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Monday, November 18, 2019

Chen Jining

Resume of Chen Jining-Mayor's Profile - eBeijing.gov.cn

Mr. Chen Jining, born in Lishu County Jilin Province, in February 1964, of the Han Nationality, joined the Communist Party of China in June 1984, and began his career in April 1998. He is a doctor of engineering, professor, and obtained his master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from …


2018年10月15日 - President Chen Jining delivered a speech called How to Make College Life More Meaningful. Dean Wang Zhenmin represented the faculty to delivered a speech ...

In addition to this wikipedia bio  Chen Jining  GO.BA.BI :

  • helped concept develop schwarzman scholars
  • will likely connect 2022 olympics (winter beijing) with the transformation partnerships of jack ma ban ki-=moon and others of the 2020s olympics series 

(s korea winter 2018) Tokyo 2020 beijing 2022 Paris 2024 ... LA 2028

Chen Jining

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Chen Jining
Chen Jining (cropped).jpg
Mayor of Beijing
Assumed office
27 May 2017
Party SecretaryCai Qi
Preceded byCai Qi
Minister of Environmental Protection
In office
February 2015 – May 2017
PremierLi Keqiang
Preceded byZhou Shengxian
Succeeded byLi Ganjie
President of Tsinghua University
In office
February 2012 – January 2015
Preceded byGu Binglin
Succeeded byQiu Yong
Personal details
BornFebruary 1964 (age 55)
GaizhouLiaoning, China
Political partyCommunist Party of China
Alma materTsinghua University
Brunel University London
Imperial College London
OccupationPolitician, educator
Chen Jining (simplified Chinese陈吉宁traditional Chinese陳吉寧pinyinChén Jíníng; born February 1964) is a Chinese academic and politician, and the current Mayor of Beijing.[1] An environmental engineer by trade, Chen served as the President of Tsinghua University from 2012 to 2015 and Minister of Environmental Protection between 2015 and 2017.[2]

Early life and education[edit]

Chen was born and raised in GaizhouLiaoning, with his ancestral home in Lishu CountyJilin. In 1981, he attended Tsinghua University, where he graduated with a BSc degree in environmental engineering in 1986. Chen was then educated at Brunel University London, and next at Imperial College London where he earned a PhD degree in civil and environmental engineering in 1993. After graduation he worked as a research assistant at Imperial College London until 1998.[3][4][5][1]


In March 1998 he became the Deputy Director of the Environmental Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, rising to Director the next year. In February 2006 he was Vice-President of Tsinghua University, a year later, he was promoted to become the Executive Vice-President. He concurrently served as Dean of the Graduate School of Tsinghua University from January 2010 to February 2012, Dean of the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University between January 2010 to July 2011.
In February 2012, Chen was appointed the President of Tsinghua University,[6] he remained in that position until January 2015, when he was appointed Minister of Environmental Protection, People's Republic of China.[7] At the time of his appointment, he was the youngest member of Li Keqiang's cabinet.[7] In 2015, he was also a member of the judging panel for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.
In May 2017, Chen was appointed acting Mayor of Beijing, becoming the 17th person to hold the office since the founding of the People's Republic of China.[8]
Chen was a deputy to the 12th National People's Congress.[9]


  1. hope you will forgive the mistranslations - there is something charming about tsinghua i have never seen in the 100 western universities i have visited
    Your University, China's Hope - Speech at the Opening Ceremony of Tsinghua University Undergraduate in 2012
    Professor Wang Zhenmin, Dean of Tsinghua University Law School

    August 16, 2012

    Dear students, relatives, teachers:

    good morning everyone! In August in Beijing, the autumn is crisp and the scenery is pleasant. I am very happy to welcome the outstanding students from all over the world on behalf of the teachers. It is not too much to say that half-national English will be Tsinghua. In particular, in recent years, more and more excellent liberal arts students from all provinces have chosen Tsinghua University to complete their own liberal arts. This proves once again that Tsinghua is not only the cradle of cultivating outstanding scientists and engineers, but also the fertile soil for the masters of outstanding humanities and social sciences. I promise that no matter whether it is a science student or a liberal arts student, Tsinghua will not let you down. Of course, I believe that you will not let Tsinghua be disappointed. It’s a pleasure to be born in the world. This is the mood of me as a teacher at this moment.

    Every classmate is not a leisurely generation, and has an impressive past. Unfortunately, all of this is now zero, and everyone is on the same starting line. However, you will definitely be very different in four years, depending on how you plan your university today and how you want to spend your college years. Here, I will share three thoughts for you.

    First, learn with lofty ideals. The place where the soul can't reach, the footsteps must not be able to. If you want to go further, your mind must first reach the ideal shore. In the middle school age, you are not taking the test every day, or you are on the way to the exam or preparing for the exam. You can't learn for the ideal and interest. After entering the university, I hope that you can open your mind and make bold assumptions to maximize the potential and talents of the development and development, to recover the lost "innocence" and nature, to be daring, to be good at "thinking", "indiscriminate contact", many Inventions and theoretical innovations are inadvertently produced in "contemplation" and "disorderly connection." In particular, my Tsinghua students are not only actively exploring in the already-existing world, but also looking forward to the stars, flying their dreams, and opening up new worlds of the unknown world! I also hope that the students will not learn for the exam, for the good scores, or for the immediate interests, for making big money, and for making quick money, but for a great cause and for a lofty ideal. . No matter what profession you choose, your choice is not just a profession, but a career. When conceiving your own future, you must combine your dreams with the future of the country and mankind. Thus, your university and your life are the universities and life that Tsinghua people should have. In the next four years, you must find a career and lofty dreams worthy of lifelong struggle, and persevere and persevere to act. continued part 2

    1. part 2
      Second, enter the German training, self-cultivation, moral articles and progress. British educator Newman said: "A person with a sound soul can do anything." The university is not only a place to learn knowledge and skills, but also a citizen who cultivates self-cultivation, cultivates a sound soul, a noble character, and a strong sense of social responsibility. . We must civilize your spirit, cultivate your sentiments, care for the people, care for the heavens and the earth, defend our core values, and never let knowledge and skills transcend the moral bottom line and become a courageous and dedicated citizen. What you really can take away four years later, in addition to the diploma, is what you have dedicated to it; the more you give, the more you take away, the more you gain. Be optimistic and enterprising, the sun is rising, whether it is facing the problems of nature or the problems of human society, always full of confidence, giving hope, not saying "no way". To cultivate your own tenacity, have tenacious perseverance, perseverance, never give up, do not give up until the end of the goal! Of course, there must be a strong body, excellent psychological quality, to treat people with generous and generous, speech and courtesy. In short, Tsinghua and Tsinghua people must be representatives of positive energy, and they are incompatible with negative energy such as sinister evil, low-level fun, and reputation.

      Third, face the problem with the attitude of the master, thinking about the problem like the owner. Tsinghua students are the pride of the sky, the pillars of the country. Whether you are willing or not, you are destined to take great responsibility to the country and society. How to take up this heavy responsibility, start small things and start from the side. Why don’t you sweep the world? When the small things around you are not handled well, why do you expect that you will govern the country and solve the world? The quality of Tsinghua people is that we can not only look up at the stars, but also be able to down-to-earth; not only can do big things, but also do small things; not only can find problems, but also can propose solutions to problems at the same time. Today, as you become the master of Tsinghua and the country, you must face the problem with the attitude of the master. You must think like the master. In particular, everyone is reminded that no life experience is useless. We must regard any difficulties brought about by life as a test, exercise and special care for ourselves. I hope that you will not waste the opportunity brought to you by life, and do not waste future encounters. Any challenges and frustrations that come, even take the initiative to find challenges, choose difficult, work hard, be mindful, and temper the quality, will become a big tool in the future.

      Classmates, "Tsinghua" was originally a place name, a very small place. The name of one hundred years ago began to connect with schools, schools and universities, and the words "Tsinghua University" appeared. Just because "Tsinghua" appeared in front of "University", the meaning of "University" has changed since then, and "Tsinghua" has brought a different university to China and the world. In the fall of this year, you will enter the Tsinghua Garden. I believe that your four years will definitely give "Tsinghua", "University", and "University Students" a new, higher connotation and value!

      Your university, Tsinghua’s hope; your university, China’s hope! The times will not disappoint you, I hope that you will not live up to our time, let us live up to our Tsinghua! I sincerely wish you all the best!