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Thursday, June 14, 2018

sir fazle abed BR2 BRUN BRIC -2018 top level update connections

as i think i mentioned i was quite upset because wise has accidentally been excluding top connections with its first laureate sir fazle abed brac -where type 2 education-for-all has reached (design livelihoods) for over 150 million "students" because brac has never been only boxed in by government-education-certification of which youth have value

3 months ago breaking good news -the fintech of jack ma and brac are partnering- as gates has said their digital model can reach 1.5 billion unbanked mainly poorest women -question will it bring livelihood learning to?

- brac since foundation in 1972 has always been about livelihood skills of everyone in the community -starting with rural communities in a 80 square mile area that had lost a million people to a cyclone- then after 7 years of person to person solution apps across this region , scaling to build a rural nations health system and one of its 2 banking for the poorest as well as redesigning about 10 value chains by 1995 so poorest rurals organised the markets  (unlike grameen with a national ordinance restricted to rural microfinance, brac was always free to design a component in every oart of the financial value chain -its for this reason that it is the founder member of values banking worldwide Home - Global Alliance - For Banking on Values 

because bangladesh's first 25 years was so deeply networked bottom-up by village mothers and daughters it made the most exciting place to test digital and solar partnerships from 1996

friends and I wanted china's most extraordinary beyond the "examined" classroom educators to mingle with brac be their brilliant technologists like jack ma or hujiang or AI leaders or brilliant experiential learners whether that means giving every child a green teamwork project in the local park as marta does in barcelona or making sure headstarts teamworking continues through a childs life as lifelong learner

so we just got news this week that sir fazle abed will welcome all of his bangladesh networks (and so all his partnerships as worlds largest ngo) to meet jack ma's chief academic researcher for during the week sept 30 to oct 6

please ask mostofa for details updating fast if you can join in or if you have a case you want celebrated in the first case set we hope to send out to student 2018-2019 clubs as livelihood become the main agenda - see world bank livelihood report to be launched october 2018 or ask for list of united nations projects on livelihoods that guterres, jack ma , melinda gates and other are issuing before next belt rad summit being may 2019

cheers chris macrae DC whatsappp 1 240 316 8157 linkedin UNwomens 
 VALUETRUE.com Maps...   youth friendship  webs: brac.tv ...  economistwebs.com alibabauni.com 

Among 40 speakers Mark was invited on top table of head of UN general assemblies summit on how to get 10 times more finance for the 17 sgds- eg head of unctad who has found jack ma first 100 youth to train sat next to mark

mark explained that the real bangladesh microcredit networks since 1972 are the paradigm model for efficiency, effectiveness and scaling- and he has negotiated first euro denominated fund for that , championing brac as the core model in many value chains only women can empower

his next dream is new economic enterprise zones designated round sdg solutions- this appears to be favorite idea from un summit going forward (among worlds 4500 new economic zones is one yet relevant to sgds?

Prior to creating his own consultancy B4P | Business for the Planet   mark led senior position in wall street form, then wrote a book on meditation that closely echoes jack ma's spirited research of AI codename DAMO

best chris macrae  240 316 8157
sorry about cheeky request but recommend we need to break through all the stuff on shameran and sir fazle's desks in parallel to the tsinghua-dhaka exchange ying lowrey lead author of aliresearch has asked for

amy are you able to explain mark to yuxuan who with you saw shameran for an hour during sir fazle's 80th birthday- he's frequently in oxford at moment
jayfus/jose the wise edu summit that could have celebrated sir fazle work in ny in september has taken a turn far away from sdgs- it will be relevant to the sort of people you interested me to at xlearning million dollar prizes; if you are still in touch with any of those organisers can i meet you to explain

alvin when you look at different countries informing un sdg debate (and parallel us inner city challenges- mark and i spent 3 years touring historically black u states and celebrating spaces such as tuskegee with muhammad yunus) latin america and franciscan  (let alone baptist) values networks has got badly left out- if anyone has idea on how to rectify this please say; after the g7 debacle it would be sad if argentina as host of g20 loses relevance for all students 2018-19

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