang, Chief Executive Officer, Bei Shan Tang Foundation
  • Peter Poon, Chief Program Officer, The D. H. Chen Foundation
  • To Yue Man, Stephanie, Head of English and Religious Studies Department, HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School; Positive Education Fellow, Bei Shan Tang Foundation
  • Brian Wong Hok Shing, Vice-Principal, Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School
3:15–3:30pm – Closing keynote 
  • Dr Choi Yuk-lin, JP, Secretary for Education, Hong Kong SAR

Sunday, September 25, 2022

NG charles stories, & Imagine if every 1/1000 of humans' world was as smart at digital cooperation as hong kong

quuenofhearts.city wishes king charles as much entreprenurial plays as the price who wrote the forward to bankerfor the poor and chaired green movements (ashden bbc royal geo society) - it seems that charles is one of the most hopeful names in  English Language - eg HK 

In HK oct 3 to 7- can i meet someone in your team?- my overall hero fazle abed- 16 trips to bangladesh- was registered for your 2019 prize giving but it got doubly cancelled (riots, his illness); my father met von neumann 1951 (was given journalism scoop what good would peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade) and at the economist argued that edtech would determine sustainability of all of us; from 1962 www.teachforsdgs.com he argued asians starting with japan understood this future cooperation best; what I most want to discuss is if abed was alive now how would his partners help guterres https://www.un.org/techenvoy/ un2 digital roadmapping and 2023' summit future - this began in 2016 when friends of abed eg then jim kim and jack ma concluded sdg4 education impossible unless ed and tech and health connected with each other- I am also interested in where education can be the first to apply decentralised finance - I know 2 us education daos quite well www.ed3dao.com and https://www.dreamdao.xyz/ -and i believe hong kong has best nft cooperations of all though welcome being shown where else particularly as egov, as UN now sees it, also opens up massive community centric action learning- if my dad neumanns and fazle abed work www.abedmooc.com current then we need community sdg grounded educators to be in middle of web3 metaverse etc in ways that got left out of web 2. web 1 and mass tv age chris macrae washington dc region & glasgow

dont miss these hk edu events

yidan with stanford accelerate learning sept 28

yidan announces sept 29 additional laureates for next 12 months

(also for fans of luminaries lots of new news at www.fazleabed.com )

The 77th UNGA caused me to look through every one of my 1000 linkedin contacts, and my first 70 lunchclub connections (a space I only found late december 2021 (wish i had been there at start of pandemic- its culture is unlike any other american startup - but then I have never really had time of budget to search silicon valley so maybe its the next best thing being one of the hidden gifts of alumni of andrew ng and aifund)

I have just been on my first 3 day trip to ny since the pandemic. My most amazing surprise was 3 hours at Mongolia Mission -


 so happy they are leaping up the UN's charts in both egov and with real green community surveys of what to do next. I wish we could elect Mongolia Pax for the 2020s instead of Putin wakamole. My dad was being home schooled in British Ebassy in Stalin's Moscow when he tirned 13 in 1936 and got prepped to be navigator world war 2 allied bomber comand burma campaign - freeing the russian people from tyranny has as far as I know been the exchange all the rest of us have most failed for 86 years now-

TEACHFORSDGS.com  EconomistDiary.com but then I come from 5 generations of borderless diaspora scots (mathematically wherever masters of adminstration erect borders (extrenalising out risk onto others) seems to me to compound extinction scenarios assuming one value nature's evolutionary game). I have been saying since 1999 that extinguishing the human race would be the biggest maths error of all time (and indeed far more relevant people than me eg ex cbi leader john banham at survive internal auditor summit 2000- but it seems some global professional numerical monopolies retain power by making sure nobody at top of world's biggesr organisations does exponential maths transparently. A peculiar outcome of the gift of von neumann and his peers the greatest maths network ever

 NY TALES and my new economics hobby WorldClassDaos: However beyond the UN where as a Scot I have no direct representation, I go down to flatiron and have extraordinary debates on web3- is it coming can we help youth to action the opposite of what went wrong in web2 web1 and mass media. This brings me back to Hong Kong - for two reasons. First the entrepreneurial revolution density through my life time has been as high in hong kong as anywhere; second while you might think from us tv coverage the people of hong kong are currently in the middle of a lot of conflicts - it turns out they are doing more with von neumanns question of what to do with the next decades leap of 100 times more tech tahn just about any 1/1000 of the world's people I can search. Do you know a 1/1000 that emulates HK? 

When I looked through my network contacts no country's alumni currently excite me more than hong kong

I made a huge mistake I was due to visit hong kong in nov 2019 but the summit i was going to celebrate educators at www.yidanprize.org was cancelled at last moment because of the riots' i wish I had gone anyway

Finally after covid on her first worldwide tour I was privileged to spend a day with jeanne lim - of www.beingai.com of hk and berkeley previously the lady who marketed sophia as un envoy for robots previously apple and dell south east asia market director- wow she's launching an nft womens kindness soon - imagine ig her avatar clones and trains anyone valuing asian womens patience in mediating - I believe we need her scaling the metaverse and I am on the hunt for top 10 people who can make the metaverse the educationally smartest space- there are at least 4 contenders out of hong kong

then there is la and the itu's new year round youth competition www.sdgmetaverseprize.org and much more - if you see the metaverse as the way to help younger half of the world reunite 8 billion beings sustainability please chat with me I am at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk currently resident in washington dc though my soul is in glasgow (we're preparing 265 adam smith moral sentiments pow-wow june 2023 to be called microeducationsummit.com and accompanied by 2 journals new economics and social business- looking for sponsor of metaverse special issue of new economics- anyone?

 or hong kong or bangladesh where I went 16 times ton listen to my favorite teacher of all time sir fazle abed - see his 30 top womens cooperation cases at www.abedmooc.com

sil valley and HK and will younger half of the world own web3 purpose?

 -related link https://datawithpurpose.org

hello sil valley friends

I'l be in hong kong oct 3 to 7 -any friends there?

it was due to be my last intl travel nov 2019 but then riots and fazle abed's death cancelled the summit i was booked into

I am over there as jeanne Home - beingAI  launches largest asian womens consciousness dao and has also figured out eg how to unite 100 hotels per resort destination in curating sdg tourism- she had hoped to curate cooperation across UN which she had started with the robot sophia (but why lug 7 cases around the world to erect a robot when anime web3 can curate the same urgent actions)

I welcome nominations to WorldClassDaos.com

Also on thursday 9/29/22 stanford and hk yidan prize do their first day long zoom Yidan Prize Conference Series: Energizing the Potential of All Learners – Yidan Prize Foundation -hong kong hubbed yidans main partnership director is stanford's entrepeneur in residence for health -sounds cool to me

also though I understand its complex what got the UN into digital roadmapping un2 https://www.un.org/techenvoy/ was jim iim and jack ma in 2016 so I will see if there's anything left of ma in hong kong (otherwise of course stanford's jerry yang was always ma's main guide )

then the most exciting metaverse connectors of hong kong are building virtual land sandboxes just in case the real hong kong gets messed up- I dont know about you but as a diaspora scot I only wish there had been more entrepereneurial micropopulation like the 1/1000 of people in hong kong through my lifetime-

do you have opinions on bored apes- thanks to world number 1 dao for school teachers Ed3 Unconference | Ed3DAO

I have found that some apes are trying to redesign the celebrity value chains so youth get more of what they create and to twin entertainment with real heroines; i believe guterres also wants to do that but  cryptoworld is not a subject the un can lead youthexploration - which makes it all the better news that storytelling of SDG Metaverse Prize - is sponsored by UN and xprize 

and has become the digital UN roadmapping  number 1 schools contribution of 2022-23

thats how I see cooperation opportunities which I will also try narrate at http://www.kc3.dev   hope to hear of cooperations your valley sees as mots joyfully urgent - not sure yet what jumped up from UNGA77 -had wonderful morning at embassy of mongolia learning how they are leapfroging egov league but other stuff seemed to zig & zag

best chris whatsapp + 1 240 316 8157 -browse much more HK impacts on world record jobs
browse much more of hk's impacts on world record jobs
related research examples:
hello dad norman macrae from the Economist & I wrote 1984's 2025report.com;  updating final edition - would you be interested in contributing chapter-  seconded for year NY 1951 dad met non neumann; ... scoop what goods people do with 100 times more tech/decade- related projects AI Hall Fame MS VN

teachforun.com - we hypothesis the main good  by 2020 - every child identified with skills dashboard and curating personal cooperation assistant we had hoped UN and all cooperating round millennials as first sustainability generation