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Monday, September 17, 2018

#BR2 S Asia,  #BR6 N America
jeff skoll was perhaps the first of those who made a billion or more from internet  (he was ceo to omidyar's ebay) and "retired" to do something completely more social with his money-
he started skoll foundation which attempted to segment drayton's social entrepreneurs at ashoka by those who scale openly efficiently and effectively

in days before youtube was mainstream, he talked ashoka into being sponsored to produce 16 global social entrepreneurs video dvds set with 2 hours of interviews per GSE- precondition was that the series must feature the two poverty-alleviating world impacting entrepreneurs ashoka had never scouted out - bangladesh's fazle abed and muhammad yunus

ashoka chose the other four which quite frankly were weird choices - while its true that aimed to be part of a globalisation dialogue their entrepreneurial use of making the most for the bottom up remains questionable namely

tepper-marlin whom drayton believed had solutions to factory workers livelihoods

olaf grajew who was thought to be changing brazil's ability to value corporate social responsibility as well as claimed to be co-founder of world social forum

the former world bank executive who founded transparency international- whilst a worthy dialogue space its never been clear to me that it keeps the poorest out of harms way in any particular transparency crisis -also at end of day TI is bureaucratic or legalistic not run by entrepreneurial and empowering spirits from the bottom-up, (in eg india the hunger project (particular during its first decades led by the gutsy lynne twist whose later books on monetaary flows are far mo0re detailed and diversified than a wall street banked would deign to imagine) has for decades led the practice of trasparency accumukated around poorest (women) being ellected locally to bring knowledge to ho ti end poverty in teior vilages

 and its also rather germanic - which isnt a problem except germans having no border with the med sea cerstainly have helped lead the eu when it comes to  policy making all round eu borders or indeed comabtting subprime with the opposite of austerity-its as if german economists havent fread keynes 101- but then we cant expect won-win world trade rules from anyone in charge of wielding the euro as currency to make germwn indsutry ver more competitive at expense of all others

and himself bill drayton= previously in oersonal correspondence bill had said that he would not specifically advise on which of the 2000 social entreprenurs in his roster had most scaleable solutions for 2 reasons- he did not like being asked to value one social entrepreneur againat another , and anyway most of ashoka's entr[pfreneurs are elected by their own national committees

skoll went on to bhoist the world championships for social entrepreneurs at oxford annually - while some scaling heroes have energed- really not that much in pivotal spaces like china- in part because oxford buisness school exceutives havent untl recently shown mjuch a=interest in china- 

the hunt for world social entrepreneurs also influenced schwab of world economic forum - who set up his onw stable of laureates - initiially these were scouted by people like triple bottom line's john elkingtin but in our view schwad's who's who of scaling enegtreprurial revolutuiin is most inteersting when it links into particlual places that wef has given most unique voice to - middle east from 1970s and china over the decade or so that as summer davos on ne chsn;piions has been hosted out of china

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