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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

some recent investment updates masa-son

update softbank's yahoo japan in negotiation with line (80 million person messaging app)

SoftBank Invests $60 Mn In Grofers Larger Funding Round
Grofers has raised nearly $60 Mn in a fresh Series F funding round from Masayoshi Son-led SoftBank Vision Fund (SVF). This is reportedly the first tranche of the larger $120 Mn-$140 Mn funding round that is under works for Grofers.

plus axios trawl - whenever re-reviewing what you know axios is a good starting space


SoftBank poaches Sequoia communications chief

Andrew Kovacs switches shops.

SoftBank's "vision" thing

Instead, they want to focus on the "vision."

Dell, debt and dilemmas

The new tax law might force Michael Dell's hand.

Dog-walking startup Wag raises $300 million

SoftBank buys into Wag, which also gets a new CEO.

Andrew Ng's latest AI project: a $175 million fund

Investors include NEA, Sequoia, Greylock Partners, and SoftBank

Benchmark Capital's lawsuit against Travis Kalanick is over

SoftBank deal paved the path for dismissal.

SoftBank backs construction tech startup Katerra

Deal comes at a valuation north of $3 billion

Steve Schwarzman on SoftBank's "particular place"

Private equity boss on his latest rival.

SoftBank's Uber deal still faces regulatory review

$8 billion investment is closed. Sort of...

How the ride-hail companies are all connected

It's a hyper-competitive industry in which rivals are often partners.

Travis Kalanick offered to sell half his Uber shares

He'll finally become the billionaire he's often reported to be.

Report: Weinstein Co. could sell for less than $500 million

The Weinstein Co. film studio, founded by disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein

Private equity buys into subprime lender OneMain

Apollo and Varde are buying a 40% stake from Fortress.

China's Didi Chuxing acquires Brazilian ride-hailing company 99

And with this, it's back to competing with old rival Uber.

SoftBank agrees to buy large stake in Uber

Uber will also get a $1 billion investment from SoftBank at the $70 billion valuation.

Sequoia Capital is talking about a $5 billion fund

It would be the Silicon Valley-based firm's largest-ever raise.

China's Didi Chuxing raises $4 billion

What's a few more billion between ride-hail apps?

Lemonade raises $120 million round, led by SoftBank

Real estate insurer now worth more than $500 million.

Tech IPOs faced unexpected headwinds in 2017

Top tech startups found even more ways to put off traditional IPOs.

Uber inks deal with Singapore's largest taxi operator

Uber has agreed to sell a majority stake in its Singapore rental car business.

Uber deal reflects SoftBank's growing power in Silicon Valley

Venture firms do not want to cross Masa Son.

Uber investors face big decision

SoftBank launches its tender today.

SoftBank's ride-hail ambitions turn to India

It's reportedly in talks to up its stake in Indian ride-hailing company Ola.

SoftBank's Uber deal takes major step forward

No, a deal isn't done yet. Not even close.

Uber CEO: SoftBank deal will happen

Dara Khosrowshahi gives first public interview

SoftBank increases Vision Fund size

Getting closer to that $100 billion.

SoftBank to up its Sprint stake in wake of failed T-Mobile deal

The Japanese conglomerate says that the No. 4 U.S. carrier is a strategic part of tis future.

How the T-Mobile-Sprint deal died

Softbank chief Masayoshi Son turned down a revised offer at a dinner in Tokyo last night, according to a source

T-Mobile, Sprint break off merger talks

The two companies said they have ended discussions after being unable to come to a satisfactory deal.

The case for Uber at $95 billion

It's all about the comps.

SoftBank asks Uber shareholders to keep quiet

It's an "anti-collusion clause" or a "gag order," depending on your point of view.

Alphabet leads $1 billion Lyft investment

Deal comes at an $11 billion valuation.

SoftBank preps final play for Uber

The key dollar figure to know is $41.65.

SoftBank wants to become a major AI player

Masayoshi Son has tapped a $93 billion investment fund for the "singularity."

Abu Dhabi's Mubadala sets up VC shop in Silicon Valley

$400 million VC fund launched, in partnership with SoftBank.

The Japanese investment firm funding Silicon Valley

It's raising the stakes

WeWork founder says we've lost community

The office leasing company partners with biographer Walter Isaacson

Indian Uber rival Ola is raising more than $2 billion

It has already closed $1.1 billion of the Tencent-led funding round.

Uber board splits difference with Travis Kalanick

Now comes the SoftBank battle.

Roivant ups bet on Arbutus, after Axovant failure

SoftBank-backed biotech needs a win.

Travis Kalanick fills two remaining Uber board seats

But the arbitration with Benchmark Capital is ongoing.

Top quotes from Bloomberg Global Business Forum

Top lines from Mike Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and more.

SoftBank's big Uber deal rests on governance

Pricing matters, but right now it's secondary.

Google in talks to invest in Lyft

Deal would be a stunning rebuke to Uber.

Self-driving car startup Zoox talks funding with SoftBank

Deal could value Zoox at upwards of $4 billion.

New Uber CEO: We're not going public next year

Dara Khosrowshahi meets with employees.

Mastercard is WeWork's newest enterprise customer

The two companies have inked a deal that will include testing new payments technology and mentoring select startups.

Meet Uber's newly chosen CEO

Uber's board has handed the keys to Iranian-born Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia's CEO and a Barry Diller protégé.

SoftBank invests $3 billion into WeWork

Combined with previously announced funds for international expansion, SoftBank's investment reaches $4.4 billion.

Uber ponders new investment as board battle rages

Such a deal could create as many problems as it solves.

​The Uber situation has somehow devolved even further

Uber's board is looking at 3 investors offering to buy its shares.

Charter Communications has yet another suitor

Altice is sniffing around what could be a $200 billion deal.

SoftBank says it's interested in investing in Uber or Lyft

Confirming earlier reports of its interest in Uber.

WeWork invests $500 million to grow in Southeast Asia and Korea

The company is in the midst of an aggressive expansion in Asia.

1 comment:

  1. https://techcrunch.com/2017/12/19/softbank-leads-a-120-million-round-for-insurance-startup-lemonade/
    The SoftBank Group has finally made a good tech investment around real estate.

    After investing $4.4 billion in what is essentially a bespoke office space rental business (WeWork) and another $450 million in Zillow for rich people (Compass), the gargantuan Japanese tech investor is leading a $120 million round of funding for Lemonade, a startup providing renters and homeowners insurance.

    Additional investors in the round include previous backers Alphabet’s investment firm, GV, General Catalyst and Sequoia Capital.

    Insurance is a pretty tricky business that depends on a lot of data science to right-size coverage — and Lemonade is one of the first completely new entrants in the market to design a soup-to-nuts insurance business for the smartphone era.

    Much of what the company does is automated by chatbots or managed by algorithmically enhanced policy management tools (I hesitate to say AI-enabled, because these things aren’t intelligent, they just process data well).

    That can help keep costs down for the company, but Lemonade also depends on a business model innovation that purports to keep its customers more honest when filing claims. When they enroll, policyholders all select a charity through the app to which they will donate a portion of their unspent premiums at the end of a term.

    The idea is that users won’t file unnecessary claims if they know that the money isn’t just going to be kept by a faceless corporate entity and will, instead, support a cause they care about.

    The company said that it would use the money to become the first consumer-facing insurer to expand internationally and also would be launching new coverage products for its customers in 2018. One area where it won’t be adding policies is in auto insurance, which, according to chief executive Daniel Schreiber, was facing too much headwind despite its size to be interesting to a new insurance company.

    Lemonade already covers 90,000 policyholders for policies worth tens of billions of dollars, said Schreiber.

    Several other startups are making the jump to the formerly staid and sleepy insurance business. Trōv, Cover, Hippo and Swyfft all offer services to make insuring possessions or property faster and easier.

    “By combining big data and AI with a seamless user experience, Lemonade is truly revolutionizing the insurance industry,” said David Thevenon, a senior investment professional within the SoftBank Group, in a statement.

    A spokesperson for SoftBank said the firm was passing on most inquiries until it closes its fund and that its investment professional responsible for the deal was traveling and would not be available for comment.