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Within a few years the world was debating if tech helps man reach the moon is there any mission impossible on earth.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

nightingale and farmer and soros

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Partners In Health Co-founder
@ Ukraine/Crimea 1850s. Florence Nightingale invented modern nursing as profession integrating courageous networks of women- new sanitary processes in a war-hospital saved over half of injured soldiers from death. As well as one of humanity’s most valuable educational entrepreneurs she was a Brit born in Italy, graduating out of Germany lutheran culture
she inspired emotionally intelligent teamwork and networked servant leadership
by 1996 george soros was the first billionaire to be interested in sponsoring experiments in mobile quadirs boston, community health jim kim with farmer, education systems his own central euro u and finance- his most purposeful experimental agents were in different parts of the world and often concerned with communities that needed leapfroging eg going from no electricity/phones to solar and 2G- so everything didnt start coming together until he heard that the founder of the largest ngo partnership to support women ending poverty aimed for brac university to be his legacy - more at valuetrue.com

sanitation and foundations of nursing locally saves lives
economic system model - rural keynes - fazle abed

bicentenary of birth 2020 #nightingale2020

everything that is great about uk national health system begins and ends with nursing culture of service- when nurses are the most valued people in a community or a nation hi-trust flows can grow, childrens safety becomes everyone's job as well as how big data is designed for resilient community use

query- missed opportunity- gandhi was stuck in britain for 6 months at start of world war 1
he served in local red cross in london- however later
when redesigning village school systems in india with montessori health action learning
seems to have been missed out

from the late 1970s correcting this omission is how asian women empowerment grew out of villages -see www.fazleabed.com

at st thomas hospital london-

Learning at the Florence Nightingale Museum

We offer a range of learning opportunities here at the Florence Nightingale Museum. Click below to find out more.

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