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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

pony ma tencent and wechat and...co-leaders yidan, Lau

Tencent’s latest education push is a nod to new collaborative structure
tencent dowson tong
Rita Liao's article continues below the double line

More Links to more on Ten Cent Shenzen
Founder Pony Ma -
Martin Lau President TenCent

former co-founder Yidan now runs the Yidan prize for Education out of Hong Kong
-the number 1 laureate and alumni network studying transformative educators and digital partners- tow other prize networks are UAE based - wise of sheikha moza qatar foundation and the UN-40 nations hub for refugee educationaboveall; Varkey who may have made a billion out or private education Gems format in the pre-digital age but hosts the annual search for top 50 innovation teachers summit out of dubai- more than anywhere else dubai supports the geneva headquartered ITU when it hosts long summits on the futures that mobile billionaires can design supporting supporting sustainability goals-it is Geneva where the UN hosts summits on how world trade can connect with sustainability goals UNCTAD -there is no European city like Geneva in terms of futures of human goals with the headquarters of of nearly 60 years of schwab- sino-european-un world economic forum, social entrepreneur investment portfolio, IR4 hubs-beijing-tokyo- over 300 youth global shapers hubs-
Whats seem to be missing is a new university that creates an on-demand mooc (open sourced) around action projects linking all of the above. Research of mooc students shows they dont see such platforms main purpose being another certificate- when a million people turn up during the same 3 months-the opportunity would be to launch entrepreneur competitions particularly when the syllabus is adding ten minute modules from education or world changer laureates. In a way Ten Cent already does this as wechat is potentially usable in mooc mode- then again lead universities in china are supposed to share their development curricula- making china the largest user in the world of traditional and AI moocs. Whilst the processes of US congress and the EU remain marooned in vested interests and the sorts of anti-youth networks of subprime and 7 no trums- it will be collaborations across cities that lead AlIforsdgs and indeed all shared chalenges cities face- resilience to disasters, affordable health including such missing curricula and peer to peer adolescent health now 5 yeras in the making hubbed by the lancet, green curricula action projects emerging from 60 years of david attenboroughs stories of nature- eg the curriculum of ending plastic choking fish and destroying the futures of the 50 island nations whose peoples deped on ocean estates. It will be interesting to track tghe leaguttabke of supercity100 that most free their citizens with 5G and infrastructures that humanises city life- as of 1 november China is contributing 50 #DigitalCooperation AI-5G cities- presumably the Bloomberg New Economy summit will declare New York joining in as a sister city as its suburbs like all supercities need to create half a million new/green jobs every 2 years-which of the 100 leaders at Bloomberg will adopt nominations for supercities they will support youth hubbing in.

Ironically there is no evidence that Huawei's founder is connected with place branding of governments - whereas Pony Ma most definitely is. We believe ten cent is expected to help Hong Kong youth reimagine their greatest futures just as much as it is core to the makers/IOT  economies of shenzen and the wider Guangzhou region. Fortunately for the world the number 1 personal communications network has always valued a human development purpose in ways that facebook will never understand. This is a huge responsibility on Ten Cent inner alumni- in many ways jack ma has had an easier job because it os clear how ecommerce models work on valuing local distribution algorithms and celebrating smes rising out of ever community. Whats interesting is from the get go when it comes to green education.entrepreneurship the two ma's created a joint foundation- can you imagine bezos and zuck doing that?
When Tencent announced it had formed a new education brand this week, the internet giant wasn’t just flexing its muscles to conquer China’s booming online education sector. The new initiative is also an early result of Tencent’s long plan to foster more internal collaboration at a time when its core businesses, the lucrative video gaming segment and the billion-user WeChat,  are under attack.
Called “Tencent Education,” the new brand consists of 20 products across all six of the firm’s business groups, announced executive senior vice president Dowson Tong at the company’s annual ecosystem summit on Wednesday. According to Tong, Tencent has over the years served some 15,000 schools and 70,000 educational institutes, giving it a reach of more than 300 million users in the sector.
What this means is when it comes to making education products, there will be more teamwork among Tencent divisions, from the one overseeing WeChat to the entertainment-focused unit operating some of the world’s most played games. The catalog of services ranges from personal development classes for adults to face recognition technology for monitoring students during class time (I know, it makes me cringe that there are cameras above the classroom that can be exploited for misuse, but Tencent says its intent is to help teachers assess each individual student and improve their learning productivity, achieving a level of customized teaching that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.)
This level of cross-department cooperation had been rare at Tencent until recently. For years, the Shenzhen-based company fostered a competitive culture it compares to horse races. On the one hand, internal rivalry spawns innovation. The success of WeChat has demonstrated Tencent’s willingness to let a new product eat into its legacy social network QQ. The strategy doesn’t always work, though. To contain TikTok’s  rise, Tencent has churned out a dozen short-video apps, but none has reached their rival’s supremacy.
Competition, on the other hand, produces internal silos and hurts collaboration. This is a critique that has often come at Tencent, although Tong refuted the notion in a recent interview with local news outlet Yicai, saying that Tencent actually had a history of keeping a data system for internal collaboration.
Meanwhile, its rival Alibaba has gotten more credit for structuring business units under one cooperative umbrella. When founder Jack Ma  set up an “underlying unified data, safety, risk management and technology foundation” almost seven years ago, his goal was to tear down “internal corporate walls.” The integration was targeted at customers, as well. For instance, Ma envisioned a future where a merchant on Alibaba’s consumer-facing marketplace Taobao would directly source from 1688.com, its business-to-business e-commerce arm.
Tencent is undergoing a similar transformation. In October, the company announced a sweeping reorganization that saw it knit together a few disparate business lines primed for synergies. Take the Platform and Content Group. The newly minted group consolidated all non-WeChat social and content services — spanning QQ, an app store, a web browser, two news apps, an esports platform and several video services — under one single division.
Historically, Tencent has derived a bulk of its income from video games and a handful of popular social media apps. But the cards are increasingly stacked against these ventures as China exerts more control over the gaming sector and ByteDance seizes more online attention, so part of the October reorg was aimed at fending off imminent competition from new rivals by better utilizing internal resources, as it’s the case with PCG.
The other part of the agenda is set for what’s further down the road. Tong told Yicai that the time is ripe for “the industrial internet,” a buzzword in China that refers to the upgrade of traditional industries with technology. Tencent wants to be a leading force in the revolution, and the plan is to open up its technology to other enterprises, as Tencent has done through the education initiative.
“In the age of the industrial internet, I think the ultimate job is to be open… so we are opening a lot of the technologies we’ve accumulated in the past and integrating them for the use of other companies,” said Tong.
Update (May 27, 2019): Added details about Tencent’s in-class monitoring technology  

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