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Within a few years the world was debating if tech helps man reach the moon is there any mission impossible on earth.
5G 2020s (4 3 2) 1 G 1970s
And Gordon Moore of Intel had just written a paper promising that microelectronic engineers would improve tech 100 fold every G decade to 2020s -that's a trillion fold more powerful microchips in 2030 than man raced to the moon with. So who's knowledge should teachers and everyone linkin to now if millennials are to be the first sustainability generations and THE UN 17 sdgs are to be celebrated as possible wherever the next girl is born. We welcome your nominations: here are a few examples back from the future of 2030 followed by an approximate chronological order. If in doubt as to whether we know your favorite WRJC please search this blog and mail us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if we have left someone out

Friday, December 20, 2019

death of abed - one of history's first global youth scholars

we first met abed in 2008- he was in his last 12 years of 50 serving very poorest womens families and communities- bangladesh became the place i travelled to most often apart from 3 places that have been by home uk us france - our testimony web www.fazleabed.com- mapping partners in his dream legacy the open university and bank of sdgs is at valuetrue.com
back to 3 of the great global students

3 of history's most interesting teenage explorers of new universities -1880s gandhi 1950s singh and abed

if you disagree with this diaspora scottish team recount of the 260 years since Adam Smith asked 4 big question on the future of markets alongside fellow Glasgow U James Watt of the future of Industrial Revolution and Engines, please know that we follow The Economist's time honored offer- we will publish any letter we understand as long as it does not express hatred and it offers a clear contact point

The teenage Gandhi didn't see anything worth life time studies in mumbai so he crowdfunded from his family to go to london (then centre of empire) to qualify as a barrister at bar of london. It was quite a future shock for everyone involved -eg gandhi was dismayed how many students of ruling the empire seemed to be drunk by the time. Gandhi spent his relaxation time forming a cross-cultural consciousness student network of every foreign student in london who didnt partake of alcohol. This was one of 7 accidents that was to make him the most worldwide  networked person of his era -at least across the continents of asia where most people lived,  africa and europe. Much later Gandhi was to perfect interacting with the quakers. They are one of the most peaceful revolutionary movements. They invite the most powerful people to speak to a circle of them with one house rule. Once the speaker has spoken anyone in the circle is free to ask one and only one question. This reverses the usual question time - where there is a battle to be one of the few questioners. In the quakers format question first has no advantage,. The circle literally quakes to see who will be the ice breaker with the high and mighty speaker. May eastern conscious group formats minimise verbal interactions anyway- somehow quaker and consciousness quietly took london by storm in the 1920s. This was one of 2 reasons why london gave away itgs empire so quickly. The other was the nation was too broke after world war 2 to try and oppose a fifth of the worlds peoples demands. Yet the disadvantage of this was the handover was hasty. The lawyer  sir kenneth kemp who drafted version 0 of the legalese of india's independence and gandhi had both expected the whole continent to be one united states of india. At le last moment west pakistan's aga khan family's stamped on mountbaten's food and demanded a partitioning - so one fifth of people ended up with india and west pakistan as a new empire ruling over east pakistan
the second and third accidents occurred when he returned to bombay (now called mumbai) to find himself overqualified- those with big legal cases wanted a british bar of london barrister. GOING VIRAL Gandhi started writing about community challenges for a local newspaper. He would also pay street boys to sample copies of his writings. meanwhile he was finally offered a stream of work by the indian diaspora in south africa- before taking up this position- one of his articles had been sent by reuters from mumbai to london- the brits started spying on how was it that a young indian was linking across the empire on deeply social issues but with the legal power of a barrister

Although mush of gandhi's work only served to slightly delay apartheid becoming south africa's legal system it wasnt until 1906 when he himself wAs thrown out of a train for having the wrong colored skin to travel first class that gandhi had his aha moment - the law of london was spiralling poverty among his kinsfolk- not just in south africa but back home in india. Gandhi had a plan- aim to design a totally new livelihood-based education system before confronting lawyers with demands for independence.
4th accident Over the next 20 years gandhi commuted between bombay, durban and london- the ships he took started to become a floating university with a few weeks of courses mediated by MG. On one of hos stopovers in london world war 1 broke lout. Gandhi wasnt able to sail for several months- so as a pacifist he joined the war effort by serving in london's red cross. Community health services were to become a core curriculum in gandhi's education for all grades. He formed ashram which were village cooperatives where whole families lived and both worked and learned together on food security and other rural developments including hme made textiles.
5th accident a centrepiece of gandhi's last visit to london was a so-called roundtable in 1925 at the quakers house auditorium opposite euston station - one of the only affordable space where over 1000 people can meet. By this time people from all over europe were coming to listen to an asian who was declaring this was his last visit to the capital and start of his peaceful disobedience campaigns back in india. Surprisingly a row started with the suffragettes claiming gandhi was too chauvanistic - if he was going to free the fifth of the world who came form India- how would he include women. It is rumored that this is how maria montessori was matched up with him - both the most innovative educator of her age and a woman who dared launch a new form of schooling all across Indian villages. When it comes to total educational reform- Gandhi may not quite have scaled a new university but with mari he changed primary education especially in rural area
6th gandhi invented tabloid publicity stunts with serious messages. British Law monopoiised the making of salt. So Gandhi organises  a march from the rural ares to the coast where his comrades started to boil sea water to make salt crystals. They were basten over the head by british troops supported by salts monopoly law. My maternal grandfather sir kenneth kemp  - chief justice of mumbai- spent 20 years judging Gandhi before grandad last job writing up the legalese of india's independence.
7 so it was the father of india independence became his half century's most famous man across the half hempishere of the old world- and just at that peak was assassinated.

In the 1950s Manmohan Singh went to corpus chrisii cambridge to study with Keynes (died 1946) favorite tutors. His thesis how to design national economies aso as to compound no underclasses inside the nation or across borders to neighbouring nations. Singh appeared at indika's inflection point in the mid 1990s - the first time india effectively came out tfo world markets. He may not have been able to reform Indi's bureaucracy much but he was there at india's liftoff as a world trader- and while there many never be a new university of manmohan singh its his world trade alumni that give the fifth of people who come from india a leap into the 21st C

Also in te 1950s Fazle Abed came from what by then was called East Pakistan (ie what had been the most easterly coastal area of India under Britannia) to Glasgow University to study the future of shpo engineering. In one sense Glasgow U was a good choice as since the 1760 it has been the origin of alumni of moral markets as well as the future of engines.And spent the 1960s becoming an accountant. In the 2020s any university that is not connected with brac partners cant really claim to be freeing its students to do the most ulta solutions of any of the 17 sdgs- if you dont have the trust of the very poorest quarter billion of village women you cant expect to so sustainability goals for the bottom billion of even the boot half of the world.

2020 gandhi diary in the era of virus rules the world
i have compiled a brochure with 100 links to how soros sees the world- please say if individually or as a group you would like to explore it

one of the odd things as soros spends his last few years converging 32 billion dollars of philanthropy vienna is brilliantly linkedin- who his first connector with india is i cannot yet find

i agree one truly useful link would be where some of india's biggest health organisations have tried to make eg innoculations affordable - the exact opposite to all of americas biggest health care corporates

but while not wishing to sound gloomy, india for last 20 years has worried me more and more-  india's fifth of world people may be least connected from community up and with a national identity uniting the peoples- to end the virus or at minimum they will need very different processes than whatever mr trump is ruling over

i think gandhi would be shocked his 40 years 1906-46 were best of kind at that time-  through 40 years of diaries at the economist, my father observed one clue that made him unpopular- least developed nations worst process would be so-called democratic but not adam smithian - i fear thats india systemic weakness but may be i am biassed - indira gandhi was the only national leader to refuse my father a journalistic visa even though my maternal grandfather wrote up legalese for independence of india after 20 years with gandhi in mumbai coming from 4 generations of diaspora scots in mumbai who were social lawyers nurses or pharmacists

another irony back in late 1970s soros first became a philanthropist in south africa and emerging movements around mandela but these dont seem to have criss-crossed in soros expert world to india/gandhians

somewhere lurking in the uk is the knowledge of the attenborough family- 60 years into tv broadcasting, david still shines on bbc and natures common sense voice- sadly his brother richard who directed the movie gandhi and for many years chaired londons deepest historical club of gandhi which goes back to the quakers roundtable of 1925 passed almost a decade ago-the bbc nor western english has never understood gandhi's idea from 1906- redesign whole livelihood education stem through communities before demanding independence

einstein congratulated gandhi as being the only systems thinking global leader of his era- and of course einstein remianis maths number 1 champion of the more mcro you go the more humanly sustainable your knowhow networking can be

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