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breaking the last empire : americans need to vote now are they separate and superior speciesn OR are they like the rest of the 8 billion of us? new summer 2019 : drucker ::::60 years ago dad, norman macrae, started the first of 100 conversations on AI (Artificial Intelligence), He had just surveyed how Japan was rising (lifting potentially Asians everywhere out of colonial era poverty) round brilliant engineers (bullet trains, container superports , microelectronics, the most reliable engines in the world) - from tokyo he brought back a pocket calculator- what would schools and the world be like if everyone had one of these?

Within a few years the world was debating if tech helps man reach the moon is there any mission impossible on earth.
5G 2020s (4 3 2) 1 G 1970s
And Gordon Moore of Intel had just written a paper promising that microelectronic engineers would improve tech 100 fold every G decade to 2020s -that's a trillion fold more powerful microchips in 2030 than man raced to the moon with. So who's knowledge should teachers and everyone linkin to now if millennials are to be the first sustainability generations and THE UN 17 sdgs are to be celebrated as possible wherever the next girl is born. We welcome your nominations: here are a few examples back from the future of 2030 followed by an approximate chronological order. If in doubt as to whether we know your favorite WRJC please search this blog and mail us if we have left someone out

Saturday, December 31, 1988

the XI factor from 1988 WRJ Xi Jinping

having graduated he was sent to develop a ppor rural region whose nearest capital was the then underdevekoped city of shanghai- while helping to develop the riral value chains this twenty something bechmarked how iow valued agriculture nd wrote his first book of jinping fables called out of poverty- his next 2 jobs were to tidy up the curriculum at tsinghua now as postgradite and to track those elders who were charged with china's oddest project - how to transfirm the place called shanghia into a modernday sisnga;pore where even western headquarters sent their budding globalisatuon ceos

it became clear to xi that shanghai had to do more than be where bog business west met east- that mkore linked in infsrstrucre - bothy rial and mo0bile across all supercities nd back through the villages- when it comes to digital china xi jinping was told that 5 young lads tow of them clled ma could be sent to hk taiwan usa to test things until china caught up - most chiense never used a telephone until it was a 3g mobile one- railways were slighly easier to develpo - more or less copy japan

and so it is we race into the 2020s with the twp thords of the world birn asia now know how to help every girl east or west educate and invest in teh suatainbility generation but when you to american congress you find that such eastern women are told to go back from where they cme from because its germaic president has somehpo muddled up the worst of the 4 isms - sex fasc commun capital - and its old lawyers refuse to let one tech wuixards help them open up bottum-up entrepreneuriL ECONOMICS

benchmarking how tsinghua became world number 1 of sustainability genetration from 1988
-please send us ideas on how all under 30s can friend tsinghua

some urgent do now-

tsinghua's role in the 12th last year of the sustainability generation introduction to why and how tsinghua set out to be the type 2 woprld favotrite uni opposite to oxbridge in key self-determined modalities of evetryone's a taeacher and student inchina's yoyuth dream of regaining win-win connections round mother earth relevant to being the most populous and mopst connecetd good neighbor nation