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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

lee kuan yew 20 justifications singapore number 1 place brand

 J2 did any nation's leader do a better job on water than singapore's lee kuan yew - anywhere with a water crisis might gain from massive open online cooperating with singapore educators

how well do the 20 simplest justifications for singapore being a benchmark natioon brand stack up aginast UN/Guterres framewok for UN2 -digital transformation of the Un and indeed any place gov partner of teh sustainability goals

J1 educators not economists come first in growing singapore's people from unproductive by western standrads at birth of nation to world most productive (median top wealth creators) ....

20 reasons for looking at singpoare as number 1 place brand (i may have coined term place brand in an article 1988; I was writing a book aiming to end the ad agency dominant paradigm; in my view people like trout and ries did immense harm arguing brand is positioning preception (reality of purpose being incidental to them); a battle for people's minds; needing a different brand for every product; my book written 1989 world class brands wanted us humns to question media before the ages of web 1,2 ,3; what had we got wrong with the tv brand that also led what global meant up to 1989; a year later I was price water house copper's (as it became) only brand consultant- mots of the brands I wanted to value corporately I was blocked from working on because intangibles accounting requires a different output (strocastic expoentials opportunity and threat of unique purpose validation) than a bottom line number; but for a while my unit was alowed to make place brand proposals as lomg as they were far away places like new zealand and nothing to do with the g8 which in my family's view punblished in the economist were the root cause of world war 2 and not evidently ready to make the start of teh 21st C happiier/safer than the start of the 20th C

5 years earlier dad and I had written a 40 yera future hostory- was there a way out of orwell's end game? we timelined sustainability goals before the UN identofied thos t6hough we called them cooperation goals (to be honest there were parts of my fathers writings I did not understand- what I knew how to frame was this para from the past economist science editor's review of our book  

I have done quite a lot of research on the European Union that I am not alowed to talk abouit because of client confidentiality; but between 2002 and 2005 I volunteered to sub-edit emp=otional intelligence (as well as contribute to inetllectual capiatl dialogues) on the European Union's knowedgeboard; I had wanted to mediat trust which as explained in The Economist's year of the brand 1988 is my proxy for real brand valuation but the broader trem EI (all win-win) human energies was available; this led me to 2 meetings in brussels as well as 3 more luxembourg, berlin and norway that I can talk about 

as a direct result of the system conflits apparemnt in these 5 EU meetings I deceided to launch morman macrae foundation -at one level it simply interprests thye 150 years 1943-1993 when growing a weekly newspaper out of London with Scottish Adam Smith DNA was viable- the two things I hadnt wholly undestood until the last few yeras of my dads life: he had been asked by von neumann in 1951 to train economic journalits oin asking the worlds most valua multipying question- what goods will people do with 100 times more tech every decade; and that when at age of 39 dad was alowed to sign one annual survey his first 10 surveys could have been called early place branding research; actually I read them as debates on the future of peoples that he most was most cocerned about becomin free as entrepeneurs of good:

first survbey 1962 - his war time enemy japan - dad had spent last days as teenage navigatir allied bomber command- this was the happest economic survey of the era it clarified how japan and the whole east coast of asia could develop asia rising modesl around supoervailages and suopercities; JFKennedy is known to have seconded the validity oif this survey withi a week of publication; i always wonder if brand USA could have led the end of wargaming if kenneduy had not been assasinated; please note ending hitler was I believe a necessary war; I am told by the people of south korea thay are eternally grateful to us for the role ir played in the korean war; from then on it looks to me as if many of the wars supported by westerners forgot the lesson of world war 1; it may be easy to win a war but unless you take respojsibility for epaceful productivity of the peoples on the lands you have wared on its likely that terrorsist neworks will be endless

1963 people of USSR my father always ranked russia as the biggest place crsisis that needed resolving if humans everywhere could look forward to enjoying all that mother nature has to offer; as 1 a13 yera he had been homeschooled at britis=h embassy moscow- stalin was every bit as mad-bad for human race as hiller; 

1964 latin america,,,

dad had also been the only journalist at messina's 1955 birth of the EU- from 1962's common agricultural policy the EU bureucrats had failed the peace to al purpsoe that team monet had so straightfowardly designed

thre extraordinary insights from other place surveys before my father turned to futire hoistorie and entrepreneurial revolution and mapping web1 -3

1969 the emergence in nixon's adminstration of shrt term number computing economists replacing the tole of the economist as goodwill philosoher which had been practically spaeaking all economists could analyse in the era when the sliude rules was mathematiccia's most effect number cruncher

a survey on what and how lives could go right for nthe half of the world's people leavin east of iran 1977

a survey in 1977 of the biggest education challenge ever - what will happen to china if it fails to value education which needs to celebrates every woma;s productivity as emulating men's for the simple reason that half of all families under the one child policy will become depended on their most educated 20something woam

I trust from this shory introduction you can see that place branding needs to be designed around intergenetaionl expoenetial developent - if a system be it democratic or non democratic fails our species idea of parnets wanting to see their next generation progress, then it was laways likely we would race into a decade of last chnace to turn found all sustainability's goals directions witin a devcae across every community on earth - the ultimate cooperation - digital and place-diversity grounded 


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