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Saturday, July 27, 2019

valuing youth -financial mediators bloomberg and wilson

Diaspora Scot James Wilson started up a lot of unfinished business founding The Economist 1843
At that time, there was no SDG 2 (which only arrived at united nations in 2015 -poetic justice was served with the first action summit led by Ireland's PM) - policy of london and  most members of parliament was to starve regional neighbors Irish and Scots- see corn laws - although his royal society newsletter did repeal the corn laws; troubles/terror networks out of ireland had been planted for the next 150 years; and london went on to thin scots - instead of starving to death we became an 80% diapora nation taking engineering knowhow with us - alumni networks smith/watt 1760

wilson persuaded queen victoria to give him the charter for a bank to develop financial services by and for indian people;arriving in calutta 1860 wilson died  of diarheawithin 9 months of landing - it took 110 yrars more before women started networking a bank to build rural asins and end dirrhea as killer disease - see abedmooc.com

son in law walrter bagehot, economists 2nd editor helped queen victoria change direction of english constitution from the worlds worst slave trader and colonised to commonwealth; but practically speaking britain's eaast indian company went on to close down china for 110 years (the chinese wisely refused to accept opium as a wrld trade currency), and of course the 7 white empires were the root cause of 2 world wars and the nuclear games mischief that is still burdening us in 2021 even as natute bowls her first extinction ball covid 2020s

compare birth of 2 media organisations one and a half century's apart: wilson versus bloomberg

Bloomberg News was founded by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Winkler in 1990 to deliver financial news reporting to Bloomberg Terminal subscribers. The agency was established in 1990 with a team of six people. Winkler was first editor-in-chief.

1843: The Economist was founded by diaspora scot, small enterprise ceo and Parliamentary Member of the House of Commons James wilson- wilson had 
goals of process -sack vested interest MPs and 
goals of moral sentiments: end laws that starve the Irish ; 
wilson was arguably Britain's smartest statistician (in any event he located the economist near somerset house where statisticians met royal society's creative peoples) 

whilst wilson use of the economist as a royal society newsletter turned the tide against the corn laws, this didnt happen in time to prevent Irish propagating terror networks against london for next 150 years

 wilson's biggest mediation caused his early death; while queen victoria was still a happy youngish spirit he sold her the joyous idea of changing English constitution towards commonwealth instead of empire slavemaking ; so she gave him a bank charter, and commanded he go redesign india's economy for its people; 1860 wilson landed in calcutta only to die of diarrhea within 9 months; it took another 110 years before a cure for diarrhea mixing water salt, sugar in right proportions was found; this was a solution that began raining the productivity of a billion asian mothers starting with bangladesh and tropical continental china

imagine if youth who wanted to network sdgs were paid forward to linkin their own world tour of universities and hubs - where would they meetup

  •  bloomberg @ hopkins - over 3 billion - fici health baltimore ( black women invested in supreme court from 1870s - eg won first legal case of beyond slavery when 3 black girls were throen off crusie liner - community nurtured thurgood marshall - stories with pope francis and the rev al hub of DMV with the 60 years great jesse jackson -25th edition of annual wall street dialogue on black productivity starts with families - see economist work on that from 1970s) 
  • schwarzman at MIT Tsinghua and Oxford 
  •  ka-shing at hong kong NY and beijing  
  • masa son - main ai partner funds of any of the above 
  •  dangone nyu medic hubs 

  • we work main ai partner masa son 
  • world economic forums-sino-switzerland: schwab IR4 hubs beijing geneva san francisco tokyo - plus 300 global shapers hubs- first day of jim kim post world bank duties spent cheerleading world shapers as part of his connections of health infrastructure banking and techforafrica with UNCTAD geneva world trade for africa and each continents belt road mapping
  • vatican and rome have many tourist info offices happy to linkin hubs vakuing youth - ask about 1 premiosciacca.it annual laureates of arts and youth community buildres, 2 secrfetaria of noble peace laureates annual summit - same office is rome's green news epicentre, coming soon rome has discovered a new underground colliseum due to be both a cuktural and esports centre including all augmented reality tiurs of unheritage sites or other supoercities of AI for the peoples -if you cant find what you need romes social lawyers adminster the clares heath fund without borders - provided you dont mind gtranslating italain i can usually put true explorers in touch chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk- i was asked twice during pope francis year if visit to usa whether any universities wanted to start new curricula that would make him happy but failed -in this days siloised university presidents didnt realise that ai fraciscan curricula might be billionnure favorote philanthropy investment
researchers can expect much more data on where africa during un sdg sinjommit sept 2019 where japan will report back from 31st year of hosting ticad (ie all african leaders plus abe)- and china will report back from the annual focac and the newly annual expo of africa launched out of china's most revolutionary heartland city changsha earlier in july


Shell oil began life as the starbucks of late 1700s except tea was the drink that made world trade hum even for non-alcololic quakers who built other great anglo dutch institutions eg unilever 

soon these btanched into various royal societies while shell became the empires carbon energy company
by 1843 diaspora scot james wilson sick of scotlands capital being treated like any other colonial city came down to london - his 3-fold plan: become an MP to sack majority of MPs who by now were representing vested lobbies not the people, start economics true media The Economist- friend queen victoria- map how to transform from queen of slave trades to commonwealth- part 1 stop starvation in ireland - cornlaws; part 2 start chartered bank to prepare india for independence- sadly before james has seved his first year in calcutta he died of diarrhea- over 100 years later girl empowerment netwtorks discovered the cure of oral rehydration - the most economic health service solution ever networked- the second connection that took 100 years to linin was crop and other rice scieines of borlaug- mexicans and chinese village women celebrated borlaug as the first knowledge networker to save a billion persons lives; the second was sir fazle abed, the 3rd was whomever you believe freed people on the chinese mainland- thesearee the great economic miracles if economics is the subject adam smith james wilson and keynes intended- but as keynes warned in last chapter of money interest and employment - you can hire an economist to expoentially lock in one single goal - eg make the 10 richest me own more than half of all women if that's what you nation chooses to call democracy

more on wilson's favorite community hub - somerset house

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