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Health we continue to value alumni of Brilliant, Nightingale (doubly so given Ukraine situation) , the women who built a nation round last mile health care with Fazle Abed.,Abed's 21st C comrade spirit Jim Kim without whom the signature transformation of UN leader Guterres : UN2 that proacts engineering/entrepreneur/education/Servant leader smarts into any silo of old gov probably would not be with us
WorldClassDaos recommends we leap into better 2020s best place to start: HONG KONG as WorldClassEngineer laureate of 2022. While dad, norman macrae, coined term Entrepreneurial Revolution in The Economist 1969. Friends think there would be few problems in the world if every 1/1000 of humans were as energetic multi-win traders as Hong Kong, Hong Kong is leading 21st coming of age with unprecedented co-creativity geared to making sure web3 serves communities in ways no previous web 2, 1 or tele media (arguably only attenborough beat off vested interests to sustain 50 years of consistent tv storytelling access -moreover web3 has emerged out of a radical fintech foundation with concept of Satoshi 2008 intended to be a decentralised solution to serial abuse of communities by subprime banking
JOTTINGS: Nightingales deliver motion for UNGA77 .why love Stanford. (rules options) ::
top 2 alumni networks to cooperate with remain Fazle Abed & Von Neumann-; with urgent appearance of web3 as make or break sustainability generation we've spent time zooming up bop-eg Singapore Players, ..... more WRJ
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9/8/18 paul oyer: fei-fei li : lei zhang - WE WELCOME q&a THE MORE MATHEMATUCAL OR HUMAN THE BETTER chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk MA stats cambridge 1973

2016 bangladesh schools go edigital nationwide :: brookings video :: Bangla video :: brac how's that
1/1/21 we have entered the most exciting decade to be alive- by 2030 we will likely know whether humans & tech wizards can save futureoflife- tech surveys indicate odds of accomplishing this greatest human mission would be lot less without spirit of a chinese american lady at stanford-...
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GAMES of world record jobs involve
*pack of cards: world record jobs creators eg fei-fe li ; fazle abed ...
*six future histories before 2021 starts the decade of empowering youth to be the first sustainable generation.

problem 99% of what people value connecting or doing to each other
has changed (and accelerated in last three quarters of a century- while laws, culture and nature's diversity and health are rooted in real-world foundations that took mother earth 1945 years to build with -and that's only using the christian calendar

1995 started our most recent quater of a century with 2 people in Seattle determined to change distribution of consumers' markets - the ideas of how of bezos and jack ma on what this would involve were completely different except that they changed the purpose of being online from education knowledge to buying & selling things -
nb consuming up things is typically a zero-sum game or less if done unsustainable- whereas life-shaping knowhow multiplies value in use
from 1970 to 1995 knowhow needed to end subsistence poverty of over a billion asian villagers was networked person to person by women with no access to electricity grids- their number 1 wrjc involved partnerships linked by fazle abed - borlaug's crop science was one of the big 5 action learnings -its person to person application saved a billion people from starvation; the first 185 years of the machie age started up bl glasgow university's smith an watt in 1760 had brought humans to the 2 world wars; when people from nearly 200 nations founded the united nations at san francisco opera house 1945 chances of species survival looked poor- miraculous;y one mathematician changed that before he died 12 years later- john von neumann's legacy was both the moon race and twin artificial intel labs - one facing pacific ocean out of stanford; the other facing the atlantic out of mit boston .. who are top job creating economists by practice - health -refugee sports green hong kong..where are top tour guides around billionaire 1 2 around poverty,,, we the peoples ...

Monday, July 29, 2019

Emperor ( QueenEnglish )

true media related QE3
An extract from my father Norman Macrae's obituary writer for The Economist for Emperor Hirohito- more at EconomistJapan
Emperor Hirohito - one of humanity's transformational leaders - by Norman Macrae 1 2 (written 1989)

Few would have forecast in 1901 that a prince, who was told at birth that he was the direct descendant of a Storm God and a Sun Goddess, would prove to be a bravely ordinary man who would affect uniquely for good the second half of the new century. That is the Emperor Hirohito's legacy
At his accession in 1926, Japan's military advance could not have been checked by any sort of monarch. Had Emperor Hirohito tried, he would have been pushed aside. Japan's entry into world war in 1941 was particularly popular with many Japanese and hundreds of millions of Asians who saw it as likely to end Asia's hated subjection to European colonialism, which it actually did. The Emperor's great service to this century came in 1945, when he claimed it was the consensus of the Japanese that they should unconditionally surrender, which it actually wasn't
Without the Emperor's decisiveness, the war would have continued for a time. At least a dozen nuclear bombs would have been dropped on Japan, at a time when most of the scientists who invented them had no inkling of how far fatal radiation sickness from them could spread ; they do not really know even now. Soviet troops as senior partners to Chinese communists would have swarmed into Asia, imposing a clamp on much of East Asia, just as it was imposed on East Europe.

In April 2019 the Hirohito's grandson succeeded- the first year of Japan's Reiwa aer looks like the most exciting ever led out of one nation -
it ends with a tranafolmration of the olympics
it begins by hosting g20 in osaka - for this interested in SDG economics Japan is meeting all African leaders at ticad yokohama aug 2019 and taking views to UN sdg summit in september
the emperor has also invited pope francis to host a week of faith dialogues and has asked which of 196 nations leaders would like to attend a joint celebration of uniting youth and futures that are happy and free- i have little doubt that Japan's people deserve and will be as happy as free as any on earth but there remains a lot of work so that the two thirds of people who are asian can humanise artificial intelligences so all the worlds daughters and sons can be free and happy

if you nof a two percent of peoplws who are trying harder to humanise tech for everyone would love to be beamed in -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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kai-fu lee

Kai-Fu Lee
Fortunately for millennials and their parents Mr Lee published the best seller “AI Superpowers : China, Silicon Valley and the new world order” before Mr Trump’s oriental witch hunt. The cat is out of the bag- AI is –or needs to be- the next universal human language. Coming as it does in multiple forms mapped out in KFL’s book such as place AI, internet AI, corporate business AI, conscious market purpose or educational AI, sensory AI ..
We who dream of making youth and education great again -for every girl and boy to be free to build livelihoods and families -  are fortunate that Kai-Fu survived cancer. As the west was subpriming finance, this transferred him via a Hong Kong hospital from the head of Google AI in silicon valley to hubs outside Tsinghua university most hungry both for AI and supercity shared economic clouds. Smart mobile students are empowered to conceive of to rebirth a city round sharing infrastructures from bikes to apartments to co-work spaces located alongside university campuses. The more so in  a nation determined to value 21st C women as holding up half the sky
Chinese Capitalism and healthy society has been on a miraculous journey since 1976- just imagine if one fifth of the world people were still locked out of world trade-likely whole of Asia would now be failing. In 1975 there were no non-state companies. Then billionaire diaspora inward investors were freed to start companies as were village families using rice science to end famine. Up to the 2000s, China remained at least 2G’s behind silicon valley then it caught up. In 2017 China celebrated 5 million youth startups. This was accelerated by every university city planning an avenue of AI entrepreneurs something first tested around Beijing’s and the world’s most curious universities Tsinghua , Peking, Renmin and Beijing normal. Kai-Fu was there to advise this most extraordinary transformation of a somewhat sleepy but most prestigious university suburb into wave upon wave of entrepreneurial youth dreams for serving china. The great thing about Place AI is you don’t need to politically theorise about it, just go visit it. Millennial friendships are a win-win currency

Prince Charles : QueenEnglish valuingyouth wework

The 20th Century started with 2 island empires Britain and Japan ruling how world trade routes operated. By this time the majority of the world's people - living on the continent of Asia -were poverty-trapped- being excluded from access to electricity grids and industrial revolution modernity. Part of this mess had been caused by how the east india company had become the worst corporation in the world- by the time it had reached china in 1860 it was insisting opium be accepted in trade for the most valuable spices and silks. In part islanders may have known how to wire up a small region but not huge continental spaces.

The root cause of the world wars was how these two island empires and other G8 empires ruled. The Americans (and Canadians) twice helped the old world sort out the world wars. Queen Victoria had started to change from head of slavemaking empire to commonwealth with assistance of eg editors at The Economist from 1843 but not fast enough.

No English speaking person alive today is better able to understand all the history of all these cultural and economic messes than Prince Charles. Since 1964 when he attended the tokyo olympics he has built bridges with the Japanese Emperor family and understood that engineering and other innovation Japan engineering leaped ahead with after world war 2 (thanks hugely to Deming) providing Belt (container superports) Road (Bullet train) possibilities (innovations in microelectronics) to ending poverty all across asiam and whence a globalisation by and for all peoples- beginning with the islands from Japan down to singapore, linking in south korea and since 1978 the Chinese mainland

These days the UK Royal family's advice is sought far less than it could be. However one of most inspiring innovations is how sir fazle abed once a CEO of Royal Shell oil company tapped into the best of developing economics support of Japan Britain and the Netherlands:  FazleAbed.com BRACnet.ning.com
#metoo Hopefully any true media agent at journalistsforhumanity in the reigns of KingCharles.and Emperor Reiwa will have been required to learn this fable by heart - well at least at the peoples world service media the bbc need to know all about this half a millennium's herstory Q? welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

With the possible exception of Japan Emperor Family (who Charles has enjoyed good relations with since 1964 olympics) nobody is in a better position to mooc a herstory curriculum of how most of the world's people (Asians are about 67% of our species) were trapped in poverty by the way the colonial and industrial ages spun once it was discovered the world c.1500 mother earth was round , Thus the fist key national advantage went to whomever could build the biggest ships of war - and it was mainly the brits that led north europeans not just to go to america but to colonise the south and east asia coasts- you need a really big boat because in those pre suez days you had to sail all the way round africa to get to asia- a job (that could take a year there and back if your health permitted)  that was so unpleasant that slavery probably started as much as press-ganging crew as for other dismal economic reasons (more on sustaining black & white america ar WRJ Rice & Jackson)

Its worth remembering that until the train's steam engine the fastest way to travel was by horse or boat, and so neither trade nor  tourism nor communications (whether real learning or news of any sort) traveled fast, and it was imperative that commands passed down the line.

READ ALL ABOUT IT: The Brits designed education so that those who came top (at the bar of london or the Oxbridge) passed standardised exams (ie subjects where there \was nothing left to explore or dream about) in the exact opposite of entrepreneurial modus operandi freeing speech to ask whether diversity of nature or cultures let alone languages might lead to more than one answer particularly if looked at what was most locally needed for family-loving people to be free  and happy

The Herstory of the UK royal family's rulership is really quite peculiar- its worth noting these (transformational if not downright revolutuonary) steps though there are others you can add in

around 1710 scotland went bankrupt- without knowing it the peoples savings had been invested abroad in a bubble possibly a failed  part of the emergence of the  panama canal- whence the hostile takeover of Scots by london- in other words the scots were one of london's first colonies- the origin of economics: adam smiths books from 1748 on trust (moral sentiments) worthy of market economics are written from this point of view: scots were already losing control of market transparency, and even if nobody cared about scots his piece de resistance : 1776 advantage of nations argued that once so many people had gioe to settle such a large land as the usa- london would be wise to design- w n-win trades and us independence-- of course london wasn't that adaptable and from that day on Boston became a rather unlikely hub for open sourcing the best humans can connect-

 probably this right old muddle accelerated colonisatioj of south asia and even through to malaysia including what we call singapore and now north  to china's south coast and an island  hong kong that became as vital to the future of the human lot as ever Britannia once was

the big question to anyone curious about Britannia's conversion beyond chief slavemakers is when did commonwealth become something the royal family (at least privately even if by now they were told to stay out of politics ) preferred to being lord of the empire- and here eneters another scot james wilson enters the picture - originally hatmaker in scotland he was fed up with the poverty of his workers caused by ever greater taxation and selfishness from london's parliament (by james time, less than 100 years after adam's morals book, more than half of scots had emigrated through lack of livelihoods) so james became an MP at Westminster's House of Parliament- and to start a movement in london fashionable cafes and royal societies james started telling the story and numbers of how the corn laws (through which landowners burnt corn if they couldnt get a high enough price) was starving up to a quarter of irish people to death- queen victoria who after albert died turned into a chronic depressive met james while she was still liking people - additionally she was advised by wellington of waterloo that trains were causing people to move around and having seen the french guillotine the 0.1 % of richest -the corn laws at least should be repealed. They were but not in time for 150 years of hatred and terror campaigns between southern ireland and the UK. If lreland was the biggest neighboring tragedy of empire designing trade for the few, the india subcontinent was the biggest in the 1850s- one quarter of the world's people were effectively having their trade ruled by britannia. James convinced victoria to let him go to calcutta to design a new economy- he foredm teh chartered bank but died of diarrhea 9 months into the project- it took 100 years  before a calcutta lab invented oral rehydration - the biggest infant and old person killer in the world of the tropics could be cured by mixing boiled water sugar and salts in the right proportion. This solution from the 1870s launched girl empowerment in poorest bangladesh and south china villages. but what of James and victoria's commonwealth

well walter bagehot james son in law became the next editor of the economist and he helped redesign currency systems - something peculiar happened britain didnt have enough gold for victoria to keep her promise to redeem a paper note. So instead of the british empire beginning to pull back it forged ahead to hong kong and demanded the chinese accept opium as a trading currency. The chinese wisely fell on their sword and withdrew from global trade markets for over 110 year5s - perhaps the most tragic (uneconomic) story in human history as up til then china had been the largest population and biggest economy.

and so the world went on - today paper currency is printed by politicians particularly when their big banks make a mistake like subprime 2008- in other words the next generation pays for the mistakes of richest elders through the rot that is paper currency and the rot that is any unecessary war. Now I am not bright enough to decide on when a war is necessary - and being born in 1951 to a father who had spent his last dats asa teen navigating airplaned over modernday myammar and bangladesh I thank the americans for town intervening in the old worlds wars and ridding us of hitler,

CONCLUSION TODAY Britannia and japan owe all asians human development around siutainability goals and china and bangaladesh women empowerment has innovated the most extraordinary solution s ever seen since 1972- and i just wish prince charles would get someone to mooc the reality herstory of economic development by and for the people before fake media and some sad loss of confidence out of the americas turns the ear of 100 times more tech every decade sine the moon race into orwell big brother end game instead of every girls right to be as free and happy as every boy

i am not a historian. I am a statistician. I have never had enough money to collect my own data. I understand that artificial intelligences is now a trillion times more effective than my brain power but we still have to choose what big data we feed into the AI and what the purp;ose of the data owner is. So could prince charles and a member of japanese emperor family invite boris and macron to a private cup of tea and see if they can map soe data worth apping AI to?

how did london temporarily become the world's biggest city - and did its evolution mainly ban skyscrapers as the royals didnt want their bedrooms spied on by peoples with telescopes.Most people spent their whole lives wi9th 15 miles of where food was grown and hi=ome was born, Its interesting to see how large the royal gardens still are in London- for most the invention of the underground was a double miracle- it freed travel and its was pribaby as heatb down under than it was on the Dickensian streets

Saturday, July 27, 2019

valuing youth -financial mediators bloomberg and wilson

Diaspora Scot James Wilson started up a lot of unfinished business founding The Economist 1843
At that time, there was no SDG 2 (which only arrived at united nations in 2015 -poetic justice was served with the first action summit led by Ireland's PM) - policy of london and  most members of parliament was to starve regional neighbors Irish and Scots- see corn laws - although his royal society newsletter did repeal the corn laws; troubles/terror networks out of ireland had been planted for the next 150 years; and london went on to thin scots - instead of starving to death we became an 80% diapora nation taking engineering knowhow with us - alumni networks smith/watt 1760

wilson persuaded queen victoria to give him the charter for a bank to develop financial services by and for indian people;arriving in calutta 1860 wilson died  of diarheawithin 9 months of landing - it took 110 yrars more before women started networking a bank to build rural asins and end dirrhea as killer disease - see abedmooc.com

son in law walrter bagehot, economists 2nd editor helped queen victoria change direction of english constitution from the worlds worst slave trader and colonised to commonwealth; but practically speaking britain's eaast indian company went on to close down china for 110 years (the chinese wisely refused to accept opium as a wrld trade currency), and of course the 7 white empires were the root cause of 2 world wars and the nuclear games mischief that is still burdening us in 2021 even as natute bowls her first extinction ball covid 2020s

compare birth of 2 media organisations one and a half century's apart: wilson versus bloomberg

Bloomberg News was founded by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Winkler in 1990 to deliver financial news reporting to Bloomberg Terminal subscribers. The agency was established in 1990 with a team of six people. Winkler was first editor-in-chief.

1843: The Economist was founded by diaspora scot, small enterprise ceo and Parliamentary Member of the House of Commons James wilson- wilson had 
goals of process -sack vested interest MPs and 
goals of moral sentiments: end laws that starve the Irish ; 
wilson was arguably Britain's smartest statistician (in any event he located the economist near somerset house where statisticians met royal society's creative peoples) 

whilst wilson use of the economist as a royal society newsletter turned the tide against the corn laws, this didnt happen in time to prevent Irish propagating terror networks against london for next 150 years

 wilson's biggest mediation caused his early death; while queen victoria was still a happy youngish spirit he sold her the joyous idea of changing English constitution towards commonwealth instead of empire slavemaking ; so she gave him a bank charter, and commanded he go redesign india's economy for its people; 1860 wilson landed in calcutta only to die of diarrhea within 9 months; it took another 110 years before a cure for diarrhea mixing water salt, sugar in right proportions was found; this was a solution that began raining the productivity of a billion asian mothers starting with bangladesh and tropical continental china

imagine if youth who wanted to network sdgs were paid forward to linkin their own world tour of universities and hubs - where would they meetup

  •  bloomberg @ hopkins - over 3 billion - fici health baltimore ( black women invested in supreme court from 1870s - eg won first legal case of beyond slavery when 3 black girls were throen off crusie liner - community nurtured thurgood marshall - stories with pope francis and the rev al hub of DMV with the 60 years great jesse jackson -25th edition of annual wall street dialogue on black productivity starts with families - see economist work on that from 1970s) 
  • schwarzman at MIT Tsinghua and Oxford 
  •  ka-shing at hong kong NY and beijing  
  • masa son - main ai partner funds of any of the above 
  •  dangone nyu medic hubs 

  • we work main ai partner masa son 
  • world economic forums-sino-switzerland: schwab IR4 hubs beijing geneva san francisco tokyo - plus 300 global shapers hubs- first day of jim kim post world bank duties spent cheerleading world shapers as part of his connections of health infrastructure banking and techforafrica with UNCTAD geneva world trade for africa and each continents belt road mapping
  • vatican and rome have many tourist info offices happy to linkin hubs vakuing youth - ask about 1 premiosciacca.it annual laureates of arts and youth community buildres, 2 secrfetaria of noble peace laureates annual summit - same office is rome's green news epicentre, coming soon rome has discovered a new underground colliseum due to be both a cuktural and esports centre including all augmented reality tiurs of unheritage sites or other supoercities of AI for the peoples -if you cant find what you need romes social lawyers adminster the clares heath fund without borders - provided you dont mind gtranslating italain i can usually put true explorers in touch chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk- i was asked twice during pope francis year if visit to usa whether any universities wanted to start new curricula that would make him happy but failed -in this days siloised university presidents didnt realise that ai fraciscan curricula might be billionnure favorote philanthropy investment
researchers can expect much more data on where africa during un sdg sinjommit sept 2019 where japan will report back from 31st year of hosting ticad (ie all african leaders plus abe)- and china will report back from the annual focac and the newly annual expo of africa launched out of china's most revolutionary heartland city changsha earlier in july


Shell oil began life as the starbucks of late 1700s except tea was the drink that made world trade hum even for non-alcololic quakers who built other great anglo dutch institutions eg unilever 

soon these btanched into various royal societies while shell became the empires carbon energy company
by 1843 diaspora scot james wilson sick of scotlands capital being treated like any other colonial city came down to london - his 3-fold plan: become an MP to sack majority of MPs who by now were representing vested lobbies not the people, start economics true media The Economist- friend queen victoria- map how to transform from queen of slave trades to commonwealth- part 1 stop starvation in ireland - cornlaws; part 2 start chartered bank to prepare india for independence- sadly before james has seved his first year in calcutta he died of diarrhea- over 100 years later girl empowerment netwtorks discovered the cure of oral rehydration - the most economic health service solution ever networked- the second connection that took 100 years to linin was crop and other rice scieines of borlaug- mexicans and chinese village women celebrated borlaug as the first knowledge networker to save a billion persons lives; the second was sir fazle abed, the 3rd was whomever you believe freed people on the chinese mainland- thesearee the great economic miracles if economics is the subject adam smith james wilson and keynes intended- but as keynes warned in last chapter of money interest and employment - you can hire an economist to expoentially lock in one single goal - eg make the 10 richest me own more than half of all women if that's what you nation chooses to call democracy

more on wilson's favorite community hub - somerset house

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summer 2019 top52

50 years from moon landing -why has nothing else as exciting been achieved with all the new tech (some people call artificial)- could we make the next decade mission goals round planet earth - how about one per year of under 25 starting with guterres sdg summit sept 2019
top WorldRecordJobs creators 52 summer 2019: JFK, Gordon Moore , Keynes, Jack Ma
Guterres (about 4 tba rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk)
Tim Berners Lee
Torvaulds (Linux kernel)
Brian Chesky (airbnb)
Prince Charles & Royals
Erickson founder
Jesse Jackson
(CK Prahalad)
Paul Farmer
Jim Kim
George Soros
Pope Francis
(Von Neumann)
(Adam Smith)
Ma 1
Ma 2
Masa Son
Emperor Family Japan
Adam Neumann Israel
Kai-Fau Lee
Uniqlo's founder
Chair of ITU
Dubai lead family
Toyota & Keiretsu
team @ CGTN
Russian co-founder Google
Musk (from S Africa)

Indonesia's leader: Widodo
Rwanda's leader" Kagame
(Gandhi & Montessori)
(Paulo Freire)
alos searching andrew ng, crick, jay keasling...

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wrj bloomberg worldrecordjobs.com

GO bAI bi

supercities are the peoples lab for humanising Ai www.humansai.com - nobody is better placed to help hundreds of cities benchmark sustainability of communities and next generation than new york's bloomberg - multibillionaire, media mogul, former mayor, radical changemaker of city's parks, safety and preschools, out of schools hubs- which of his hundreds of co-workers will journalise news youth needs to explore-action more than be examined on

bloomberg is involved in 100 mn$ partnership collecting data in 20 developing countrues on con-communicable diseases births/deaths -health lead kelly henning

keynes student jobs creators follow hi-trust media leaders- attenborough hi-trust public broadcaster: mother nature www & family expert gandhi- other media tips -bloomberg to task journalists supercity AI, japan-china media love 2/3 humans asian
goals change world : JFK's moon race- GUTERRES bon courage first SDgoals summit in 4 years UN sept 2019, bravo japan's ABE & EMPEROR reminding g20 UN summit starts student year 19/20, olympics climaxes it- UN net knows ai= mobile billionaires ITU ,geneva
not best 4 years 5% people called americans ever had earning trust 1/2 of world under 30 who might reason trillion times moore tech than man raced to moon can improve human lot - on top of moon when ;pope francis spoke at UNUS launch sdgs in fall 2015 but since then??

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toyota keiretsu reiwa masa ma uniqlo abe olympics guterres charles and euro royals schwab ITU

related what does japan mean about priority of sti for sdgs roadmapping

toyota launches robots olympics - eg how can youth celebrate humansAI following  2018 launch by Jack Ma at  Scheab's world economics forum with Olympics committee- schwab and japan have been aligning their networks with guterres sdg summits; if you want to connect with UN peoples who get tech you need to go to schwab's geneva and the ITU (where the un meets billionnaires of mobilising each new G): adding extra spice geneva is epicentre of WTO WHO as well as how historically swiss bankers bankrolled dismal not for profits like FIFA (which the us call the house of red cards)- it is time to redesign the value to youth of sports and of celebrities and of fashions - we wonder whether japans richest man founder of uniqlo will join in freeing value chain of fashions-fingers cross japans tennis players do well at the olympics - the emperors family's favorite sport (as it is with one of us's overlooked black heroines Condoleeza Rice who famously loves helping youth learn about policy but not about politics!
e;porting from Messina 1955 birth of EU only 1 journalist attending

Thursday, July 18, 2019

my last happy 12 months in hungary and poland - maths guy tales of pope francis von neumann soros paul farmer yunus and

when my father norman macrae retired after 50 years at The Economist of celebrating whenever east and west and south -and tech wizards - helped to end poverty- especially that 400 years of british slave trading and colonisation had trapped most of 60% of humans are asia in - he spent a decade writing columns for other papers like the sunday times and doing john von neumann's biography

it was therefore a huge treat for me to attend the 20th open society awards hosted by soros out of his (central european)university in budapest- i am a maths guy so i always wanted to see the place where the turn of century 19 had brought up the greatest maths kids ever- on the happy days I visited budapest its a jewel of a city with people working so hard to get back on trading maps that over 40 years of cold war ripped asunder in east and south europe and eurasia, and which just as things seemed to be on the up the interventions in iraq libya and syria to name but 3 have caused so much border havoc that berlin and brussels have made worse for so many peoples peripheral to the german-french-luxembourg-belgium combine harvester

but the networking reason for being in budapest 2-12
where soros nominated his greatest hero as sir fazle abed and paul   farmer was seconding the celebrations on behalf of all health servants for the poor
but then the eu started collapsing - as always that means germany belgium luxembourg france externalise risks onto south and east europeans and now budapest having seen vast trains of refugees enter the eu via its borders has turned all angry especially against soros who had done nothing other than plant a university for enlightenment
there are 3 great human development miracles that have happened since i was born in 1950s - japan and all the far east islands eg singapore HK taowan (and isthmus korea s), china mainland, banagldesh- of these none are remotely possible to study in any american or west european university but bangladesh womens building of the 8th largest population born poorest in 1971 is the most heroic things that has ever happened on the ground (what most heroic in virtual space is a different section of worldrecordjobs.com though the two over;ap - see also www.economistbangla.com and www.womenuni.com and quarterbilliiongirls.com or help linkedin UNwomens

my family tried unsuccessfully to help dr yunus on 3 occasions- we were locked in to grameen compound in dhaka the day that nations supreme court  ruled that yunus was too old to lead a government bank, we help adam smith scholars on glasgow launch the yunus inspired journal of social business, and we helped yunus  challenge mainly black states university  presidents to celebrate their greatest (oops i mean community most caring as well as financially adept) young black entrepreneurs- there was supposed to be a grand finale  in atlanta in 2015 with black youth entrepreneurs across usa being celebrated by nobel peace lasureates

so i attended the 2013 laureate summit in warsaw where the redoutable lech walesa told his secrets of needing the moral support of pope john paul but where sadly gorbachev was not well  enough to speak- since then poland has caught some of the culturally dismal conflicts, the 2014 nobel peace laureate summit was moved from celebrating mandela because yunus could not accept south africa's refusal to give the dalai lama visit, and by 2015 those representing yunus  and the atlanta mayor quarreled over- so again the poor secretariat for the peace summit housed near the vatican in the same office of the green club of rome yet again had to move the summit

in those parts of the english speaking world where media is as fake as a PR lobbyist, its  all  very peculiar the gap between image making and reality making of human development -  its always local youth who lose when the great and the good fail to land an event that took many years to build- and which they  had started - but then got in the middle of canceling- it seems these days hard to help youth linkin to heroes of sustainability goals- but  i hope that the games of worldrecordjobs turn out to be ueful in spite of all of the above

as i no longer really trust what will happen in a weeks time, i try to help keep notes of summits on the world stage both vaut le voyage and which some superpowerful leader rips up after hundreds of years of prep by ordinary decent people


from recode daily
Jeff Bezos’s unorthodox approach to philanthropy. When the world’s richest man finally announced his $2 billion philanthropy fund after being notably absent for years from the world of serious charitable giving, he did something unusual: He gave $100 million each to two dozen homelessness nonprofits across the country, and then he let them do what they wanted with it. According to Recode’s interviews with eight of those funded by him and others familiar with his donations, Bezos wired the money with virtually no restrictions, formal vetting, or oversight. This stands in stark contrast to most other big-dollar donors, who tend to carefully review detailed proposals from charities before selecting them, place specific restrictions on how their money can be spent, and require thorough progress reports. Bezos isn’t doing any of that.
  • But is it a bad thing? Letting a nonprofit take your millions with limited oversight might sound like an irresponsible thing to do. But experts in the nonprofit world told Recode that Bezos’s strategy makes sense — with fewer restrictions and reports to fill out, charities can better focus on the work they have to do.