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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Exploring 2020s AI 5G IOT 5sense 3D and all that jazz y1

It took about 10000 human brains and according to Moore a trillion times less tech to win the moon race challenge of kennedy in the 1960s. We define 2020 AI as when science fiction ceased to exist- any goal assigned enough young mids and 2020 techforsdgs.com is achievable

who is leading 2020 AI - AsIans because they are the majority of humanist and their continent is a lab for pretty much every urgent sdg challenge all over the world. Understanding where in Asia is leading what due to systemic muddles of the English-speaking bureaucratic mindset- but follow the schiolkar of hubs of Scwab or Scwarzman or if you are a new yorker Bloomberg to enjoy an urgent good Aaian Ai guide or if you value a woman';s view start with gteams orbiting through BRAC University the leading women end poverty economic and educational partbership

The computer brain's main advantage is analytic- it could now do caluclations that no number of human brains -the main disadvangtage it has no true way of knowing what data its been given - kit can be more easily applied top bad ends than lones that take heroic #digitalcooperation such as the UN's SDGs. To counter thos problem you need local as well as global 5g. who leads this china and nordica and supercity

Supercity's come into the puictire in being the test spaces for making AI and big data operational platforms. The good news is any supercity that dares be first to test a platfrom that improves the human lot will become the best friends of cities all over the worlkd. Thgis make thise who police national trade borders look ever less relevant at least on win-win exchnsges of how life croitical knowhow multiplies value in use unlike consuming up things

It is not unjderstood in the west's biggest natiuons that humans and their persona devices are are mot te main subscriber to 5\G - communal devices called IOT are. So to understand giuant leaps for humanity we need to celebrate sightings of what sorts of IOT appear

drones for agriculture and urgent delivery of medical produce will be huge- it seems japan and china will lead this for the very sgtarge freason that the usa only specialise in drones for government warfare and so doesnt even permit stidents to lead explorations of drones as 2020s space agents

slighly netter new is hapening in space- today the most exciting of 100 mit enetrepreneur competitiuons is probably the one that awrads teenager a prize of an experiment in space- tehse now cost less than 10000 dolars for a small experiment

medical iot will probably start popping up in places where people undress ,kost - eg bathrroms but this is dependent on whether 5g privacy rules are trasnoparently mediated- thsi is the same chalenge for all ai health databanks- tehre is an opportunity for india to leap ahead in getting this right probably in partnership wuith eteh same bangladesh and chiense gorils that invented barfoot nusrising netwporks in the 1970s at the time when new york's UNICEL approved of such bottom-up entrepreneuriual revolutions

which brings us neatly to climate chalenges - we dont yet know what the IOTs will be called that need to report back climate meltdown across nations - if tehse afre to exist in time its alsomt certan that studnets across teh arctic circle will need to be freed to colaborate- it may tyrn out that species or srctic animals can help be the iot needed

this brings us to other exotoc tech- what some people call 3d printing others call additive engineering- until recently every thing ever engineered was cut out of natural resources - tday computers can mould together pieces that are so small that they are as strong as cutting out anything from natire; the computers precision is gfreater than any hand be that guided by a mavchine tool or not- probaly everywhere inj teh world can take the lead in diferent apps of 3d but lagards will be those countries where federal adminstrations wrongkly claim that 3d is less safe than engineerung by cutting

we havent quite mentuions that the quantum coimpiter now has a new design what took 100000 years to analyse can now take 10 seconds in some trailblazing cases

we havent looked into how the oicmputers mimicing of 5 senses may yet be most uoseful for augmenting humans who currently have lost one of the sneses- normally these people are suoper effucient at the lother 4 senses hence the likelihhod that will become superhuman innovatores

of course everuything that you think of above for bettering the human lot can be linked in by bad guys - teh negatiove side of cyber and how to protect against that

perhaps its not surprising that bad cyber has so far had a fielde-day in blockchain simpoly because it ios eveident that this technolgy changes money and how people keep score on each other for ever and a day. we await the first 100% good blockchain innovation - that may be as important a day in the 2020s as landing on the moon was in the 1960s

of course we need corespndents all of the world to look out for nwhats hapening soem where- we hoep this is the purpose of teh new university wherever elders most want their children to linkin the sustainability generation - how say you chris.Macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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