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1/1/21 we have entered the most exciting decade to be alive- by 2030 we will likely know whether humans & tech wizards can save futureoflife- tech surveys indicate odds of accomplishing this greatest human mission would be lot less without spirit of a chinese american lady at stanford-...
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GAMES of world record jobs involve
*pack of cards: world record jobs creators eg fei-fe li ; fazle abed ...
*six future histories before 2021 starts the decade of empowering youth to be the first sustainable generation.

problem 99% of what people value connecting or doing to each other
has changed (and accelerated in last three quarters of a century- while laws, culture and nature's diversity and health are rooted in real-world foundations that took mother earth 1945 years to build with -and that's only using the christian calendar

1995 started our most recent quater of a century with 2 people in Seattle determined to change distribution of consumers' markets - the ideas of how of bezos and jack ma on what this would involve were completely different except that they changed the purpose of being online from education knowledge to buying & selling things -
nb consuming up things is typically a zero-sum game or less if done unsustainable- whereas life-shaping knowhow multiplies value in use
from 1970 to 1995 knowhow needed to end subsistence poverty of over a billion asian villagers was networked person to person by women with no access to electricity grids- their number 1 wrjc involved partnerships linked by fazle abed - borlaug's crop science was one of the big 5 action learnings -its person to person application saved a billion people from starvation; the first 185 years of the machie age started up bl glasgow university's smith an watt in 1760 had brought humans to the 2 world wars; when people from nearly 200 nations founded the united nations at san francisco opera house 1945 chances of species survival looked poor- miraculous;y one mathematician changed that before he died 12 years later- john von neumann's legacy was both the moon race and twin artificial intel labs - one facing pacific ocean out of stanford; the other facing the atlantic out of mit boston .. who are top job creating economists by practice - health -refugee sports green hong kong..where are top tour guides around billionaire 1 2 around poverty,,, we the peoples ...

Sunday, September 22, 2019

larry Brilliant

the west's greatest social AI networker across hemispheres?  celebrating good news and actions
N (detroit)  East afghan hills W (mountain view) S india subcontinent

famous for
introducing maps as first critical app ceo google.org 3G decade late 2000s

man who ended smallpox (last cases south asia continent) 1 G decade 1980s
multiplier of aravind/green children microfranchise end unnecessary blindness 1990s on

started up as a detroit youth who could train as a medic in days that student loan sharks did not eist- early 1960s- first job accompanying wavy gravy on world tour abd their holiday in afghan hills with their favorite consciousness gurus- in those days  1960s kennedy's moon race was the viral good news even in the such spaces with the least modern infrastructure (eg no electricity grids and no telephones )

more  on larry 

- more Economistarts.com green children, wavy gravy, grateful dead/EFF, women imagine yoko ono, musicforsdgs.com, singforhope, silk road ensemble, detroit youth choir got talent, south african youth choirs got talentGARETH MALONE- bbc reality tv show the choir, universityofstars.tv
i have studied disfunctional markets as Cambidge MA Stats since 1976- none has been more terrifyingly disfunctional than aid whenever ruled by fundraisers, ad agents or political supremos instead of grassroots practictioners - until guterres not aware of major branch of  UN in NY led by a practioner since the wonderful japmes grant of UNICEY -without james grant s outh asian women might never have invented microfimace let alone commuit health servants ending death of infants by diarrheas and death of moethrs and children by the 10 simplest every day diseases tropical villagers face -it is probably a real;y bad idea to design the western world's wealthiest city with mad advenu a 3 minutes walk from missions to the UN- jets hope no other supercity of the sustainability generation makes this mistake- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk founder genre wordclassbrands 1989 washington dc fake media cris hotline +1 240 316 8157

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