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breaking the last empire : americans need to vote now are they separate and superior speciesn OR are they like the rest of the 8 billion of us? new summer 2019 : drucker ::::60 years ago dad, norman macrae, started the first of 100 conversations on AI (Artificial Intelligence), He had just surveyed how Japan was rising (lifting potentially Asians everywhere out of colonial era poverty) round brilliant engineers (bullet trains, container superports , microelectronics, the most reliable engines in the world) - from tokyo he brought back a pocket calculator- what would schools and the world be like if everyone had one of these?

Within a few years the world was debating if tech helps man reach the moon is there any mission impossible on earth.
5G 2020s (4 3 2) 1 G 1970s
And Gordon Moore of Intel had just written a paper promising that microelectronic engineers would improve tech 100 fold every G decade to 2020s -that's a trillion fold more powerful microchips in 2030 than man raced to the moon with. So who's knowledge should teachers and everyone linkin to now if millennials are to be the first sustainability generations and THE UN 17 sdgs are to be celebrated as possible wherever the next girl is born. We welcome your nominations: here are a few examples back from the future of 2030 followed by an approximate chronological order. If in doubt as to whether we know your favorite WRJC please search this blog and mail us if we have left someone out

Saturday, April 27, 2019

jfk kennedy

kennedy's moon race is remarkable because:
it demonstrated what human and computing intelligences could do that ha never been imaginable bepore
it dared to put 5000 of america's brightest brains onto achieving one goal- amazingly other opportunities that desperately need brains not silos of corporates, gov and ngos have never been repeated even though america has about 150 million working age peoples third only to india and china both of which have  over 5 times more

with the assassination of kennedy (as well as leading black americans a second kennedy and pop star lennon) and other shocks (the unwinnable vietnam war), the ever rising cold war with ussr, soon the changes in cost of oil that american culture had becomes 3 times more addicted to than anywhere , america turned from the nations whose optimism led the world to a much more neurotic place (fanned also by bad news media)

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