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If many people are meeting each other for the first time- including a new class at school - we recommend spending the first 3 minutes: ask people to stand up in groups of three- each person spends 60 seconds on the greatest life changing moment in her life to date and what she did differently because of it. Q&A- 1) why's this smart way spending 3 minutes introducing people? 2) how to action debrief everyone? 3) what other tools exist for innovating simultaneous communications among masses of people? 4) Does our species future generation depend on experiencing such culturally simple and trustworthy ways to spend time communicating? Lets consider 4 firstALUMNI OF WORLDCLASSBRANDS: In 1980 we started a True Media debate at The Economist "Year of Brand" on why human sustainability would depend on intangibles valuation and globalisation designing greatest brand leaders aligned to goals of sustaining generations -evidence had been collected with MIT's first database software of society's needs in 50 nations and thousands of markets
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Within a few years the world was debating if tech helps man reach the moon is there any mission impossible on earth.
5G 2020s (4 3 2) 1 G 1970s
And Gordon Moore of Intel had just written a paper promising that microelectronic engineers would improve tech 100 fold every G decade to 2020s -that's a trillion fold more powerful microchips in 2030 than man raced to the moon with. So who's knowledge should teachers and everyone linkin to now if millennials are to be the first sustainability generations and THE UN 17 sdgs are to be celebrated as possible wherever the next girl is born. We welcome your nominations: here are a few examples back from the future of 2030 followed by an approximate chronological order. If in doubt as to whether we know your favorite WRJC please search this blog and mail us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if we have left someone out

Thursday, July 4, 2019

borlaug uniting womens first 5 markets of sustainable planet

the biographer of steve jobs said his genius was to converge the 7 most valuable markets of communications- i half disagree because my first job 1972 as a cambridge ma in stats was at uk national dev project for computer based learning - 5 generatios oof my family have argiued that media (old or new) main job is truth action learning not what trut and ries call ad and lobbyists war over position your minds

anyways what has been discovered by heroines in bangladesh china and other villages (off electricity grids) in humid south of latitude 30 during 1971-1996 moore laws 0G to 2.5G decade is 4 market goals - food's end famine health's end needless child and mothers deaths, water dont drink it unfiltered and dont let big cities dump chemicals in it, resiliency if your region is hot by a disaster dont let global experts relieve you and then fly off- demand they transfer shills and budgets and networks so one day ai of disassters will beam up mother earth - dont let a nation let alone global aid fund yiou with paper money- design women trustflow finace of mothers of the vilage, dont accept examinations schools- improve on montessori's dashboards of skills each child can demonstarte doing

https://www.worldfoodprize.org/en/dr_norman_e_borlaug/about_norman_borlaug/ i wish all laureates webs applied food prize's navigational scheme- 6 languages to unite the world - the orange horizontal menu lets you map how to action learn (linkin diversity's most missing curricula) from foods www greatest https://www.worldrecordjobs.com/search?q=borlaug

americans may lead the world in innovating many things including a global democracy led by a president law cant touch (what6 i thought was communism's defintion but then i have never wanted to study how media is used to politic pover the [eoples) but the truth is the last great innovation in developing life above subsistence by an american was linkoedin around borlaug and interestoing his lab for innovation was mexico just like chiense girls lift up half the sky's lab was accidentally banga;desh

thye 3 miracles how did japn nd far east insland lift off, how did banagldesh lift off, how did china mainland lift off are interlinked- as indeed you would hope maps for sutaining the two thirds of nhumans born asian woul;d be

i know i dont understand a lot about china- the character i least understand is mao- what interests me is he came from hunan- geogrhpacialy thios cpould be caled the centre of china heartland- somehow the revolution was about relegating all the intellectuals who governed out of north or coastal china and empowedring vilage women challenged by similar life threatening problems to bangalodeshi women-

whence rice sceince and oral rehydration were the 2 greatest investions to end death by starvataion and death by dehyfdration - at least one of every parnet needed to action learn these (100% vilage moters in banagldesh, in china the worlds greatest invention transforming communism to capitalsim) happened when 16 families of rice growers in the communist bvolage cooperative signed a treaty to become 16 nterdependent vilage corporations- which ever was diasspared for illegally being a corporation would be looked after by the other families

surprise suorise the vilage tripled rice production befoire the authoritoes knew of the illegal birth of the vilage corportion - instead of sendin the voilahe leaders to jail for the trest of ytheir lioves rural keynsianism ws bo0rn- thi9s is what the chyiene meaan by capitalism with chienjsese societal characteristsocs- a 15 year old was thrown out of a big city high school for stiudying too hard nd sent to vilge cave with 300 text books to finish hos action learning schooling before being invited to go to chna's top university tpo sgtart redesigning its curridulum of designing rural marjets to end [poverty - FOR MOORE SEE WRJ XI JINPING

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