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problem 99% of what people value connecting or doing to each other
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1995 started our most recent quater of a century with 2 people in Seattle determined to change distribution of consumers' markets - the ideas of how of bezos and jack ma on what this would involve were completely different except that they changed the purpose of being online from education knowledge to buying & selling things -
nb consuming up things is typically a zero-sum game or less if done unsustainable- whereas life-shaping knowhow multiplies value in use
from 1970 to 1995 knowhow needed to end subsistence poverty of over a billion asian villagers was networked person to person by women with no access to electricity grids- their number 1 wrjc involved partnerships linked by fazle abed - borlaug's crop science was one of the big 5 action learnings -its person to person application saved a billion people from starvation; the first 185 years of the machie age started up bl glasgow university's smith an watt in 1760 had brought humans to the 2 world wars; when people from nearly 200 nations founded the united nations at san francisco opera house 1945 chances of species survival looked poor- miraculous;y one mathematician changed that before he died 12 years later- john von neumann's legacy was both the moon race and twin artificial intel labs - one facing pacific ocean out of stanford; the other facing the atlantic out of mit boston .. who are top job creating economists by practice - health -refugee sports green hong kong..where are top tour guides around billionaire 1 2 around poverty,,, we the peoples ...

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Abed - crossroads to future of humanity, sustainability?

 Two things happened in 1972: the 21st year that Economist journalists had been applying von neumann's greatest scoop "ask what peoples will do with 100 times more tech per decade". 

  • Instead of being bogged down is soundbiting with 90 day financial reporting, The Economist began its ;eap towards emerging as world's favorite veiwspaper: by starting the genre of 40 year (intergeneration) future histories. 
  • Asia's leading young oil company engineer (Royal Dutch Shell Oil Regional CEO for East Pakistan) left the company to spend the rest of his life (nearly half a century) on empowering women to develop poorest nations as much as men.

For Keynsians, Abed went on to deliver the greatest economic miracle of human development with market models that changed aid downside up. Instead of trickle down money from rich gov to poor national gov to ... investment was designed to celebarte womens role as global vilage entrepreneurs in such a way that their gender sustained nation building from world's least dev nations to something better for children to be born into

In broad broad terms, Abed worked on 5 dimensions which werent recoginsed as the 5 deeepst sustainability dev goals to 2015!:But there were practi9cal grassrots networking twists that cannot be mapped from the top down let alone designed into what 2020s people call ai deep learning data integrity

5 equality of women as productive peoples: he focused on empowering women to build 100000 person communities that were literally facing extinction through starvation and health 25 yeras behind average life expectancies

4  education for livielihoods and life: He designed educational partnerships platforms that leaped forward round ;life critical kmowhow networking in the form of vilage microfranchises. For quarter of a century his decade ahead thinking was focused on web00 peoples with no access to electricity. All communications needed to be by word of mouth (expereiential learmning) until sufficient leaps in literacy permitted education by printed works all of which brac partenrs dedited and distributed.

1 Designing banks to end poverty : Financial aid was changed to design vilage businesses wherevver possible ie making aid sustainable instead of an endless chase for charity (which also means no bisoienss develoment of the peoples). Where grants were sought Aned aimed to deliver a world class soliution celebrating the aid brand that partnered brac and making bangladesh a national laboratory for women vilagers ending poverty and integrating advances in sustainability goals

3 last mile health service design

2 last mile food production/secuirity esepcially relevant to infants forst 1000 days nuttritional needs and that of their mothers  (we can think of gola 2 as all human energy inputs including liquids -unless human energy inpiuts come before energy machines need as a worldwide cooperation we'll probably see orwell's edn game where big brother and big machine competes with nature - matematically speaking as eg einstein warned in hios correspondence with Gandhi: putting humans second to machines in every national policy can only take us towards extinction

Culture was important. Paulo Freire inspired relatoionship between brac employees, the next 100000 vilagers operating professional franchises (eg schools, barefoot health, barefoot lawyers); 6 years into Brac's founding yoiu can see the team spirit from these report

For more see www.economistbangla.com where we also look at 112 year learning gaps between 1860 death calcutta of founder of The Economist (James Wilso mission charter bank for india people with queen victoria) and local knowhow networking of oral rehydration to prevent diarrjhea being number 1 killer disease of infannts and enderly in tropical places. You may also not that all of G8 capitals (defining world economy to world wars and some would say since) are located way north of the tropics ; even though most people in population tersms live between in norther tropics; bangaldesh can be thought of as the 150 million person lab most pivotal to the deeepst chalenges to human advancement that the world up to 1972 had spun


1996 was half time in Abed and billion womensaction learning curves. Specifically while oprimal partners of Abed's foirst quarter century of end poverty female networking: brought brac (Bangladesh Rural Advanevment Cooperation) a mobile telecoms net and solar. So abed's last 24 years started to include tech partnerships in his compass of 100 times more dper decade. His focus: firts make sure brac enterprises led up to nationwide wjholesaler value chains that mattered mots for poorest vilage women to continue to build sustainble nation. Open a university not juts for development of bangladesh youth but as next leap for bangladesh women workd's human development labs and so that abed could take a shot at how missing curriculum could colaboratively create 50+ million new jobs - eg playschools for the wprld of sustainable commuinities; ultra graduation of the very porrest before they had wherewithal to apply banking; the wporld's most populous cashless bank

The Japan ambassador convened 2 remembrance brainstorming sessions in remenbrance of fdad who had cpached economist journalist in neumann's 100 times more search for briding what we can now see as 5 world of communityb networksng



web 1

web 2


Abed asked that people consider designing a mooc of his and a billion poorest womens collaborations. We table these around the 5 primary goals and then discuss 6 legacy stream he hoped would emerge. Unlike the UN goal 17 which separates piublic-private artnerships - abed aleays grounded platforms of chnage so he expecetd 6 dimension P(xpP expoenetial compasses of innovation

where X= women poorest yoiuth and leaps through chnages afforded by tech, going green, and integrating global vilage trading infrastructure

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