. 2022-3 welcomes you to 15th annual players cards of world record jobs - how to play games version of WRJ
Health we continue to value alumni of Brilliant, Nightingale (doubly so given Ukraine situation) , the women who built a nation round last mile health care with Fazle Abed.,Abed's 21st C comrade spirit Jim Kim without whom the signature transformation of UN leader Guterres : UN2 that proacts engineering/entrepreneur/education/Servant leader smarts into any silo of old gov probably would not be with us
WorldClassDaos recommends we leap into better 2020s best place to start: HONG KONG as WorldClassEngineer laureate of 2022. While dad, norman macrae, coined term Entrepreneurial Revolution in The Economist 1969. Friends think there would be few problems in the world if every 1/1000 of humans were as energetic multi-win traders as Hong Kong, Hong Kong is leading 21st coming of age with unprecedented co-creativity geared to making sure web3 serves communities in ways no previous web 2, 1 or tele media (arguably only attenborough beat off vested interests to sustain 50 years of consistent tv storytelling access -moreover web3 has emerged out of a radical fintech foundation with concept of Satoshi 2008 intended to be a decentralised solution to serial abuse of communities by subprime banking
JOTTINGS: Nightingales deliver motion for UNGA77 .why love Stanford. (rules options) ::
top 2 alumni networks to cooperate with remain Fazle Abed & Von Neumann-; with urgent appearance of web3 as make or break sustainability generation we've spent time zooming up bop-eg Singapore Players, ..... more WRJ
Upd Fall 2023 - Worlds AI see change everyone's futures; Musk headline on need for 3rd party referee is transnational ai summit's deepest intelligent momentupd valentines 2023 ...Join us at twitterversal.com and TAO: Twitter Autonomy Opsworldclassdaosgreenbigbang invites you to have a sneak at our new picks for 2023 if you are comfy with messy searchesSDGs rising by valuing women's productivity emulating mens
Coming soon Tao.dance- dance then wherever you may be for I am the oak tree of nature's dance said (s)he
If you are going to help save 2020s world from extinction (let alone putin!) the top 50 people you'll need to learn and action with will be a deeply personal combo- GAMES OF WRJ #1 edit 50 playing cards from WRJ -ask a friend to do likewise- see how many common choices you made -then choose one to keep your friend had not chosen and voce versa - by all means add in your own selections- keep updating your 50 cards aide memoire.. bon courage - who need to be at WRJ? rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk..*
9/8/18 paul oyer: fei-fei li : lei zhang - WE WELCOME q&a THE MORE MATHEMATUCAL OR HUMAN THE BETTER chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk MA stats cambridge 1973

2016 bangladesh schools go edigital nationwide :: brookings video :: Bangla video :: brac how's that
1/1/21 we have entered the most exciting decade to be alive- by 2030 we will likely know whether humans & tech wizards can save futureoflife- tech surveys indicate odds of accomplishing this greatest human mission would be lot less without spirit of a chinese american lady at stanford-...
bonus challenge for those on road to glasgow cop2 nov2021: future 8 billion peoples want to value from 2021 rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

GAMES of world record jobs involve
*pack of cards: world record jobs creators eg fei-fe li ; fazle abed ...
*six future histories before 2021 starts the decade of empowering youth to be the first sustainable generation.

problem 99% of what people value connecting or doing to each other
has changed (and accelerated in last three quarters of a century- while laws, culture and nature's diversity and health are rooted in real-world foundations that took mother earth 1945 years to build with -and that's only using the christian calendar

1995 started our most recent quater of a century with 2 people in Seattle determined to change distribution of consumers' markets - the ideas of how of bezos and jack ma on what this would involve were completely different except that they changed the purpose of being online from education knowledge to buying & selling things -
nb consuming up things is typically a zero-sum game or less if done unsustainable- whereas life-shaping knowhow multiplies value in use
from 1970 to 1995 knowhow needed to end subsistence poverty of over a billion asian villagers was networked person to person by women with no access to electricity grids- their number 1 wrjc involved partnerships linked by fazle abed - borlaug's crop science was one of the big 5 action learnings -its person to person application saved a billion people from starvation; the first 185 years of the machie age started up bl glasgow university's smith an watt in 1760 had brought humans to the 2 world wars; when people from nearly 200 nations founded the united nations at san francisco opera house 1945 chances of species survival looked poor- miraculous;y one mathematician changed that before he died 12 years later- john von neumann's legacy was both the moon race and twin artificial intel labs - one facing pacific ocean out of stanford; the other facing the atlantic out of mit boston .. who are top job creating economists by practice - health -refugee sports green hong kong..where are top tour guides around billionaire 1 2 around poverty,,, we the peoples ...

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

 We are pivoting a bit - as you can see: most of worldclassjobs is a search for people we linkin & luchclub & chat supporting the  belief that millennials gain from connecting alumni knowhow. Each year since 2008 our games have issued a pack of 52 players cards - start with these alumni networks; edit outh those not relevant to milennials around you; tell us who to swap in.

; but now we areconnecting the resource adding http://innovations.ning.som - so much in digital cooperation world is depending on platforms lilke world class daos where the chance to get web3 optimal for youth to be the first sustaimability generation depends on mediating by and for the people that no one person can achieve withour viralising hope - see www.sdgmetaverseprize.com for the first yera round youth competitions- started uo by a combination of geneva's tech wiazrds of the U  who have designed the core of Guterres dash to UN2 digital roadmapping and what is in effect the 20th xprize co,petition - but this one insead of one winner makes 17 sdg networks cooperative youth the winners

needles to say this is hugely explorative- if you are looking for world class civl society cooperations in sustainability we have 2 first pieces of advise - have a look at the favorite coopetaion networks over the last 50 years assembled by a billion asian women -it took us 19 trips to bangladesh and over 50 summit debriefings by yunus and fazle abed to get to where abedmooc and girlsworldbank is currently; but of course we are here to addin your dibs on who else to be a cooperation alumno of as 2020s becomes human's moste xciting decade - can we escape extinction - it will take goodwill of every transparent citizen newtork under the sun a,d humanising AI (what von neumann advised economist jouranlsits as main economics scoop - what good will peopels do wityh 100 times more tech per decade; as tho9se who have folowed my fathers works republished at Teachforsdgs.com from his main economist surveys you will see 3 subgeneres

voisiting a peopels - what help do they need next to break free in their local huamn development and to win-win with unitimng our species gtreatest races

what future systems need to be a leapfrog above anything previously constituted or legistaled - to uderstand this question read the last chapter of keynes 1935 generalk theory of employ,emnt interst and money; then start applying it to the comkpound consequences of nixons america- whetre heatred of youth go9t designed into process used inside the beltay and paper printing exited from gold stanrd made the dolar no longer the firend of main streets silon majority; see dad's 1976 start of the era of entrepreneurial revolution

by 1984 it was clear that mainly 3 new media would takeover from the monoply of global tv adverstining - web1, web2, web3 - unlike our surveys since 1984 of how to make web1,2 deep data mors heumanly real that global pr agencies, web 3 really must celebrate total transformation of education - back in 1984 we deated why the greatest good of edtech needed to be a person skills dashoboiard id of every developing child linked into an increasing smart persona adbvisor/curator of what to study or go job expereince next. So far te failure of the words richest societoes to value e-youth has brough us tpo 2020s final last chnaces

lets get back ton enetrepreneurial revolution as gesigned by guterres Un2.0 - egpv can be the public servant opposite to to waht big gov1 but woll it be for youth in plaecs near you? and whats your role in making local ssytainability coopertaion realty?

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lee kuan yew 20 justifications singapore number 1 place brand

 J2 did any nation's leader do a better job on water than singapore's lee kuan yew - anywhere with a water crisis might gain from massive open online cooperating with singapore educators

how well do the 20 simplest justifications for singapore being a benchmark natioon brand stack up aginast UN/Guterres framewok for UN2 -digital transformation of the Un and indeed any place gov partner of teh sustainability goals

J1 educators not economists come first in growing singapore's people from unproductive by western standrads at birth of nation to world most productive (median top wealth creators) ....

20 reasons for looking at singpoare as number 1 place brand (i may have coined term place brand in an article 1988; I was writing a book aiming to end the ad agency dominant paradigm; in my view people like trout and ries did immense harm arguing brand is positioning preception (reality of purpose being incidental to them); a battle for people's minds; needing a different brand for every product; my book written 1989 world class brands wanted us humns to question media before the ages of web 1,2 ,3; what had we got wrong with the tv brand that also led what global meant up to 1989; a year later I was price water house copper's (as it became) only brand consultant- mots of the brands I wanted to value corporately I was blocked from working on because intangibles accounting requires a different output (strocastic expoentials opportunity and threat of unique purpose validation) than a bottom line number; but for a while my unit was alowed to make place brand proposals as lomg as they were far away places like new zealand and nothing to do with the g8 which in my family's view punblished in the economist were the root cause of world war 2 and not evidently ready to make the start of teh 21st C happiier/safer than the start of the 20th C

5 years earlier dad and I had written a 40 yera future hostory- was there a way out of orwell's end game? we timelined sustainability goals before the UN identofied thos t6hough we called them cooperation goals (to be honest there were parts of my fathers writings I did not understand- what I knew how to frame was this para from the past economist science editor's review of our book  

I have done quite a lot of research on the European Union that I am not alowed to talk abouit because of client confidentiality; but between 2002 and 2005 I volunteered to sub-edit emp=otional intelligence (as well as contribute to inetllectual capiatl dialogues) on the European Union's knowedgeboard; I had wanted to mediat trust which as explained in The Economist's year of the brand 1988 is my proxy for real brand valuation but the broader trem EI (all win-win) human energies was available; this led me to 2 meetings in brussels as well as 3 more luxembourg, berlin and norway that I can talk about 

as a direct result of the system conflits apparemnt in these 5 EU meetings I deceided to launch morman macrae foundation -at one level it simply interprests thye 150 years 1943-1993 when growing a weekly newspaper out of London with Scottish Adam Smith DNA was viable- the two things I hadnt wholly undestood until the last few yeras of my dads life: he had been asked by von neumann in 1951 to train economic journalits oin asking the worlds most valua multipying question- what goods will people do with 100 times more tech every decade; and that when at age of 39 dad was alowed to sign one annual survey his first 10 surveys could have been called early place branding research; actually I read them as debates on the future of peoples that he most was most cocerned about becomin free as entrepeneurs of good:

first survbey 1962 - his war time enemy japan - dad had spent last days as teenage navigatir allied bomber command- this was the happest economic survey of the era it clarified how japan and the whole east coast of asia could develop asia rising modesl around supoervailages and suopercities; JFKennedy is known to have seconded the validity oif this survey withi a week of publication; i always wonder if brand USA could have led the end of wargaming if kenneduy had not been assasinated; please note ending hitler was I believe a necessary war; I am told by the people of south korea thay are eternally grateful to us for the role ir played in the korean war; from then on it looks to me as if many of the wars supported by westerners forgot the lesson of world war 1; it may be easy to win a war but unless you take respojsibility for epaceful productivity of the peoples on the lands you have wared on its likely that terrorsist neworks will be endless

1963 people of USSR my father always ranked russia as the biggest place crsisis that needed resolving if humans everywhere could look forward to enjoying all that mother nature has to offer; as 1 a13 yera he had been homeschooled at britis=h embassy moscow- stalin was every bit as mad-bad for human race as hiller; 

1964 latin america,,,

dad had also been the only journalist at messina's 1955 birth of the EU- from 1962's common agricultural policy the EU bureucrats had failed the peace to al purpsoe that team monet had so straightfowardly designed

thre extraordinary insights from other place surveys before my father turned to futire hoistorie and entrepreneurial revolution and mapping web1 -3

1969 the emergence in nixon's adminstration of shrt term number computing economists replacing the tole of the economist as goodwill philosoher which had been practically spaeaking all economists could analyse in the era when the sliude rules was mathematiccia's most effect number cruncher

a survey on what and how lives could go right for nthe half of the world's people leavin east of iran 1977

a survey in 1977 of the biggest education challenge ever - what will happen to china if it fails to value education which needs to celebrates every woma;s productivity as emulating men's for the simple reason that half of all families under the one child policy will become depended on their most educated 20something woam

I trust from this shory introduction you can see that place branding needs to be designed around intergenetaionl expoenetial developent - if a system be it democratic or non democratic fails our species idea of parnets wanting to see their next generation progress, then it was laways likely we would race into a decade of last chnace to turn found all sustainability's goals directions witin a devcae across every community on earth - the ultimate cooperation - digital and place-diversity grounded 


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 WHO IS ANTONIO GUTERRES and what actions for humanity would he like you to celebrate doing? This may be the most valuable human question 8 billion peoples can Q&A with each other as homework for NY's 77th UN General Assembly from Sept 15 



- we welcome positive suggestions of links -please help improve this version 0 of world record jobs creator Guterres. All reporting errors mine alone chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

He is elected leader of the United Nations 1 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2026. Previous accomplishments include graduate of engineering; Prime Minister of Portugal; 15+ year servant leader of all refugees through the UN.

Guterres was elected 15 months after nation launched 17 goals that would determine extinction or survival of our species beyond the 21st Century, or earlier. 

All this begs many basic questions about the 8 billion peoples alive today up from 2 billion when the UN was conceived in San Francisco Opera House 1945 after 2 world wars. Birth came initially as a twinning of overall policy headquarters donated by Americans out of New York and the number 1 tele-tech and world trade mapping hub out of Geneva. In 1945 with various places racing to own nuclear bombs humanity seemed to agree a last chance moment of our species required multilateral interfacing. 70+ years later Guterres started his tenure by asking which nations wanted him to mediate at probably the  last last chance of sustainability. As engineer his co-creative way forward recommends UN2.0 digital roadmapping as essential if we are to apply all 8 billion brains to saving the futures of all our children


Basic Questions. What are today's 200 nations gravitated by, and what unites peoples? Is what unites people different in 2020s than 1945 or other key dates such as 

  • birth of engines 1760; 
  • late 15th C birth of worldwide navigation of who controls what oceanic trade routes and lands resources for whose growth? 
  • Year 0 birth by Roman Empire of one western religion dating futures and histories. 
WE leave this to alumni of wikipedia or google mappers - eg compare variables of nations such as total monetary wealth, how much wealth is owned by 30 wealthiest people, population size, land size, access to ocean trading routes, other variables such as language spoken or whether culture is based on an overall golden rule or consciousness of multiple natural forces
System innovation/Smart questions to join Guterres in asking. Youth may want to start at this year round 2022-23 competition - enter by december 2022
In chess players think many mov

In chess players think many moves ahead even though the queen is only assisted by the pllication of 4 other playing piecs to kill the opponents king

It ios to be hoped that educators of young and old maximise amount of time reherasing interactions of un2.0 9 playing pieces

here are some stories you might play out in diuble verifying how the pieces linkin whether the huamn right to a quality life of each next child born is secured

it surprsies me how much of the wporld we live in has been dominated by the engliush mindset given that back in the middle of milennium 2 england was probably a less than 1/1000 of earth land ersources andwhite english men no more than 1/300 of homo sapiens

however until 1865, world communications were ruled byboats with the biggest gun power and men with arms riding around on horses; what chnaged in 1965 was the worr;d's first tele (telegraph) soon folowed by telephine telex radio television, satellite telecoms; it was in switzerland that the ITU was fporemed as a cooperation between tele organsiations as there was little value to more than one operating system of any tele; at the same time it is worth asking how did any new tele sustem change currency and swappimng of money - never an east subject as histororor of gold, silver, pare money shows  https://www.britannica.com/topic/money/After-Bretton-Woods
 the newest twist on moeny stsrems seems to have started whenweb 1 started evolving into web 2 - in other words when the mobile phone soon started being explored as mobile data connector between gps - first with texts, then with everything acopputing world in any personal or other gps device connects

its intersting yto me that the first text currebcies were innovated to serve th poerest eg mpesa and the bkash system; while big banking somehow achieved subprime with 2000s communiactions technolgy ; which brings us to satoshi's invention of the blockchain and why crypto currencies are likely to have a huge impact on whether sdgs and un2.0 workdks for all human rights or ven fewer big brothres

another way of looking at what neighbors thought of the english mindest seems to have come ebvr mid centiry from scottish school of mediatoirs adma smith in 1750s
james wilson mediation with queen citoria launching economist 1943 and in year 17 startining the question of what would banking by and for people of india subcontinet look like
from 1951 the economist becoming von neuman's choise of questioning what good will peoples do with 100 tiems more tech every decade 1930s to 2020s

Champions of this year-round competition  are cooperatively motivated round Guterres as a most important world record jobs creator of the 2020s
IF 100 TIMES MORE TECH PER DECADE IS TO ADVANCE HUMAN RACE-we need to map above zero sum market exchanges ahead of zero sum. Even in slower changing times HG Wells clarified the systems challenge we commune around: Civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe. Valuing child development takes a generation not 90 days; and takes infrastructure (engineering and architectiral genii), safety, community, renewability of natural capital beyond any individual family's wherewithal.

 Given that society authorises monopolies to professions - a key question of morality let alone healthy progress is: do professions operating on where you live value win-win exponentials not just a monopoly of zero sum cash and grab. Even if a nation's media have not addressed this question in living memory: if our species intel is to Unite Nations now in "last chance" 2020s, the question must be transparently asked and answered in every "humanly right" society where the future of children matters. Welcome to Guterres Decade Challenge of Digital Roadmapping UN2.0 : leadership dynanism core to the declaration by all nations in 2015 that we have at most 15 years to be orbiting sustainably around every one of 17 goals which globally and locally are currently spinning towards collapse

  we start with a library of the learning curves that can be assembled around the 9 transformational compoents of UN2.0 digital roadmapping. 

Can humans apply leaps forward in tech to win-win cooperation ahead of zero-sum competition. This has been the concern of the Goats of maths since einstein-neumann networks hypotheised 10 decades of 100 times more tech in 1930s. Today the question may be posed in such terms as can we humansise AI on UN sdg gravoties before other innovation chalenges. At one time the EU surveyed can emotional intelligence of moving to web2 from web 1 advance knowledge society. The Nordica region led the social capital and online mobilisation opportunities - see elearning finaland and impacts of eg nokia, errickson as domanat leadership systems in their countries. Earlier its probaly no surprise that Linus Torvaulds from scandinavia has kept open source thriving out of usa and worldwide. When Neumann briefed The Economist to debate how would 100 times more tech be applied from 1961- economic genre mediated by economist journalists-included:
futures of conflicted places from viewpoint of human hopes - see eg consider japan 1962 consider russia 1963 consider latin am 1964 and so forth; then from 1972 future hiostories of tech especially finetch, health tech, edtech in which communities need to stay entrepreneurial revolution leaps ahed of big gov and big corporation neither of which in the west have been leaders in above zero sum valuation models.
Then from 1984 sustainability gaols times lined of tech leaps including studying what the world can learn whn hundred of millions of people leapfrog- eg from never having access to electricity grids to a combination of mobile and solar.

At 2016 september education commission hosted by former UK PM Gordon Brown as 1st annual review sdgs -experts concluded that some nations would not reach edu sggoal 4 this century - team formed next day led by world bank leader jim mik with unctad leader (Mitsui). Unctad is based in Geneva Un campus alongside the ITelecomsUnion; soon after guterres starts emerging experts team gets asked to compile digiital cooperation report. This mobilises a year long process with over 20 places experts led by melinda gates and jack ma- DC report recommends 8 component transformnation of UN2.0 Digital Roadmapping (later 9th component CODES envoronmental adaptation added). The first 8 compoents become direct bransitomring invited sessions with Guterres; above list are first to brainstorm Digital Cooperation across stakeholder range OF UN - ie governments, corporates and civilsociety associuations

as of 2022 I undesraynd that jack ma may not be in favor among several powers that be; but if the value of scots to the wprld is to look for translatirs whsoe passions are worth a second look, then girl do thesde 7 wonders of jack ma fascinate me-please feel free to correct my errors or updaye any futures these lead to - rsvp chris.macrae@yahooc.o.uk
1 i gather jack was born into a family of strolling players but their play's stiries were out iof date and they were cloed down so they settled as a por if curious fanily in hangzhou the twon that had according to march pole been the greatest market town his world had ever seen (polo not have ben entirely unbiassed as i gather he was honoray mayor of hangzho for a couple pof yeras it was the most exciting river trade town in the world- being the asian waterway termina of the silk road- sale up its river and hub northn coastliane passing today's shagha enroute to korea or japan; of course you could stop off at beijing bac but the great canal from beijing to hangzhou was the more direct route for that

2 jack says he was bored at school until one day probably 1973 a geography teacher threw up her hands; I am told your genertion needs to understand the groegraphy of the outside world but we have no books or maps; but you are vey lucky- because hangzhou is a designated a world tourist town go and be tourist guides to hangzhou and they can exchnage guided intel to where they come from - that way jack taught himself english and became by age of 30 the states favorite english tecaher and translator
3 so jack was sent on his furst translation trip to usa seatlle 1995- there he saw amazon opeing up ; that changed his mind- for sure china didnt yet have a nationwide communications system but how could he maxisie jobs from coming of eccoenrce- most of jack;s brainstorming was not done with chiense leaders but eg with gurus in stanford and funding friom japans softbank so that is where alibaba and its twin ecommerce markets for vilagers supply taobao came from - th epoiint is the ecommerce suyste jack hoped for linkedin all teading peoples not one monoploust however brilaingnt bezos is; and something else peculair happened; china had leapfroged credit catrds so hack could set up alipay as a digital money owned by members and traders withouth banks taking 3% cut of every ttranscation and pourtting most people in debt; oddly we know what hjack did because of a book written by ying lowrey- she had spent 25 years in usa working for sme associations; returning to beijing around 2009 she found that tsinghua did not yet have a curriculum of sme let alone digotal sme- she was goiven all the elads to write up case studies of this and in effect jack ma's alibaba way was the main case

3 at a global clinton event jack ma can be seen around 2008 chalenging muhammad yunsu - which of us will create the next 100000 jobs for peoples; what jack did up to 2017 amazes me:
he connected with the designers ofdigital mobey for the poorest including mpesa, mit, and brac- wit gates foundation e a lead investor in largest cashless bank in population served bkash
he explained to jim kim how ai could be a different sort of analysis in the world bank

4 he and jim kim testified at Un spet 2016 on first annual review that goal 4 education was not in good shape- it would be yera 2100 before the goal aas achieved in some  countries and anyhow half of all youth would be unemployable unless shcools caught with skils of being a 21st c digita native
the next day jim kim asked jack ma to talk to the kenyan who lead UNCAYD - the geneva branch of teh un concerned with justoc of world tarde systems ; within weeks ma was being called special envoy for training young tech wiazrads across africa and anywhere else that wanted him; jack tried hosting twon by 3000 person briefings in detroit and toronto but by summer 2017 trumps law effectively became an iron couratin blocking any youth learning between china and the west

5 by the beginning of 2017 ma had also anouced 2 other things - 15 billion put into an ai labs fpr the wporld places like israel were chose as first connectors og=f ma's offices in hangzhou and silicon valley; at the workld economic forum jack annouced by 2020 he would return fill time to teaching and by becoming main sposnor of olympics for the enxt 10 yeras he hoped to celebarte with youtg the future of sports fashion gereen and education - markets he flet ecommerce was too far away from to play out many sdg purposes

6 nontheless engineer guterres who had only ingerited 10 years of UN leadership iat start of 2017 saw what was emerging from geneva and aasked atht tech wizards around the world spend a year reporting what digital coppperation could do around the UN and to make sdgs realisable- the 2 lead braibstromers melinda gates , adn jack ma; when by 2019 it was tijme to choose the 8-9 playing pieces of roadmapping Un2.0

we can see how tech and communicatiosn wiarads were permmitted 4 pieces they named
global connectivity is ITU switzerlands learning curce since 1865
digoital cooperation which asking the worlds leading experts to deleiver given sdg 4 eduaction was so far off track (just the first of many sdgs to have sinec reported they either lack finace or the innovation influence to help younger half of workd be the sg generation

aiforgood- thanks to von neumann epicentre of teh ,ost valaube question economists have ever asked since 1951 (what good will peopels do with 100 tiem more tech through 10 decades 1930s to 2020s)
digital capacity building - you cant teach the next generation to be sustainable if the teachers and the Un staffr dont leap ahead with what they see as digoital roadmapping

to which we can see the ningling of the 4 aims of all multilaterls since 1945 - trust/seccurity, human rifhts, inclusin , serving public goods

and thats what un tech envoy office has been barinstorming ever since - see the barinstorm apels abpove - and to which has benn aded one borrom up CODES for climate and peace  and infrastructiureadaptability's greatest players to be included.

From 1951 Economist journalists were asked by von neumann to continuously ask the "scoop": what good can peoples do with 100 times more tech - the rate at which some tech pioneers were compounding (for better, for worse) every decade 1930s to 2020s. An example in 1965 Gordon Moore declare that proigramabkle silicon chips could be designed with 100* more cpacaity every decade "moores law' - whence the region from intel to stanfird and beyond starrte dto be beranded silicon valley..As Neumann's legacy his alumni (and 2 biographers including my dad at the Economist for 33 years beyind neumann's death) interpret this broad defiintion of AI=100 times more tech per decade. As further exemplification: 2 AI labs facing pacific out of stanford and atlantic out of MIT have hubbed this since 1960. It was in 2018 that UN ITU Geneva started a summit then continuous zooming of ai for good as component of Un2.0. Experts helping launch this included singularity (WRJ Diamnadis) host of the Xprize (XP19=avatars and IEEE Stephen Ibaraki.
Covid forced academic collaboiration like never before. Copyright on the first 1000 or so academic reports on covid was suspended far enough for AI to do a literature review and provide a content guide taking out 95% of repetitive stuff. IF as we arhue the UN needs to open its own universuity to being a smart bcatalogue of solutions to sustainability challenges communities can replicate at no or minimal intellectual property cost, then we can imagine a lot moer AI content curation a la covid chasing. For further inspiration of this sort check in with friends of Fazle Abed who have been b=debating the hows and whys of this since Brac University in 2001 was opened  to value the most cooperatiuve womens empowered university asians or the rest of teh world has ever deigned. 

By early 2021,  over 50 operational entities of the UN have at least 1 AI project to benchmark. Earlier in 2005 about 20 branches of UN started WSIS summit - this can be thought of as web2 human development which continues live meetings one quarter each year. AT 2022's wsis www.sdgmetaverseprize.org as year round teens up competition - so now the way is set for any government or any goal oriented civil soc network to choose to join in be at leading edge of web3 (metaverse, NFT, DAO) in ways that a non digital UN has not been with web1,2. Our unde3rstanmding (more porting needed): Korea and Singapore are nations who have innovated kto12 curriculum of artificial intelligence -where consultations of girls kindergarten teachers were one of the anchors to the whole purpose of what do 2020s children need to grow intel round that no children have ever needed to do before. If teachers are not free to lead curiosity of what is a 6 to 16 yera olds life going to need to innovate most - who can?

Slovenia IRCAI  1 2 & Japan NAIXUS 1 2: youtube  :: report on network-excellenee  from STI 2022 forum   Slovenia and Japan have been heroic in celebrating where academia help their students/alumni cooperate around AIforGood- in Japan's case huge investments have also been made in the UNU University system of UN as well as Japan's cataloguing of social actions of SDG gen see its broadcasters top 100- let's continue the exponential rising consequences for humanity in Digital Capacity Building (right). Estonia also plays an outsize role thanks in large part to Jaan Tallinn, futureoflife networks 1 2 and Estonia's determination to celebrate 5g and NFT for all its citizens/communities are worth. Liechenstein is proposed as a world leader in government designing blockchain for good crypto. Both Korea and Singapore are leaders of k-12 curriculum of AI- rumored kindergartens girls teachers included in annual updating (whats the point of ai schools curriculum if teachers are not as curious about being 7 to 17 as the kids themselves)

Could UN2.0 offer benchmark for digitally native public servants and communities everywhere?
Mother earth offers abundant resources. What if the UN's own training systems including its  university UNU curates the naturally smartest   integration of intel be that brainpower or AI for good. Does web3 offere everyone alive in 2020s the best ever chance to connect this - from parental dreams to youthful realities/

WE don't have to study rocket science or be an astronaut to see that it we apply our human senses from the ground up and if machines are tools to amplify such common senses,

Today we have 8 billion brains connecctd by technology that would have seemed like science fiction in 1935 or even thorough the 1960s where the fanciest tool for schooling mathemanticians or mapmakers was the slide ruler, and the cost to phone a person pon the otrher side of the world in the few countries where this was possible was over a dollar a minute.

However smart a list of sustainability gpoals we unite round mapping, one cooperation question gravitates everything else uniting peoples and nations. Is it possible to design a world so that at whatever GPS th enext girl or boy is born, she has a chnace to develop a good life and livelihood? In other words can every community be designed for developing not destructing live?. This was the question my father sought from university having survived world war 2 spending his last days as a teenager as navigator in allied bomber command Burma campaign of world war 2.Between 21 to 28 his search led him through Keynes Cambridge,  his first peaceful employment as rookie journalist valuie The Economist's centenary aurobiograpghy of what had gone expenentially right and wrong out of London and Empire Constitutions since 1843, then meeting Von Neumann in Princeton 1951 to be given the journalist scopp what to do with 100 times more tech per decade

Ultimately digital capacity building through the UN, or any humans and communities which the UN interacts with, needs to revolve round servung and co-creating this mission possible : every child's good chance at development. If the UN's training systems revolve round this they can transfer action learning to any place where elders want their younger halves to be the first sustainability generation not the first extinction generation. The UN's top educators have an opportunity like no other learning network - where and how have parents turned worst places to be born into deepest human development benchmarks. For example, after 3 decades of empowering rural village mothers to develop 90% of the poulation of Bangladesh, Fazle Abed opened a university to research previously immpossible connections: how to build the world's most popular cashless bank round women's sustainability mapping beginning with play schools that 50 poorest coulntries (and refugee border regions- see eg journal of ed in emergenvies) in the world could make the happiest loving places for 3 to 6 year olds develop in. Whats fascinating is to see who became first partners of which mission impossible -eg playschool partners ranged from hong kong's wealthiest tech  gut=y to lego foundation; www.bkash.com was being funded by the foundation arms of the 2 lead chairs of reporting  how the UN needed to roadmap digital cooperation; Mrs Gates and Mr Ma who in 2016 were leading the first year of sdg networks with as high a love quotient as any gov, com or org has ever celebrated. 
.To regain sustainability, there is more work to be done than ever before. But this entrepreneurial centricity needs to be on last mile community smart services and data deep enough for AI to model diversity, safety and trust-building. With so much work to be done, there are no human rights wherever eg Eurocrats macroeconomic models say we cannot afford full youth employment. Of Euro's original 6 with my father at Messina 1955, only the Netherlands seems 6.7 decades of 100 times more tech fully on youth side -
18 Aug 2022 Ten distinguished persons hailing from all regions of the globe have been appointed to serve on the Secretary-General’s inaugural Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Leadership Panel, the United Nations announced on Tuesday. .Mr. Vint Cerf US, Mr. Hatem Dowidar Egypt, Ms. Lise Fuhr Denmark, Ms. Maria Fernanda Garza  Mexico, Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves Estonia, Ms. Maria Ressa  Philippines and  USA,  Mr. Alkesh Kumar Sharma India, Ms. Karoline Edtstadler Austria, Mr. ‘Gbenga Sesan Nigeria, and Mr. Lan Xue  China.  

5 ex-officio members:  the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, Mr. Amandeep Singh Gill; Mrs. Huria Ali Mahdi from Ethiopia, host of this year’s IGF;  Mr. Yuji Sasaki from Japan, where the 2023 Forum will be held; Mr. Krzysztof Szubert of Poland, the 2021 host country, and Mr. Paul Mitchell, the Multistakeholder Advisory Group chair. 

For example, Global Connectivity actually goes back to the birth of the ITelegraphUnion Switzerland 1865.!This was one of first times that an industrial revolution sector (soon to be any sector prefaced by tele as well as other airwave commons such as sound's radio) saw the need to unite engineering standards ariond the world as nobody wanted 2+ systems of telegram, telephone, .. television transmission.

Another of the 9 components AIfirgood goes back in part to when the greatest mathematican network of all time (eg Neumann Einstein et al) gave the greatest journalist scoop to tThe Economist in 1951. Ask what Good will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade 1930s to 2020s. As you cane see from 2 Economist biographies of Von Neumman (Macrae, Bhattacharya), Good had a very particular meaning to v neuman  and his jewish friends who had emigrated to East Coast America to escape hitler. They had been compelled to spend 19030-1p45 on the bad of nuclear bombing. With 12 year of life left neumnn workded like no human ever has to relay many goods of teleocmputing, above zero sum games theiory, ideas on how brains are fpormed by languages , and so what ways could artic=ficial intel and human intel make the most and not the elast of each other. In these 2020s some acadmics use a narrow definition of AI (eg consequences of a knowledge system real time operated by computer's instead of human governance but at least in roadmapping futures of all outr children we aim to document ai in the broadest senses of integrating 100 times more tech for good per decade

Although Neumann had been clear in asking journalists to explore wherte can win-wins of cooperation expand human possibilities more than competing over evertything, we see Digital Cooperation as a component piece which was reborn after the first annual review odf the sdgs. In september 2016, Gordon Browns education commission held an afternoon meeting inside the UN that concluded some countries would not achieve sdg4 education goals to the 21st century unless ... a digital cooperation taskforce was brainstormed the next day as something Geneva needed to assemble edtech and other ideas on. This was 3 months before Guterres became leader but after a review of what he had inherited from the first 72 years of Un assemblies , he confirmed asking 30 different places tech leaders to spend a year on a digital cooperation report was essential, and iot was this report which finally shaped 8 out of these 9 compomnents
global connectivity & didital cooperation & AIfordoog & digital caoacity building

digital human rights, digital inclusion, digotal safety and scurity, digital public goods

You may of may not agree but guided by von neumann's spirit we see the top row as co-creative opportunties of helping youth advance 100 times more tech whereas the lower row are structyres or conditions that the UN has always ben framed around but which now need a futurising twist even more than a historic judgement. System transformation actually means changing all rules at the same time. Unless thats's done and agreed by all peoples , we are not going to find a last exit from warroing over climate. From natur'e evolutionary way of valuing life on earth, it would not be smart to putting energy machines needs before food and water thatchuldtren need to feed on. This sems to be why a 9th compoenet was added after extrordinary brainstorming sessions with leading corporation government and civil society on the first 8 .Tjis 9th compoent CODES - bottom up adapatation apps suied to envirinmental progress out of every locality

Yiiu can move over here to see who has brainstormed what with Guterres so far- and we will try and build a library of key docuimenst

https://www.un.org/techenvoy/ This is the official overview library from NY team working directly with Guterres as well as their overall tweet  https://twitter.com/untechenvoy?lang=en 
supporrtd by 2 additional fundctions deep data and  viewpoint is here. (there are also some new to me insights on double checking crraetive relaity - eg tweet on behahavioral science see more followed by tech envoy

 What new york can mediate or do as 24 hour mediatotr of policy and other formal demands is being added to bey eg itu supported year round youth comoetitiosn such as www.sdgmetaverseprize.org -24/7 zoom updates on AI for Good as well as at least 50 operational divisions of the Un now having at least one seminal digital transformation project for the worlkd's goverenments , civil societies, parenst and educatirs to cro-ss-examnine. 

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2022's WRJ converge on HG Wells bon mots: civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe- for multiple reasons: 

  • we are updatjng the alst edition of 2025 report forts published in 1984 whose main hypothesis was sustainability and educational transformation are integral; 
  • we are teaming ip with galsgow university adam smith scholars to launch http://microeducationsummit.com- we'd like to see at least 12 councilsd of education lumaniries for sunch low tech focis as:

listing skills by age group eg literacy, kids as team players not bullies, financial literacy age 8 up 

for at least 20 skills like tehse we aim alos to curate how to intervene if a kid's missing a skill peers have; 

if the above is the foundastional council of microeducation we hope to step through every joy that learner-centric education can be up to the most exciting possiblities if web3 is the first media in 60 years to be designed as educational smart and adveristing free 


hello all from EconomistLearning.com; Its that time of year again for WRJ annual game of http://www.worldrecordjobs.com -more games welcome at www.sdgs.games and www.nftsdgs.com

-emerged as a game for college student unions -from 2008 to 2013 we toured much of usa with muhammad yunus -and his social busienss livelihood competitions- sampling his book or yunus10000 sdgs- 


which 52 people's knowhow might you most want to be aware of if you want both livelihoods and to be first sdg generation? To be transparent : our purpose is to web a survey of surveys- not one best answer for everyone. Moreover we choose cards from all 5 versions of humanity:

 web 3, 2, 1 , 0 before webbed life , 00 before electricity  - see footnote for more

Inspired by Von Neumann's briefing on game theory and interaction of human and machine intel; a focus of The Game of WRJ is linking players who help community networking win-wins  -these are the main above zero-sum ways of human development whichever version of web your life on mother earth revolves round.

 Of course WRJ who design leapfrogging can be a meta-win if for example SDG1 matters to you most. If we were to arrange the pack in order of urgency -we'd probably still put 

Satoshi for web 3 though i'd be delighted to hear your votes chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk or whatsapp +1 240 316 8157 or linkedin unwomens or ed3 Nft390. NB Metaverse is synonym for web3- to see how fast it needs to come if youth are to be first sustainability generation -see SDGmetaverseprize.org year round competition sponsored by United Nations tech branches (Un2.0 ITU Aiforgood) and Xprize associates at lkeading edge of stduents co-creating metaveres3

For, web 2 games players we probably still put Elon Musk UP: as someone you may agree or diasgree with but hasnt made his money directly by extracting web2 data; 

web 1 perhaps still linux torvaulds;  

for those most urgently concerned with sustainability, two WRJ to note are -

 Gravitation round alumni of Sir fazle abed- the person who until 2019 we could learn most about billion womens empowerment www.abedmooc.com died in dec 2019 and his knowhow is now being diluted

 Antonio Guterres at UN he need every youth-fan in world to help him- sept 2022 UN General Assembly New York was supposed to complete a year's reporting on total changes needed to education if there is to be a sustainability generation. That was supposed to be the simplest task of the year. More complex is that Guterres was hoping by now that this 9 piece transformational roadmap towards UN2.0 would be gaining unstoppable momentum by now.


Mother Earth demands


Opens Millennials

Xponential Learning Curves/Capacity &

AIforGood &

Digital Cop beyond borders

Regarding codesmeta needed for UN2.0 and open source millennial age we are reminded: its quality is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven. It is twice blessed: it blesseth him that gives, and him that takes 


Ironically up to Keynes, economics' main impact mediated a philosophical debate about systems' exponential consequence (growth, collapse)

Ironically in the era of next to no computing power (eg slide ruler, advance of the human lot (sustainability in 21st C UN parlance) was integral-

 Over-focus on Monetary growth of one land'/Empire against another was (seen as threat not a virtue) by keynes even in his general theory of money, interest and employment. Indeed the root cause of world war 2 was both how the then biggest 8 monetary economies could not live with each other; and how up to 170 nations had been all but excluded from engineering economies by the top 20 advanced economies all but one of which was white European in ethnicity (in racial terms about one sixth of human beings)  

 My family has extensive diaries on how Empires spiraled from start of Glasgow's engineering age 1760s,. In part, this is because my dad as survived world war 2 teenage navigator in allied bomber command burma; then from 1945 dad completed his degree at cambridge in Keynes last class, before being mentored by sir geoffrey crowther who had just finished publishing the centenary autobiography of
The Economist 1843-1943 founded by James Wilson , small business entrepreneur and London Scot fan of adam smith who had convinced young queen victoria it was immoral for English Democracy's corn laws to starve half of the irish population: after royal society supported corn laws' repeal,  Queen victoria dispatched James to calcutta to launch the chartered bank as first for and by peoples of India. Sadly, James died of diarrhea 1860 9 months after landing. It was 112 years before village women networks were taught to end diarrhea as a killer disease of infants with oral rehydration. OR is arguably the biggest life saving health service in tropical web0 (without electricity) places. But its an educational solution- almost no cost being mixture in precise proportions of bi=oiled water, sugar, salt. Paradoxically, many of education's greatest leaps in human development cannot be measured in monetary terms. Reflect further on the fact that half of all human development occurs by age 6. Logically one can conclude that if millennials are to be supported in preventing extinction, those experts at western stock markets are going to lead most of breakthrough innovations urgently need. We could say (indeed all supported of UN2.0 and servant leader gov everywhere must) say :its is time that educators drive economics not vice versa. 

 Much of man's HIStory since 1490s discovery of new and old worlds has failed to be transparently aligned/mapped to what the majority of the world's human being needed to communally know how to serve, Even if the web 0 age of eg commercial television was never designed to bridge such rich-poor divides we who play WRJ games are examining the hypothesis that failure to make this the core purpose of web 3 well result in nature confining our species to dodo status
then my family's golden oldie (70 years learning curve) dad Norman met von neumann in princeton 1951; was told journalists most important scoop ,ask: what to do with 100 times more tech each decade to 2035- we are still nowhere near AIforgood that von neumann's family had hoped for best- i hope one antidote to lost awareness in AI for UN will be this year round competition http://www.sdgmetaverseprize.org  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Coming Soon Full 52 pack
plus some early detections of youth under 35 (its very gard to compare decades of enetrepreneurial gravity versus those who may be in their first decade but this is where we most need help in editing the game pack - because its todays under 35s that have everything to lose of win in preventing extinction; I am in my 70s though as a late starter my daughter is 25; if that makes me an angry old man who believes elders have subconsciously sold out most of mother nature and almost all of youth-then so be it -will you join us in valuing youth more than has ever been done in this 21st c to date?

Footnote 1 - 0-before the www began in 1990 , 00 =before electricity which in terms of blending with "tele" started 1965 in switzerland with birth of what was then called ITelegraphUnion but by 1945 had been rebranded ITelecomsUnion and digitally twinned out of Geneva with UN policy making hub out of New York. We love studying the ITU because all the world's tele corporations need to cooperate every year in future designing as nobody has ever wanted 2 telephone systems - whilst tele in GReek may mean "far off" ; and so businesses of breaking down distances between people (what the UN calls Global Connectivity) it could be defined as wehere above zero sum game theory multiplies most value for all human beings 

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on the metaverse, can educators design the NFTS empowering millennials as first sustainability generation?

p> we can look at this in several different ways

from 1951 von neumann encouraged some journalists at the economist to apply the most valuable question ever mediated - what will people do with 100 times more tech every decade 2035-1935

between 1951 to 1977 this research clarified places valuing freedom of education would sustain the most griowth; for example this 1976 survey assessed nation by nation likelihoods for half of humans then living east of iran

american president and their economic advisors were evaluated in economist surveys (or voice versa) between 1962 and 1976 in terms of how much did they celebrate youth's next 10 years across every sectir of society 

in 2008 my father held his last public birthday party at london's royal automobile club with 50 people to celebrate the launch of dr yunus book on social business as one of the 2 main solutions to what otherwise would be subprime's decade of devaluing youth -the other was satoshi's paper which my father did not get to see entrepreneurs pitching because he died in 2010

soon after father died the japan ambassador to dhaka invited friends and family to two dinner brainstorming sessions with sir fazle abed as chief guet; among many collaborations abed wanted a billion once poorest asian village women to host abed said he need legacy friend sto help map a collaboration between new universities - I asked if i could visit bangladesh annually with young journalists to try to design a mooc- abed laughed that's a bit web 2 of you but ok if c stands for collaboration

as a statistician of media I regarded the 2000 millennium goals as very primitive - eg education's only goal was to send every child to primary school; i became fascinated by both tyhe launch of 2015's sdgs and the launch of UN2.0; I believe i have complied a complete public library of un2.0 documents relating to the 9 piece transformational roadmap of Un2; the question of how doe web3 come into each of these 9 pieces is my main research area for the rest of time; from my viepoint its exciting that all the greatest tech experts in the Un and xprize have now colaborated in 3 things:

helping launch AIforGood as the pivotal gamepiece out of geneva itu (which has been in global connectivity sunce its birth as iTelegrapgU in 1865)

being a main sponsor of an ai compoetition to tackle covid

this education yera hosting the yera round www.sdgmetaverseprize.org - any team of 2-6 people can play choose one sdg; be under or over 18; even if the 5000 likely entrants by decmmber dont come up with earth chnaging submissions, we will have curation of stories that young peopel want the metverse to mediat sdg by sdg; it should be difficult for guterres to start adding on continuing expert panel by goal - or where relevant seeing who wants to start an sdg nft

from 2008 with yunus at mit and world bank youth summits I kept an eye out for 7 young professional women (by which I mean they were a few years on from graduating in 5 of the 7 cases); of course that means that some will(in 2022) be in their 30s but i hope they won't be insulted if I call that young compared with my 71 years. Which of these ladies are already in the middle of prooftesting education Daos and which of their life's purposes may designed around nfts

OB's genius started with gliding easily as a British Nigerian between English and Japanese education systems - she chose her own collegiate training to form Nigeria's only flying doctor service. About 3 years ago she started publishing an updating report for transforming the whole of Nigeria's health service; I think the missing piece may be nft of the 1000 people she has already most influenced but that's my guess..

EV how to become world class cancer researcher in your teens

SK how to mobile georgetown graduates round female victims of acid attacks and become one of microsoft's head of ethics

AC1 how to set up africa's most sustainable coding schools for youth and continue that as the schools emeritus while joining discord as special adviser out of miami 

AC2 how to leapfrog from a 3rd ranked chinese university to ma at columbia university and one of leading hedged fund researchers of her age

YC1 yc guided me round 2 day long walking tours of tsinghua university while she was studying english as a stepping stone in a diplomatic career and attended sir fazle abed's 80th birthday- she had always told me she would have to disappear from my friends' networks; she was last seen as a successful rhodes scholar ; her parents had both served the state in china that borders north korea; 

VS as far as i know everyone's favorite benchmarkfor what an nft can do in education -equally love to hear from you if you have a different nft to benchmark

DS probably the first inventor of animal's persona devices or do i mean their IOT; animals seem to be even better at collecting data on mother earth than humans; DS did this from India as a teenager. now multiplying her knowledge at stanford

MY she was just breaking through as a young opera star at juillard in NY when 9/11 happened; she decided to add a second arrow to her quiver; can she and her networks celebrate how underemployed ny artists and musicians cheer up new yorkers particularly childrens  hospitals and poorer communities, the world and celebrate sdgs not just music's pop. Singforhope.org

SA  around 7th grade taught herself rap music to escape being a child bride in afghanistan; graduating this coming year as the most extraordinarily courageous life I have personally traced of 8th grader girl or boy starting up